UPP Chairman critical of PM Browne’s callous response to ‘Nigel Christian question’ during New York townhall meeting


REAL NEWS- D.Gisele Isaac, Chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP), is condemning the less-than-prime-ministerial behaviour of Prime Minister Gaston Browne during a town hall meeting with Antiguans and Barbudans living in the Diaspora this past weekend.

At the time, Browne and three of his Cabinet colleagues were fielding questions, updating the audience on developments in Antigua and Barbuda, and addressing their concerns.

One attendee posed two questions to the Prime Minister – the first of which provoked irritation, while the second elicited downright hostility.

An agitated Browne directed some disparaging remarks at the man and then waved him off dismissively before addressing the second question – which had to do with murdered Customs Officer Nigel Christian.

Isaac says that Browne should not have invited people to attend such an event if he did not wish to field certain questions. She was also critical of his callous response, given that Christian’s relatives are still mourning the loss of their loved one, who was killed in such a brutal fashion.

Further, Isaac says the Prime Minister has effectively undermined confidence in the criminal justice system. She took particular umbrage at Browne saying that persons are making the Nigel Christian matter a cause célèbre.

Isaac was also disgusted by Browne’s insinuation that Christian was a “dirty” or compromised Customs officer. But the Prime Minister went further, alleging that unnamed persons are benefiting from supposedly illegal proceeds Christian left behind.

And, as a final shot, Browne warned these persons not to push him to the point of revealing certain information.

Isaac is asking how the Prime Minister was able to share so much inside information about the case, when the Police has only skirted around direct questions from the public.

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  1. why she yain critical of serpant personal attacks on a woman? she yain a member of P.O.W.A no more? why she yain accept pringle as the opposition leader to dis day? why she yain speak up for Joanne Massiah when lovell orchestrated a strategy to BADPLAY joanne and teef de party leadership? why she yain tell dem not to charge US$200 and US$100 for meeting with the diaspora? why she yain renewing her vows to Mr. Arrindell?

    • Gaston Browne defamed the character of a young customs officer who was executed, made statements that questions to his knowledge, if not participation in a criminal conspiracy, and that is your takeaway? My God!

    • @ Really

      It is ruefully obvious that you have nothing to say in defence of the PM…….as he is your ‘god’- GOD forbid!!!
      What should she have said about Samantha and Serpent and what did Serpent say that was wrong when for months on end Samantha was lambasting Serpent over his farm and some poo-pah tree, you USEFUL/USELESS IDIOT.

  2. The relatives of Nigel Christian must be absolutely livid with Gaston Browne’s reactions to his death at that meeting.

    If he knows anything more about this heinous case, he must inform the relevant authorities and allow them to solve it for the sake and peace of mind to Nigel Christian’s family and friends.

    The Prime Minister’s angry reaction to a relevant question was very obtuse and also revealed a nasty vindictive side of his character – again!

    Never forget also, how he treated Antiguans on Tear Gas Sunday – THERE’S SOMETHING VERY DARK ABOUT HIM!

    Please announce the date of election PM …

  3. Half woman just hush your bloody month-
    When Baldwin was asked about the wadadli power plant, his answer was “if you wanted to see blood”.
    The PM knew exactly what the upp elements that was in attendance intension were and what they continued to wrongfully regurgitate on Observer Radio The Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister met them HEAD-ON.

    • Always with personal attacks. As a “half-woman”, Dame Giselle is still greater than you… I guess that makes YOU a 1/4 woman?!

    • @ jay jay

      The Half woman that obtained over EC$3,500,000 from Gaston Brown and the ABLP for a frivolous law suit against the Dame, and that is why you guys hate her so much.
      You guys use tax payers money to go after your enemies and detractors and up to now you cannot catch yourself because of the judgement………YOU GUYS ARE SO BITTER!!

    • “Half woman …” @ Jay Jay?

      How disrespectful not only to this lady, but to all women who hold high office in politics.

      I’ve mentioned before and I’ll mention it again that generational ABLP supporters are now showing a reflection of their leader with these constant barbs towards people who disagree with them.

      Have a discussion or debate by all means generational ABLP supporters, but please accept others with different opinions.

  4. @Really Political Parties around the world raise funds through their affiliates all the time. Wasn’t YIDA a campaign donor in 2014? The Diaspora contributions matter just as much as foreign investors. Our family and friends will be supporting this event in our numbers.

