UPP Distances Itself from ‘Personal’ FaceBook Posts Made by an Officer


The Leadership and Executive of the United Progressive Party (UPP) have been made aware of certain social-media posts by an officer of the Party and of the response they have generated from a female member of another political organization.


While the posts undoubtedly were made by the officer, they were not sanctioned by the Party and they do not reflect the ethos of the Party, whose preference is for debate on issues, policies and programmes rather than on matters that are personal in nature.


Accordingly, the UPP distances itself from any and all comments made in this instance.


We find this incident regrettable and apologize, by association, to all those who have been offended.

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  1. I guess your ‘captain’ is treated differently than others?

    I do not remember hearing your executive disassociating itself from the ‘statements & innuendoes’ that was made about Donna by your ‘captain’.


    • KNIGHT IN DULL ARMOUR the situation that the article is addressing is different to the situation with the ‘captain’. In the captain’s situation he was responding to implications of criminal activity that Donna was suggesting he engaged in. Her statement was clearly defamatory. The ‘captain’ simply responded by stating the lady spent some time with him at a hotel. Now, what was so damaging or inappropriate about his statement given the serious accusation that was made by the young lady against him? She engaged in the most despicable political vendetta and should be able to take any consequences.

    • I endorse this statement 100%

      Tabor you cannot defend what took place in Lovell’s letter and all that was said in the snake pit that Saturday night and several other times after that.

    • Oh my GOD! Knight in Dulll Armour this is the best you could’ve come up with. Creativity really lacking on Antigua and Barbuda. Typical garrots always copycat. Let me give you a user name “Dull ALP Supporter”

  2. UPP…BUNCH of HYPOCRITES. Where is the OUTRAGE by the UPP WOMEN’S FORUM. This shows the UPP not to be TRUSTED.

  3. I noticed that UPP NOT distancing Themselves from the remarks made by SERPENT . Only from the post made by George Wehner. UPP is AFRAID SERPENT. CHUPTZ.

    • I noticed that too. It’s best they didn’t release this statement because they are still left wanting.

  4. Oh. I now understand.

    I was just told that the ‘captain’ was batting on the wicket.

    I was also told that he (the captain) came to the wicket very late in the order.

    Seems as if Gaston Browne is proven right again.

    • Now KNIGHT IN DULL ARMOUR be careful with your choice of words. By saying the ‘captain’ was batting on the wicket could get you in trouble and you have made the situation even worse by saying he came to the wicket very late in the order 😂. Anyway, I love your cricketing analogy.

  5. This is a start and should be commended. It is good to see that they party is taking action to correct the wrongs that were committed.

    However, this statement only addresses the post by one person. It would have been better to address the two issue raised by Chaneil Imhoff in her press release.

    In addition, the party also needs to purge itself of those candidates, officers, and associates who have done egregious things to other women and children. Doing this will bring greater credibility and respect to the organization.

  6. Sungu and Lungu are the same. No mind dem ah try save face it’s deep down in dem ethos. Set ah trupit nearga. #HFWL, #LLCs #Concubine Hedges.

    • Look who is talking now, I never heard the condemnation of a minister saying 14year old girls can give consent, or of a minister being accused of sexual improprieties, or of a leader calling women all soughts of nasty names, is how come so much concern about this incident when so many have gone before and so much have been said about women in this society by the PM and not a drum, some of you when POWA called out leaders for statements made about women attacked POWA, NOT THE MEN BUT THE MESSENGER you said and not a word. How so many people have comments about this issue when women are being abused daily by men in this government and not a word is heard. Yes private things should be private, but since when anyone gets into politics and reasonably expects that to happen? If so ask the PM to leave people’s private business off Point FM how come u not calling on the ALP TO DISTANCE THEMSELVES FROM THE MANY NASTY STATEMENTS MADE BY THE PRIME MINISTER? Or ask him to apologize for what he the PM said about Barbudans? WAIT IS ONLY WHAT SERVES US WE COMMENT ON? The same way u calling on Whenner and Serpant to apologize call on the PRIME MINISTER TO DO THE SAME, call on him to DISCUSS ISSUES NOT PERSONALITY. BUT I FORGET U CAN ONLY SEE THE WRONGS OF THE UPP, DNA OR GO GREEN BUT NOT OF LABOUR PARTY.


