UPP Embarks On Trade And Investment Mission As Part Of An Economic Revival Plan


The UPP recently completed the first stage of a trade and investment mission, aimed at securing reputable investors and development opportunities, as part of the Party’s preparation for governance.


The delegation headed by Political Leader, Harold Lovell and the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Jamale Pringle, spent one week of intensive meetings with investors in the Dominican Republic and Panama.


In a press conference held as part of the UPP’s Heroes Day activities, Lovell and Pringle described the mission as highly successful. The UPP’s leadership met with over a dozen investors in the Dominican Republic and Panama who expressed interest in hotel development, aviation, manufacturing, water harvesting and prison reform. One successful businessman who has expressed a keen interest in investing in LIAT and the development of an “Aviation Center of Excellence”, will visit Antigua and Barbuda to begin the due diligence process in early January.


The UPP leadership team will travel to the US and Canada in January, to conduct a second round of investment discussions. The Party has established an Investment Coordination Committee that will focus on investor relations and will facilitate investment tours and site assessments as part of the due diligence process.


Consistent with the UPP’s infrastructure and economic development priorities, the trade and investment mission is designed to build relationships with key international partners to promote Antigua and Barbuda’s strong capacity for trade and investment and to unlock opportunities in key developmental areas: tourism, aviation, housing, manufacturing, agriculture, agtech, fintech and international banking.


Job creation is the highest priority issue on the agenda, as Lovell and his team promote Antigua and Barbuda’s key assets as an ideal business location: a premier tourism product, central geographic location, trained workforce and stable currency.


The UPP will establish a Ministry of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation that will play a central role in shaping and delivering hundreds of stable jobs and a strong economy.


“We must cultivate new industries and generate new jobs by leveraging the skills, knowledge and time of our people which are our national assets. Supported by financial and physical capital, we will be strongly positioned to improve the wellbeing of current and future generations,” said Hon Jamale Pringle, Leader of the Opposition.


“We must inspire a renewed sense of vigor and optimism among all citizens, to be a part of the national thrust to revive the struggling economy and restore our country’s global image. And we must do it TOGETHER!” Lovell stated. “The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party’s platform of economic revival has failed and despite many ground breakings, no new projects have emerged


in the last 7 years. The UPP is focused on performance and is already putting the right partnerships in place, with investors who have a proven track record.”


The Trade and Investment Mission will be one of the main pillars of the Party’s Economic Revival Plan. It outlines a commitment to creating a vibrant, dynamic and prosperous nation that will put citizens and residents back to work and regain the respect and admiration of the international community.


Goals of the UPP’s Economic Revival Plan


  • Outline priority programs and initiatives that will be implemented during the first 12 months to transform Antigua and Barbuda’s struggling economy.


  • Set the stage to usher in a new era of hope among all stakeholders, to strengthen Antigua and Barbuda’s economy in a more sustainable way.


  • Move the country forward on a high growth path, by boosting private sector investment and creating hundreds of jobs during their first year in office.


  • Finalize a plan for the first 100 days in office.


  • Tap into new trade corridors by creating opportunities for small and medium size businesses to expand their markets in the region and hemisphere for processed and packaged goods.


Support entrepreneurs in exploring opportunities for growth in agriculture, education, health, sports, environment, housing, energy and infrastructure development.

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    • So where are all the investors that Gaston Browne keeps promising? God Bless Sir Lester he did not live to see one of Gaston’s jumble projects come through. Yes Sir Lester “All they do is chat and can’t deliver nutten.”

    • Please expand on your point. How does UPP treat investors? I am waiting to hear your explanation. You just feel ashamed because Harold is showing up the incompetence of Gaston


  2. Market a STRONG DOLLAR… we have been marketing a “stable dollar” for half a century… Strengthening the dollar is the key.
    Increase the land value significantly and put equity in the people’s pocket…

  3. Leaders who will take a page out of the father of the nation book we looking for, a leader with vision who cares for the people not the one who is trying to destroy his legacy with his self enrichment scheme causing suffering on the people and think this country is his only

  4. Leadership matters! Really positive initiative. I look forward to hearing about the other plans for the party. Good job!

