UPP Commits To Paying LIAT Workers 100% Severance and Support in Transitioning to New Careers

LIAT Staff at recent meeting with union in 2020

UPP Commits To Paying LIAT Workers 100% Severance and Support in Transitioning to New Careers

The United Progressive Party (UPP) reiterates that upon forming the next Government, not only will LIAT workers receive their full severance, but they will also be empowered with skills training and other critical resources to reinvent themselves.

The Party suggests that in an uncertain economic environment, full severance obligation should be determined through negotiation, consultation and compromise.

Unlike the Gaston Browne-led ABLP administration, the UPP does not view paying LIAT workers their severance as a matter of “compassion” but a moral, legal and spiritual obligation.

“I stand behind my solemn promise to fully pay all the LIAT workers. We are actively looking at several options including a significant cash component that will allow them to make viable long term plans. Other practical instruments will be considered to help settle the outstanding debt. We want to ensure greater financial security for the future of these employees,” UPP Political Leader Harold Lovell says.

The UPP believes that the LIAT settlement will not only help to stimulate the economy, but will accelerate the successful transfer of skills to new sectors, as part of the UPP’s Economic Reset and Recovery Plan.

“In my meeting with the LIAT workers I found them to be reasonable and constructive in their positions. I don’t think anyone is necessarily looking for a lumpsum payment.  They are in search of opportunities to offset lost wages and income and to forge in a new direction, utilizing their skills and experience.”

The UPP envisions that the LIAT workers can be retrained and repositioned to fully participate in the Party’s plan to develop Antigua and Barbuda as a “Center of Aviation Excellence” and a regional logistics hub.

UPP Political Leader Harold Lovell states, “We see the LIAT employees as a viable talent pool that has helped to build our local economy for several decades. We will integrate the legacy skills that they bring to the table to help execute our vision for the transformation of our aviation sector. This will also be an opportunity for them to reimagine their skills and capabilities and to get their lives back on track.”


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  1. Yes Harold! Promise everything to everyone and then if you get in say it’s worst than you thought, so that’s why you have to go back on your promises. They will understand.

    • Like how Gaston promise the world……500 homes in 500 days, water problem solved in 14 days. Economic Power House which became Economic Poor House?

      I would rather give Lovell a chance than Gaston a third one!

      • He built more than 800 homes in 8 years while upper built 90 houses in 10 years check down pensioners corner you see 2

        • Hey JACK ass, is it 800 houses or horses?
          Count the houses again.

    • I agree that LIAT workers deserve their full severances, but where exactly will this money come from. If you can’t definitively state so now, please don’t make promises just to get votes.

      • I will be happy to state how; FROM the 2 billion dollars that the ABLP collected from the CIP.

          • Comrade Jake, is not me say so, it is the ABLP say so! You forget how they used to boast how the CIP so profitable.
            You ABLP minions feels people stupid like you!
            The ? I want to ask is this: WHEY DO 2 BILLION GONE?

    • @ bertaboi. You kept quiet when Gaston borrow money that tax-payers will have to pay back to bail out comrade max.
      You ABLP people just about self, self self.
      You have no feeling for the suffering of poor people.

  2. Harold is backtracking now. He is now suggesting part cash payment, after making the outlandish promise to $120m in cash to LIAT staff.

    Even a combination of cash and bonds will prove to be a challenge to the treasury, based on the tight cash flows and the high debt burden created from COVID.

    The inconsistency in his position should demonstrate that his promise is a mere political ploy. The staff of LIAT would be best advised to accept the 50 percent from the Antiguan government and pursue the other shareholding governments for the balance.

    I guess Harold’s position is that he has no governance responsibility to anyone, and therefore has the luxury and using lies, deception and trickery as a means to his end of achieving power at any cost.


    • Look who’s talking about lies, deception and trickery!

      The master of all three.

      Can anyone truly believe a word this man GB says, they lie and lie and lie to the electorate day after day with empty promises.

      Antigua don’t be fooled again!! Do you like living in poverty whilst the minions laugh at you?
      They are desperate to retain power because they see what’s coming!

    • Gaston Browne. You have deliberately lied and misled the poor LIAT workers and the public about the government’s 50% nonsense offer.

      1. The offer is one third cash in equal parts of cash, bonds and land. Therefore, a LIAT worker will only get one third of 50% in cash which is a paltry 16.5 %. For example, a worker who is owed $100,000 will get only $16,500 in cash!!!

      2. One third in land. Almost 2 full years later this government has failed to identify one single plot of land designated for the workers!! Where is it? In the swamp, mangrove, Boggy Peak, Disney World?? It has not even been surveyed as yet. Long Chuuuuuupz!

      3. Need anything else be said about the junk bond offer?? Just ask the Jolly Beach workers where bonds got them and their severance. NOWHERE!!

      Finally, the biggest fraud of all is that the Gaston Browne appointed Administrator has told the poor workers that the main condition to receiving the 50% bullshit offer is that they can make no further claim to their remaining 50%!!! Gone a gwassa!!

      What the government is trying to do is give LIAT workers as little as possible of their severance so that he can use MILLIONS of that same severance to start his NEW LIAT. On the backs of the same workers he’s trying to deprive of their severance!!

      Not only is greed and corruption strife in this country but it’s leaders think that the population are fools!! Call the election and we the fools will show you the door!

