UPP dismisses pollster election prediction


The United Progressive Party (UPP) is confident of its chances at the polls come the next general election, and has scoffed at claims by a political analyst that the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) will retain the government.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the UPP Senator Damani Tabor told Antigua News Room (ANR) that the party dismisses the recent comments made by Barbadian pollster Peter Wickham.

Wickham had expressed that if elections were to be called early, the Gaston Browne administration would win based on several issues, including its handling of the post Hurricane Irma Barbuda matter.

Tabor said Wickham is not a credible pollster since he was unaware that the UPP’s Wilmoth Daniel is challenging Prime Minister Gaston Browne in the St John’s City West constituency.

“Peter Wickham demonstrated surprise, therefore he has not followed the state of the race or polled it accurately enough even to know that MP Daniel is challenging Browne. How then can we consider anything he has to say as valid or having any merit? We dismiss what Peter Wickham has said wholeheartedly,” Tabor said.

While many, including Opposition Leader Baldwin Spencer, have accepted that the government may want to use its handling of the crisis on Barbuda following the passage of Irma to gain political mileage, Tabor said this will not help the ABLP because its mismanagement of the economy continues unabated.

He said the fact that relief monies were used to pay salaries and the apparent lack of vision for the way forward for Barbuda will go against the ABLP government.

“For example, the September tax returns which are a reflection of the economic performance in August, those were way down even before the effects of the storm would have had an impact on pay receipt.

“The economy is in decline, the consistent trend of decline in arrivals will continue unabated in total absence of any new hotel properties coming on stream in the tourism sector (and this) will also continue into the new year. So basically the overall economic trend lines are so bleak that they are diminishing and the craze that is related to Irma will not be sufficient to carry the ABLP into a new election oted Tabor.

Tabor said the next election will be won based on new polices which a government plans on implementing to solve long term problems.

“How do we move away from a developmental model that is based on being so overly reliant on a single industry and on a single class of plantocrat-type investors? How can we move to a democratised shareholder economy where the small man has equal stake, has a seat at the table in terms of diversifying into new industries where you can leverage government’s capital ability, borrowing ability, infrastructure consultancy etc to diversity the economy?” Tabor asked.

According to the PRO, the UPP intends to solve the “big problems” and is not concerned about the temporary Irma [trump card] which is “dissipating”by the day.

Elections are constitutionally due in 2019.

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  1. Tabor don’t know what her is saying. What new policies will the UPP come up with ? They knew no policies before so how and when will they come up with new policies.

  2. Clean sweep for labour. UPP is a lost cause. The irony in that is labour has no moral compass our new directive, and they will still run the table. Goes to show how pathetic the other parties are.

  3. Wait! Hold up! Damani Tabor tillah go? Thought he was silenced from making media appearances on behalf of the UPP unless he signed that legal document? Or was that only for Observer media? Damani is a joke. Wet behind the ears, immature, crass, and unprofessional. He seems to be more about having an axe to grind than caring for the people of this country. I wait to see the full slate of candidates for the UPP. But lets take a quick look at those who seeminglyhave jumped shipped or are dormant:

    -JoAnne Massiah
    -Bruce Goodwin
    -Anthony Stewart
    -Malaka Parker
    -Errol Cort – lying low?
    -Jackie Quinn – won’t seek re-election
    Baldwin Spencer – won’t seek re-election

    Worst of all is LOVELL as “leader” going in to the next general elections. The party does NOT stand a chance with him at the helm.

    • “Wet behind the ears, immature, crass, and unprofessional.”: Way to describe our current Prime Minister. Spot on.

      Some observation:
      Bruce Goodwin only joined the UPP after being asked by Joanne to run on her ticket during the leadership race. Yes he was an ambassador but he was never an active member of the party.

      Anthony Stewart: Was always going to be overlooked for Richard Lewis, reason for his “ax to grind” behavior towards Baldwin and Lovell.

      Malaka Parker: Must admit she is a lost to the UPP. Lovell should have done more to appease her, but, I guess she was dead set on following Joanne.

      Errol Cort: Should never have been catapulted ahead of Melford Nicholas before the 04 elections. Cort is a labour man at heart. He should have been required to prove his loyalty before being given such clout in the UPP.

      Jackie Quinn: Rightfully bowing out of elective politics because of the stress associated with it and her recent bout with breast cancer. Unlike Teko Lake he appears to be a walking dead but is still talking about running.

      Baldwin Spencer: Unlike like Lester Bird, who does not know when to call it a day, is rightfully bowing out before his pants fall off or he’s been pushed to parliament in a wheel chair. In my opinion, he should have called it quits going into the last election.

      Lovell as leader: We can’t do much worst than Gaston Browne.

      • maybe if you tell yourself that a few more times, you will actually start to believe it. The UPP is “done with” as it stands right now. First problem: Lovell (as the leader).

  4. Actually when someone doesn’t be aware of after that its up to other people that they will help, so here it happens.

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