UPP Condemns ABLP Staged Confrontation in St. Mary’s South


UPP Condemns ABLP Staged Confrontation in St. Mary’s South

The leadership of the United Progressive Party (UPP) condemns the acts of violence that occurred on Bolans Village Main Road on Saturday, during the St Mary’s South “Small Business Pull Up,” organized by the party.

The route for this UPP initiative had been approved by the police who also accompanied the caravan.

As the mobile gathering was nearing its close, an altercation occurred between two persons.

This confrontation appears to have been an orchestrated effort by ABLP operatives to provoke, intimidate and assault supporters of the UPP.

Since late August, the UPP has successfully staged 8 similar events in other constituencies to highlight and support small business owners, without incident.

At no time during the altercation did Honorable Samantha Marshall and her team attempt to defuse the tension. Instead MP Marshall was quick to sow seeds of division by defending her team, while making a statement that completely twists the truth.

The UPP takes pride in organizing peaceful events that engage and empower the people. The Party is vehemently opposed to any politically motivated violence, particularly ahead of the general elections.

The leadership of the UPP therefore calls for MP Marshall to act responsibly by condemning the disruptive ALP operatives who provoked the confrontation.

We encourage her to find meaningful opportunities to empower these young people to become more productive in uplifting their community.

“We believe that every Antiguan and Barbudan has a right to peacefully organize, march and support their political beliefs – but no one has the right to violently attack their political opponents,” said UPP Political Leader Harold Lovell.

“It is unfortunate that the small businesses in Bolans were denied the opportunity to participate in this initiative that has been effective in helping many small enterprises generate more sales, new customers and build community pride,” said Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, UPP Candidate for St. Mary’s South. “The UPP will continue to host the weekly “Small Business Pull Up,” in a peaceful and organized manner that is guaranteed by our Constitution.”

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  1. Its so clear: ABLP is losing badly in the polls. This is desperation. Failed projects. High unemployment. Still NO water. Time for a change. Time for Harold Lovell, jobs, higher wages and lower cost of living! UPP all the way on election day. #VoteDemAllOut

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! All citizens have the ‘right’ to congregate in any public space, why the fuck does ABLP supporters, to include, the PM, Gaston Browne, thinks that it’s kosher, cool, Irie, to be such #BITCHES crashing other’s functions, in their #GANGSTA STYLE?
    This is more in line with, de #Dutty, Garrison, Gangsta Style fuckery❌⁉️

  3. Samantha and her team were just waiting for this confrontation. She was just following Gaston’s playbook from last week where he pulled up and blocked the UPP Caravan.
    Why Samantha don’t go and fight up the government for the Jolly Beach workers severance. Now that is a fight worth having so we people can take care of their financial obligations. Also find some jobs to help get these young men and women off the street corner. And girl while you’re at it get a treadmill and try fight of some of that weight. You’re killing yourself.


  5. Lol, you guys floor me with this foolery. Do you honestly believe in your hearts that the Hon. Samantha was an instigator or an encourager in this debacle? Many times, in election seasons, supporters in either side get riled up into believing that they are doing so in support of their respective candidates. While the two prospects can have civil discourses, the cheerleaders see things differently.
    I’m sure that Samantha has condemned the unnecessary violence.
    Let’s peace reign, people. 🇦🇬

    • Dave Ray
      Don’t think she condemned no violence as it was all staged by her and the labour people. Instead they are trying to blame UPP when they intentionally brought in their people to create mayhem. This is how labour vagabonds behave. Get rid of these people.

    • @ Dave Ray

      Samantha was the instigator.

      Do not put your confidence in man, for the arms of flesh will fail you.

    • @Dave Ray…there’s a saying. “…he who laughs last, laughs the hardest.”

      You can “lol” all you want, however, lest you forget youths are watching, observing, absorbing these callous, vile and Garrison Gangsta Style Political Campaigning in the Nation, and not only will they pick up some of these traits, habits etc and think, that they’re cool, Irie to emulate, they’ll use these habits in their day to day living, as is the case with the rise in Street crimes and other illegal activities.

      I’m sure, that you can recall the inception of Green House Posse, Red Shut, White Shut etc, as the youths emulated and adopted to the North American Street Gang Culture. We know what such has done, to Communities such as Green Bay, Point, Ottos, Clarehall, Villa, Gracefarm etc. Politicians like Gaston’s mentor and sponsor Asot knew what he was doing, by introducing the Garrison Style Politics to Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA.
      The proof is in the pudding with the proliferation, of whorehouses, drug dens, drug dealing corners in these Communities.