    • Any right-thinking person would know that what Harold is promising is comfort to a fool. He doesn’t even address how he would pay for this. And why would he pay ALL of LIAT’s workers when Antigua only has a liability of about 30% if I’m correct. Barbados, who is the largest shareholder, must be wishing to see, “can’t count” Harold back in office so they can pull a fast one on him once again. It is sad that these guys are so inept that they don’t even realize it.
      Anyway PM. Keep watching them closely.

  3. If the UPP had won the last election with all their pie in the sky promises and giveaways Antigua would be joining Lebanon and Sri Lanka today as case studies in how to self destruct an economy.

  4. These #Election_Ploys by both the UPP and ABLP are nothing but #Comfort_2_Fools.

    Jumbee shuddah sho up ah, all a r U Back Doh and kick dem een.

  5. THANK YOU, UPP. You respect workers! LIAT workers worked hard to keep us visiting our family and friends in the Caribbean! THANK YOU UPP

  6. There is no way UPP can fulfill all these political promises. Where is the money going to come from to finance this? UPP is just playing on people’s emotion and would use the best known excuse if they get elected ie”they did not know the state of the Treasury was like this”.

    • The $76,000,000 ripped off from the ebooks and the unaccounted $2,000,000,000 (2 billion from the CIP) which would now be available to the nation rather than being squandered by the enriching ministers as instructed by their esteemed leader.

      Harold did it before with a smaller budget, what is now to stop him when he will have larger resources at his disposal.

      • Please advise what greater resources you are talking about. If ts squandered how arwe fu get um fu spend?

  7. Mr Lovell, please do not the same mistakes as Gaston Browne by making promises that you may not be able to keep in the future – Antiguans are fed up to the back teeth with this!

    If UPP win the next General Election, I can guarantee you that the current incumbents will ensure that the coffers will be emptied, ensuring that whatever promises you’ve made in the build-up to the election will be very difficult to fulfil.

    However, Mr Lovell, if you let the Prime Minister keep going with his broken promises, you’ll find yourself in a win win situation.

    For example, you only have to witness his assurances on the implementation of the island wide water system in Antigua by the 30th September 2022 (and as of today, Sunday 10th July there are only 82 days remaining for the PM to fulfil his commitment).

    Now note his total and utter silence on this important life-giving and life-saving issue.

    Remember, sometimes common sense in political matters/promises is better than book sense …

  8. Wey de side work? Show arwe why de $ 2 billion collected dey. Show inna fu who pocket it dey.

  9. All these talking points. Where did this figure of $76,000,000 for ebooks come from? Stop exaggerating.
    I think we should have the candidates debate each other let them bring the facts. Right now people hiding behind houses and throwing stones in the road. Why when these candidates go on radio programs they are afraid to open the lines for calls?

  10. @ bertaboi. Which candidates afraid to open the lines. I GUESS YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT THE ABLP candidates,

  11. Everyone should just look back to the 2004 election promises of No Taxes.
    They said we do not need any new taxes. There were enough taxes on the book. All we needed to do was go and collect them. But not even a year later whap in our tail. PIT, Whap ABST, Whap RRC. I mean these guys really believe we have short memories. Sorry for you but less we forget. They bankrupted the country and when they couldn’t manage the affairs any longer, they took us straight into the arms of the IMF and tried to make us believe that the IMF is such a good thing, and we were allowed to implement our own home-grown plan. The NEST plan. What many didn’t realize is that the IMF was working from within the Ministery of Finance on the so-called PST Plan. Which was Public Sector Transformation Plan. In a nutshell they were getting ready to implement the reduction of the wage bill. Cutting the public sector. Like they did in Barbados. And Harold was powerless against them. It’s a good thing they lost the 2014 election, or Crappo would be smoking our pipe. Gaston came and drove them out, unceremoniously. And up until today the UPP hopes and wishes Gaston will have to swallow his words and go back to the IMF on his knees. But not even Covid 19 brought this man to his knees. While throughout the pandemic all you could hear the UPP calling was to go to the IMF for cheap money. They have no clue how to run the country. As Swallow sung “If you can’t run this country give it to Labour Party.

  12. You think people are dumb and dumber than ABLP.

    Their utterances showed they were on the verge of approaching the IMP.

    I don’t know which economics you studied, but paying interest at 1% is a big saving for the residents of a country compared to the average of 10% the ABLP government pays on loans it borrowed from commercial banks.
    I guess nothing the ABLP does is wrong, even when it flies in the face of economic nonsense.

  13. Wow I never realized that we have so many Ass holes or butt kidder even though you are smelling shit 🐕 you will say it smels like perfume. Lets look at saving money take for instance the road works Glanvilles and valley road it is dawn on me to see right before our eyes the blatant theft. Ass holes look what is happening if you are referbishing these roads have you wonder why they didn’t put the infrastructure in place like curve drains water pipe before you pave look at what is happening on Glanvilles road pave and then return to put in the water pipe look at valley road a new reverse osmosis plant at Frye’s you are paving then return to frustrating the public dug up and then put in the infrastructure. I look at this how easy to stealing money from the public. Co Williams I respect your company but my God why are you going down that road when I see these things it reminds me of what happened in Nigeria. Be

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