  5. What is this Lovell guy trying? He’s not even a member of Parliament, just a common citizen. Foreign investment and foreign policy in general is the responsibility of the Government of Antigua & Barbuda. Lovell is a common citizen, regularly kicked to the curb by the electorate. Just another publicity stunt.

    • Really? So don’t you think a common citizen can do GOOD for HIS COUNTRY? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO BENIFIT THE PEOPLE OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA 🇦🇬

    • Hi Kristi,
      I guess Mr Lovell is doing what Gaston has failed to do, that is attract real investors.
      My dear bitter Kristi, please share your comments on the Gaston and Asot feud! Hah
      What happen, you have plastic in your mouth.

    • I for one embrace a proactive approach, that when he becomes the Head of State we know for sure he has solutions for the problems we are encountering

      • Kayro, what ignorance. There is NO possible way that Harry or Gaston could “become the Head of State”!!!! According to our Constitution the one and only “Head of State” is ELIZABETH II, and the Governor General is her “representative”. The Prime Minister is the “head of government”, but NOT the “Head of State”. Heads of government come and go, but the Monarch remains steadfast, changeable only by death or abdication. Study your Constitution Kayro, and here I thought you were an educated person. Chuptz.

    • Kristi, Was there an MOU between YIDA and the Gaston Browne led ABLP administration before they were voted into power, 2014 election?
      So, YIDA had their reasons for contributing significantly to the ABLP campaign during the 2014 election.

  6. I like what you are doing Mr Political Leader. the economy needs a jump start. BTW what ever happened to Gaston’s Willoughby Bay project?

  7. KRISTI you really must be joking with your comment. Harold Lovell is the leader of a political party and he is preparing his party for governance. His search for credible investors and putting his party’s economic policy together is quite in order. I did not know he had to be a member of Parliament to do that. You need to adequately inform yourself about certain things before posting your comments.

    • Chuck, you know better than what you just said. Come on big dude. It’s true that Harry is NOT in any elected office, and the prospects of that happening are pretty slim. Why don’t you take him on for the leadership of his political grouping? The UPP could use some fresh air, and a new face at the helm.

  8. Haters will always hate without a cause, thats what you call looking out for your country in advance not just looking fill your pockets selling out Antigua to yida etc

  9. This is a good strategic move because the way this ABLP administration operating is like the wish to hand governance to the UPP on a platter.

    • You are so right. While Gaston Browne is obsessed with trying to destroy Harold Lovell, Harold Lovell is making strategic moves in trying to improve the economy of our country.

    • I totally disagree that both parties are the same, reason being is that when we really make a comparison on the basis of humanity and genuine interest in the development of this nation, UPP has done more in the ten years in comparison to the 3 decades plus, of our nation being black listed for guns, human trafficking, lost of the US Embassy, lost of free visa waiver to Canada, no credibility in the international forum, the demise of our Social Security system, just to point out a few.

      Now UPP stands firm on performance where they continued the development of the Social security system after it was implemented by the PLM, by increasing the pension fund, where everyone eligible to the fund benefited, where as ALP had 28 years to do that. Dollar barrel, School meal, uniform grants, these initiatives were timely in the interim to allow people more disposable income. In addition to that it created job’s. Now thats a dynamic Government and we deserve to have a Government that has the capacity to put a successive plan in place for us the people of this nation.

    • I beg to disagree. Harold Lovell is not in government. He never told anybody to enrich themselves. That is what Gaston Browne told his ministers to do.
      Remember Gaston Browne boasted about how rich he was. Remember.
      The same Gaston Browne laughed at the UPP members and called them paupers.
      Of course, I understand that you feel disillusioned, we all are. We had such high hopes for the ABLP administration and Gaston Browne. I am still waiting for the 500 houses. I am still waiting for water to run through my pipe after 14 days ( after the June 2014 election).

