UPP does not want Rodney to lead probe into Robinson

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodeny

The United Progressive Party (UPP) today welcomed the “long over-due action” of the Police Service Commission to suspend Commissioner of Police Wendell Robinson but said it’s not happy with who is leading the investigation.

The Party said while it applauds the appointment of Deputy Commissioner Atlee Rodney to act in the position of Commissioner of Police, “the Party frowns at the decision to make him head the Investigation.”

“The potential for conflict of interest is high since any adverse findings against Robinson could be to the benefit of Rodney,” said the UPP in a statement tonight.

Police Commissioner Wendell Robinson

“The Party expresses disappointment that the Police Service Commission failed to recognize the untenable position of Rodney investigating Robinson.  The UPP suggests that the Commission seriously considers this matter and its importance to the morale of the police force, to public confidence and the security of the state” the statement said.

The UPP is calling for the appointment of an independent investigator to probe the sexual misconduct allegations against Wendell Robinson.

It also wants the Police Service Commission to treat this matter with the greatest of urgency and to take all necessary steps to ensure a fair, transparent, in-depth and speedy resolution of this matter.

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    • U are so stupied that why antigua look so rundown what do u really vote for country stay in a mess for the next 5 year

      • @D… Who are you to call anyone “STUPIED” (stupid*)? From reading your comment I can tell you are a simpleton……… ignoramus

      • It’s amazes me how people who don’t support the UPP are Stupid or Dunce, when the ones who voted for the most inept slate of candidates with one or two exceptions are so wise.. 5 more years for LABOUR!! Take this country forward…

      • @D-Is it me that you,re calling Stupied(btw) the word is STUPID.. You are not only Stupid,but Dunce also.. I had a little problem understanding your comment since everything is crumbled all in one. Please go to ABICE or someplace and stop arguing over politics which is obviously way above your grade..

  1. We need a independent person these will cover for each other ,,,,,he and the man could be buddys so y use another officer

  2. I agree!! Rodney leading the investigation is a plain to see conflict. They really need to seriously look into the PSC because their performance in this matter is extremely poor.

  3. As much I believe that it’s a conflict of interest, may I remind UPP of Lindquist and their failed efforts bring people to justice.

  4. I believe the Police service commission should appoint an independent investigation team to deal with this matter. Because There is going to have conflict of interest.. On both ends .. This is just my opinion..

  5. Rodney will cover up for Wendy. The police commission knows what they r doing. Its all in the game plan.

  6. Who do they want to investigate this matter: Alfonse Berou so he can disgrace Wendel Roberson like he did to Daleno Christopher😁. Theat is soooooo UPP

  7. Hope this come to a slippery end oh sorry …… if u can got for the alp u can have anything at the head y not just leave the man as it in the alp Michael Browne in the alp and many others he can lead the officers the right way and the man could be an innocent man and out of 1000 only 4 made a complain so hmmm this could be made up could be a plot to get rid of him he dont seem like the type that would do that

  8. My dear mom use to say to me what no happen in a year happened in one day and You can do as you like but not as long as you like. Let the investigation begin .

  9. One thing I can honestly say Rodney is one of the most no nonsense cop i have ever work with he will call a spade a spade, if he finds him guilty it will be guilty you all can trust me in that wish there were others like him.

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