      • Fled is the topic about the ABLP or the PM?

        Deflection, avoidance, and ignoring does not lend well to meaningful dialogue.

        Please stay on point and be reasonable with your offerings

      • Is this the same Fled?

        If it is, be careful boss.

        Valarie Pool confided in some persons what the man Simon daughter (Simon from Captains Table fame), confided in her.

        Also, if you really want to be honest (I AM NOT HOLDING MY BREATH) maybe you should let the public know of your ‘PAST RELATIONSHIP’ with the ‘female member of the other political organization’.

      • That is not true. As soon as Gaston Brown or any ALP official say anything UPP is quick to call them out. But now one of their own is caught with their pants down you trying to depart. Bunch of hypocrites y’all are.

  7. MELCHESIDEC while I understand your point, I will only agree with you to the extent that what takes place between two consenting adults is their business only. However, Lovell was responding to Donna’s serious defamatory statement (I guess she was trying to endear herself to Gaston Browne) and all he insinuated in his letter is that she spent time with him at a hotel. At least there is nothing defamatory about that compared to her statement.

    • @Charles Tabor
      At any point did Donna introduce what took place between two consenting adults in the conversation? No
      Was it relevant? No
      Did Mr Lovell introduce it? Yes was in necessary? No
      It seems to a reasoned person that it was introduced to distract one from the core issue.

      Whener getting licks again from his party. Bad boy Whener go in your corner now and stick to mobilizing. Leave the politics to the caretakers oops .

      • MELCHISEDEC I am quite happy you mentioned the core issue. What was the core issue? The core issue was whether Harold Lovell along with Casroy James took a 3 million Euros bribe from Odebrecht. Donna Chaia said that she put two and two together and found out it was Harold and not Gaston that was involved in the Odebrecht scandal. Donna was an executive member of the UPP and a close friend of Harold. If Harold said that she came to see him at his hotel while he was in Miami I really do not see what is the big deal. If your lascivious mind is creating scenes of what happened at the hotel between them then that is your problem not Harold’s.

  8. So what does the “UPP Women Forum” have to say about that hmmmmm. If these comments would have come out of ABLP they would be all over the media but now it one of their “associates” cheese gone inna dem mouth.

  9. Didn’t they cover up some violation by the son of one of their members against a woman?
    Do you expect Serpents to walk after crawling all their life?

  10. When the PM or other officers in his party makes statements I don’t see the party distancing itself from them…Was planning to support UPP but now I think I see a bunch of weaklings. Politics is dirty everyone knows that so punches being thrown here and there is expected.

  11. Unless I miss something all I saw George did was post something her husband said. I hear no outrage from these hypocrites in society when a man with a mouthstash like Afolf go on rumshop radio every week and spew his personal attacks.

    The UPP members are to be choir boys and take it to the lord in prayer when attacked while many of the same critics still go and vote for the ALP with all the gangsters in there.
    This Michael Obama philosophy about go high when they go low, is BS. I say when they attack you on a personal level, you return fire and don’t be no timid church mouse.

    • Ruler its not UPP who always putting itself on a pedestal and then people like you crying when they fall off? Watch Daniel after they won in 2004, claiming the importance of marriage when he compared LB to Baldwin. A few years later you then see same Daniel gone Spanish

  12. How come Antigua people only have mouth for UPP members and none for their wicked PM who have them on the verge of starvation if not starvation, just because of some idiot who want to through a spanner in the works. If you join politics you belong to the people and up for scrutiny at every level and your privacy gone out the window, if you don’t know that, then don’t join the political arena.

  13. All me a say put ABLP back in power if a you blind and don’t want no future for your children and grandchildren

  14. Dem fraid Serpent fu chew. Who is “an officer” of the party?? What happened to the “party CANDIDATE”??

  15. UPP is AFRAID of SERPENT because SERPENT owns OBSERVER RADIO. Serpent runs UPP and Their members. When the election is called We shall expose SERPENT in St.Lucia. We have everything in place.

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