  10. I like this new found energy.
    Antigua is in need of men and women that care about people not just to enrich themselves.
    Continue to do the good work.
    People first

    • Hudson, who paid for their trip? $$$$ Or was it just an exotic holiday. Jus asking`. Somebody paid the bill….air, meals, drinks (?), transportation, entertainment etc. etc.

  11. The top dawg have some mongrels who will support his lunatic goals to enrich himself while they eat crumbs,but his time is up, the worst leader of all time has no love in his heart for the citizens of Antigua, only concerned in boasting about his riches and try to belittle the nation giving away the little that we have

  12. UPP lost to the laborites because of one thing. Income Tax! Which I predict will be reintroduced. No matter the party that’s elected in March, 2022!

    • What is the problem with citizens contributing to the development of their country? Where is the country going to get revenue? One of VC’s promises if re-elected was to abolish income tax. He did, and bankrupted social security by not making government contributions and raiding SC funds to run the country.
      When UPP was elected, they realized that the people should contribute to the development of the the country and reintroduced Income Tax for people with certain income levels.
      The Labour Party promised that if elected they would abolish income tax, they did and are now resorting to borrowing to run the country. In the meantime, all the moneyed folks are just banking what they should be paying in taxes while the country is starved of revenue and running up loans that our children and grandchildren will be saddled with. Name me a country that doesn’t have income taxes and tell me how they raise revenue?
      A lot of Antiguans like things for free. Funny, the people who shout the loudest against income taxes are the ones whose incomes were so low that they did not pay any. Go figure.

  13. …preparation for Government.” This is one area where the UPP is failing the People. The UPP is still a part of the Government, even if, they’re not the Ruling Arm. They the UPP, must bring these projects to fruition and employ the People, even in Opposition.
    The People will then know, that the UPP is serious, ready and reliable to be the Nation’s Ruling Arm of the Government.

  14. RAS SMOOD your position is utterly nonsensical. How can a party in opposition bring certain projects to implementation in opposition? The implementation of projects require the facilitation and invariably concessions from the government in power. The Opposition can explore the opportunity for investments to implement should they assume power. RAS SMOOD that is the way it works. Politics is a competitive activity a party therefore does not work for the benefit of its opponent.

  15. CHARLES TABOR, your reasoning is exactly, exactly why the Nation’s resources have being given away to foreign interests and is still being done to this day, while the ordinary people suffers.
    Foreign investors could give a rats ass, as to #Who’re the Ruling Arm when they do they’re negotiating, their interests comes first and last.
    If an Opposition Party cannot see fit, to bring projects to the table, and employ the citizens when they’re not the Ruling Arm of the Government, simply, because it’s their belief that such ventures and projects which will, and should benefit the Nation and its People, and will make the Ruling Arm look good is non-sensical.
    I hope and pray, that the People will become wiser to the tactics and the games played by ALL CROOKS #who’re parading as politicians, are all of self and not for the Nation.

    • Rad Smood, you are writing utter rubbish. Opposition politicians while in opposition, do not bring any projects to the table. Doesn’t the present government have to sign off on all projects? Do you want the present government to steal the opposition projects and claim them as their own.
      No sir, wake up, politics don’t work that way.

      • @Jackie…”thinking outside the box,” is not something the sheeple controlled and indoctrinated by politics do very well. This is nothing new and has severed politicians well.
        The Nation is in need of radical ideas, to not only remove the ONE PARTY SYSTEM(reason why politicians jump from ABLP to UPP and vice-versa like wharf rats hungry and looking for food jumping from cargo ship to cargo ship), but to bring some semblance of Good Governance to the People, so that they benefit regardless of which political party is the Ruling Arm.
        Simply because you’re the Opposition, does not mean, that you stop working for or taking care of the People’s interests.

        You “Jackie” must be a politician like Jackie Quinn, who wants to, and have kept the people under the whips and whims of Colonialism. Therefore, any idea which challenges the status quo, and have the ability to totally free the people (mind, body, spirit, soul) is considered “rubbish,” but bear in mind, onemans “rubbish” is another mans diamonds.

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