UPP defends decision to launch early election campaign


The United Progressive Party is defending its decision to launch its election campaign even though a date for the next general election has not been announced.

This is how UPP leader Lovell responded to the issue yesterday at a media launch of the party’s campaign:

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    • Here comes the rotten dunce elements in our society. Is it a crime to have your our Farm, Restaurant and a Ice Cream Pallor? Just asking! It’s amazing that a man can take his woman daughter out of her store make her his wife and a minister and that is ok to Antiguans. A man who claim he is worth over 30 million, take his son to board of education for US5K to pay a community college. Mrs. Potter keep your head up high continue scoop your ice cream you have to pay, not beg for your two sons university education. Go Girl

      • remember you are not even Antiguan, so you dont care about our fair land. When a radio host can PUBLICLY DECLARE that an Antiguan passport is of NO VALUE TO HIM because he has his American passport, you know he is no patriot. But just an empty vessel with an axe to grind.

        You have come a short way from your days toiling in Mill Reef Warehouse. What about Erica? And how is your son? Paid him a visit when he was in the hospital or were you too busy ranting and blowing smoke into the microphone at Observer?

        Go keep up with Biden and his tactics since you so proud to have his passport and kip outta Antigua and Barbuda bizniz boss!!

        A good father checks up on his son from time to time. Are you a good one?

        KNIGHT you can go your radio station and call TANNY ROSE and AVRIL MAHARAJ ( living in New Jersey) all sorts of name. Politics is a rough game .If Gladys Potter cannot take the heat get to hell out of the kitchen. Knight hope you listened to ZDK Sly J this morning. Avril fix your ASS. She explain that you have things going the wrong way in the REAR. She fixed your ARSE this morning.

      • KNIGHT is working hard for a SENATE SEAT which happen. KNIGHT is just a LOUD MOUTH. KNIGHT go look for your BOYFRIEND in USA. Avril took care of you on SLY J this morning. I know your heard it. BIG FRAUD

        Why launch a POLITICS CAMPAIGN in January 2022 for an election in 2023 ? UPP will be STALE , BURNT OUT and NOBODY will listen to UPP.

        Antiguans are waiting for the BIG RED MACHINE.

      • I know her for a very long time, and I KNOW she will do a great job if given an opportunity. She is extremely hard working and have been doing community work for many years. I am not supporting any party but of all the politicians I know Gladys is the most honest, kindest of all of them. I don’t even know who she is running against. She is a good citizen. I like her a lot. and she don’t just sell ice cream. She spreads love to her customers. She Is UPP’s best candidate and maybe the most REAL person in the Race.

    • You are a Jack ass whole. Why would you say some dumb crap like that? Did she steal something from you? That woman owns her own business, is that a criminal offence to you? YOU ARE A DOUNCE.

  1. Knight In Shining Armour you certainly had me cracking up with that comment. Thank God the PM’s son went to Monroe Community College and not Harvard or one of the Ivy League Universities or else they would have to make up the difference from the US$5K.

      • PETE why do you keep repeating that rubbish that I hate the Prime Minister and his family? Is there anything in my comment indicating hate? This is politics and as Max Hurst says it is rough. If I criticize Gaston for his policies and actions, that does not mean that I hate him or is jealous of him. And by the way, can you tell me what the hell I would be jealous of Gaston for?

          • PETE well that is the fundamental difference between me and you, while you deal with wealth I deal with philosophy and knowledge. Perhaps you might envy Gaston for his wealth acquired mainly from the largesse of the State but I don’t. If he was grounded in philosophy then perhaps I would harbour an iota of envy but since he is not there is absolutely no envy.

  2. PM Browne have being using psychology on the UPP, since, the start of this planDEMIC by threatening to call an Early Election, when all he’s doing is having the UPP pump monies into the economy because CAMPAIGNING puts money directly into the economy!
    UPP if you stay prepared 24/7/365, you would no be running #Helter #Skelter like a plucked chicken 🐔 which got loose from a #Seance!

    • Actually good for us cause it keeps Gaston on his toes for longer. Now the election over Mia want overturn the whole country.

  3. Why is Lovell’s head so big on that campaign poster, and the only real leader they have (Single Pringle) is tucked away in the corner, on the bottom??? Chuups. PRINGLE IS THE ELECTED LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION. Indeed, he’s the best they’ve got. Don’t toss him into the corner (at the bottom). PRINGLE IS THE MAN!!!

  4. Happy to see the UPP getting into position. Gaston start to fix everything so that is the only signal you need. You can’t please people. All of a sudden everybody concern about UPP campaign resources.

    Start to mobilise. The country needs a change. Even the Labourites need water.

    Why launch a POLITICS CAMPAIGN in January 2022 for an election in 2023 ? UPP will be STALE , BURNT OUT and NOBODY will listen to UPP.

    Antiguans are waiting for the BIG RED MACHINE.

    • Alp was give a hell of an endorsement by none other than COMRADE JOHNATHAN JOSEPH🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 him say we made the right decision 8 years ago with All and will do it again come next election🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 his words not mine🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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