  5. Gaston Browne lacks decorum on an everyday basis, but he seemed particularly agitated at the town hall meeting. He really didn’t want to be there and each year you can tell that he really doesn’t care about the diaspora. He claims he can sniff out money and this group was just wasting his time. He probably had some African investors waiting for him in his hotel lobby and this young man was just wasting holding him up from closing a deal.
    Gaston you gone. Call the election now.

  6. The arrogance, childishness and uncouth behavior exhibited at the town hall is unbecoming of someone of PM Gaston’s publicly held position. It appears he knows more about Mr. Christian’s death and should be called in for questioning! No one is above the law and he certainly isn’t. The question obvious struck a nerve!!!

    Time to come clean!!!

  7. I am not condoning his behavior but come on this is Antigua…..everyone is quiet but EVERYONE knows what happens at the Port and in Customs.

    Why are Customs officers so nervous and feeling unsafe? I would be too if I was dishonest in my job. Customs officers clean up your acts. Only you can make yourself safe again.

    Remember what’s done in darkness MUST and WILL always come to light. Let’s shake the department up!

    • How about an independent inquiry into what is really going on with Customs?! Oh yes, Gaston said, not under his administration. Bunch a tief!

  8. The whole administration and the Indian chief curry do know what is happening @ customs and then know who is doing what .
    They trying hard to put DIRT on Nigel and that sis not going to work.
    The man is full of integrity and ethics . If he has $x dollars in he bank account then it was so because he works for it.
    He has been working for 20 years no wife no children live with mother don’t go casino nor whorehouses or rum shop so he can save his money.
    Ask anyone that knew him what was Nigel Life style..
    So PM and the rest you all can go ahead n expose who n what ..
    We dare you to call public inquiry into CUSTOMS.
    What happened to the customs act sec 172/173
    Jail the BROKERS ( Foston n Rohan )and fine them ..

    What stopping you

  9. After all you guys diatribe all that I can sum it up is you guys hate the man for who he is. But as he had said to Daniel and to Werner, bring it on. I’m not afraid of you all. That’s the spirit of the man I like for my Prime Minister. Not afraid to face anyone. Not Butcvh Stewart, not the IMF, not the President of the big USA. No one. A man with backbones. No easy pushover. No flushable waste like Lovell. Anywhere the wind blows he goes. Not solid like a rock. We love Gaston for that characteristic. You need to know what a man stand for.

  10. Is this the same Lady whom the present Speaker of the House spoke of? How she behaved in Parliament while it was in session. How she was constantly heckling and was heard throughout parliament. And how she showed the Prime Minister the middle finger. Well as Sir Gerald said it; “You can put lipstick or weave on a Pig, It’s still a HUG.

    • @From The Sideline

      The same lady that gave Gaston and the ABLP $3,500,000 million reasons to hate her.
      Do not hold her responsible for bankrupting the treasury.
      Hold Gaston, Michael Brown and the cabinet responsible for squandering tax payers money.
      Go eat your faeces called : GASTON BROWN, ICE CREAM , LOL

      • Strange how we still come out of a pandemic without having to go to IMF and with a drop of more than 40% in revenue doesn’t lay off one public servant and pay all of them each month. Anyway, keep cussing that is your only contribution to a debate.

        • No public servants around the world was laid off during the pandemic..antigua not special..
          Stop believing the propaganda…

        • Na go to the IMF. Gaston said the country needed money. Where did he get the money from and at what interest rate. The IMF would probably not deal with him after he done cuss them. You minions keep talking about IMF when other Caribbean countries got assistance from the IMF and na worst off than Antigua. Antigua a sink in debt. How are we going to repay them.

        • I’m not an ardent advocate or fan of IMF funding, however, the over reliant use of the CIP program by the ABLP has been misused and abused financially by the uber rich and nefarious characters and has created untold problems in Antigua with no registered benefit to date.


          Answer this pertinent question and your credibility might just be restored …

  11. He stands for S_I_ like you unprincipled minions – when you do not find anything wrong with what GASTON SAID , U MUST BE UNDER A SPELL. DO YOU EAT HIS FAECES FOR BREAKFAST TOO?


    • And when you cannot find anything wrong with what Serpent said about a honorable lady of our parliament, what do you call that?

  12. Wow 😳 wow wow Prime Minister I like your response to the question that was asked about Nigel Christian. The defense Counsel must be laughing GB you will be the star witness

  13. I was truly ashamed of the PM’s response that evening. I had to replay it because I was so shocked and a lot of other Antiguans felt the same way. This was not the response of a leader. Surely, he can do better than that! #Raise the standard, Raise it boldly

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