      So, keep “lol” and diverting from the true psychological effects on the Nation. Again, who laughs last, laughs best.

      The ABLP will no doubt be returned to the Parliament, as the Ruling Arm of the Government, but be forewarned, time is longer than rope.

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood de ‘ole Dutty_Foot Bastard…Vere Cornwall Edwards.

  6. All UPP Supporters are encouraging VIOLENCE. UPP is losing . Prime Minister presented a Scientific poll last evening by PETER WICKAM. The UPP HUCKSTER is L. Winter ( FAKE POLL )

    • @ GRIM

      So since UPP is losing you should be happy. Sounds to me like you are still complaining.


  7. Shame on Samantha! She needs to use that energy to go and clean up Cades and start them back growing pineapple and also help the farmers.

  8. Can Samantha get the road fix in Johnson’s Point? It’s been a year since she gave the youth man dem a certificate for directing traffic and still the road not fix.
    These are some of the reasons we will send her packing come Election Day. Every weekend UPP go out and help small business and now we have confusion. All of a sudden. Get rid Ah dem!

  9. Samantha Fart-shall knew that the UPP were having their small business pull up yesterday. She in my opinion is following the playbook of Gaston Browne. She is trying to do now. What she should have been doing for the past 8 years. Too little,too late, Fart-shall.

  10. The ABLP Ministers and the PM are scared. Observe the top dawg when he out campaigning. He look more like a puppy dog. He is desperate, they are desperate and scared. They are aware that the time has come. Antiguans are Barbudans are ready for a change.

    Sound advice for all the people who collect money from Gaston. Vote him out for insulting your intelligence. His handout may buy bread for a day. What happen to tomorrow and the rest of your life?
    Let’s unite and get rid of the dictator.

  11. The UPP’s small business pull up has been a big failure, the frustration of that manifested in violence by their supporters. Its actually unbelievable how willing they are to blatantly lie about the sequence of events that took place, and try to leverage sympathy for cheap political points. The Hon Samantha Marshall clearly has them threatened and aware that defeat is imminent.

    • @ Patriot


      Continue to try and fool yourself with your gibberish, lol

      Comfort yourself with these words: the small business pull up has been a big failure. (you guys have brought so much more attention to this initiative, wow, free advertising and the electorate paying attention).

    • Patriot this is for you. I attended the Business Pull-Up and it was a resounding success. WE THE UPP were welcomed with open arms round south.
      Following on the heels of Gaston’s behavior last week, Samantha, under threat from Mr Simon, decided to make trouble.
      Sorry Samantha, you should not have done it. It makes you look desperate.

  12. We need to have a peaceful election. Folks remember that we have families on both ride of the political divide. I have uncles , aunts , family and friends that are supporters of both UPP and ABLP. Even my children have different political persuasions. My wife and I have voted for different political parties at least on different occasions. We are independent voters and votes on different issues . Not political parties. Please stop the nonsense, we are one people.
    When one party is having a function in a particular area the other should stay away from that area, at that particular time.
    Just remember we have some ignorant, violent people on both sides that are just looking for opportunities to commit these stupid acts .

  13. Samantha like her father have done nothing for Bolans. She needs to be swept out of office. The yard fowl who instigated the altercation also needs to be arrested.

  14. A word to Ras Smood …

    I believe we can express ourselves without employing the kind of language you used. We can be better than this.

    • @Charles W. Simon…I can respect your concern, regarding whatever, may have caused you some concern, about my entitled #thought_process.
      As, one who loves and enjoy, a great dose of comedy and express myself, in this manner at times(George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Rev. Ike are just a few of the entertainers who gives me some great laughs.
      Therefore, Mr. Charles W. Simon, if I have offended, abused, altered your thought processes in any way, please report me to Mami_Wata, Mother, Papa_Elegba, Father or any other in the #ethos who have the #rights, to me.

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood!
      Phuck! E best me talk, lakkah me innah Dem Krazee Gads!

    • @Still Water…my language is as clean, as the #whorehouses on Popehead street, the system which has abused and still abusing HUEmans, the Preacher on the Pulpit lying to HUEmans, the oligarchs, medium’s, media robbing the poor blind, and the list is endless.

      If you can articulate, what about my comments are not clean, take them to god and report me.

      Pay attention to the dirty issues of the day, which are invisible, to the HUEman, yet sits in the room line a RED BLUE WHITE elephant and stop counting the spermicide in my ejaculated words.

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