UPP Chair expresses confidence in US VP-elect Harris, but does not expect immediate change in region’s fortunes


Real News: In spite of the tough times ahead for President-elect Joe Biden and his Vice President, Kamala Harris, the former Speaker of the House and United Progressive Party (UPP) Chairperson, D.Gisele Isaac, says she is optimistic they will be able to manage the task.


Speaking specifically to Harris’ elevation to the second-highest office in the United States, Isaac says she has every confidence that Harris will represent women well. Harris will be the first female Vice President and woman of colour to hold that post.


With Harris having paternal roots in Jamaica, many Caribbean people are expressing the opinion that this will augur well for the region.


However, Isaac does not see anything significant happening for a quite a while.


Addressing the issue of race inequality in the USA and whether Biden will be able to ease some of those tensions anytime soon, this is what Isaac has to say.

On Saturday, November 7, Biden was declared the winner of this year’s presidential elections, having reached the required 270 Electoral College votes needed to become America’s 46th president.

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  1. Kamala Harris will not have the final say, as to what happens in the Caribbean Region. She’s only the #Puppet being controlled by the #Strings of the Globalist which are attached to her!

  2. Why is Mrs. Arrindell concerned about Kamala and not helping Jamal Pringle improve his grammar, reasoning, comprehension and public speaking skills? Maybe as “research officer” she should help him with the content of his communication to the public.

        • FROM THE SIDELINE Jamale does know his power and place in the UPP Party. He does know his power and place in the organizational structure of the Party. Perhaps you need to take a course in Politics 101. Jamale as the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament does not have more power than the Leader of the Party. This phenomenon applies to all political parties all over the world. It is not something that is created by the UPP. Please do a little study and rationalization and stop talking your usual nonsense.

  3. Harris not even close to her father’s side of family which is her Caribbean roots. I am pretty sure her time in office will be filled with the bright smile she has and good uplifting motivational speeches……..

  4. Kamala Harris would be the VP.She has no power to change America’s Foreign Policies.It does not matter.If she is a so called Black Woman.Is she really Black?Her mother is from India.So because her father is Jamaican.Does that make her black?Barack Obama’s father came from Kenya.His mother was a white as snow woman.The lady that is married to Prince Harry.Her Father is white.Her mother is black.She was raised by her white father.Then she met and marry Prince Harry.She is claiming to be black.Because blackness is the order of the day.All of those confused individuals of “duel colors” are claiming to be Black.I say hell no.You are not Black like me.My mother and father were 100% blacks.My great grandparents and grandparents were all 100% Blacks.Maybe I should claimed my whiteness,0% LOL.

  5. Are you sure about that Tuna? Maybe you should do a DNA test from Ancestry.com. You may be surprised how much whiteness you actually have. Most desendants of slaves have some whiteness simply because the planters or overseers (or their sons) raped their BLACK women slaves. Kamala is Black and Indian, not white. Like almost all of us, she is mixed.

  6. Nice to hear the head lady of UPP congratulating Biden-Harris. The UPP is a centre-right party according to their philosophy, but it’s good to see them offering congratulations, joining in with the centre-left ABLP on this one. Whatever is best for Antigua and Barbuda. Forward Ever!

    • “HEAD LADY” is right. Not even the LEADER of Her Majesty’s Royal Opposition or the LEADER of the UPP hold a candle to the testicular fortitude of the “HEAD LADY”.

    • Tuna, why you don’t look “African”? Is must be that .1% that makes you look so. Hmmm. Anyway, “Saharan” Africans are more brown and lighter skinned like Mommar Kdafi of Libya was.

  7. I am extremely surprised that Ms Isaac has not suggested to her team or the govt to have our patrimony renamed off of her similar to what was ridiculously done when the UPP party renamed Boggy Peak off of president Obama. Perhaps she now realises that the renaming has not and will not do anything positive for us..

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