UPP Chair condemns PM’s attacks on public servants as cruel, irresponsible, and possibly defamatory


REAL NEWS: The constant attacks on, and degrading of, public servants and private persons by Prime Minister Gaston Browne is being described as “cruel” and “irresponsible” by D. Gisele Isaac, chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP).

Isaac made the observation during a TwinIsland Media interview on Thursday, November 16, regarding the sackings and resignation of four managers from three statutory corporations.

Isaac, who has been a victim of a similar attack by the head of government, says what happened with these four professionals – who have been publicly reviled in prejudicial terms – is regrettable.

She says that such statements, coming from the prime minister, have the potential to ruin the professional and personal reputations of these individuals.

According to Isaac, Browne continues to display the much-believed sentiment that he is not fit to be a leader, much less head the Government and lead the country.

As prime minister, she says, he could have dealt with these situations less crudely.

And he notes that there are channels – such as permanent secretaries, the Public Service Association, and boards of directors – that can be used to address issues with workers in the public service.

Just as Isaac has had to seek redress in the court after she was defamed, she says there might be grounds in these instances for legal action against the prime minister.

The UPP chairman says these latest attacks might be because the prime minister cannot get his way on certain issues that he wants attended immediately, and, therefore, he engages in character assassination.

Isaac believes that, instead of attacking public servants, Browne should look at his Cabinet and get rid of all his underperforming ministers, given the state in which the country now finds itself – no regular supply of water; poor infrastructure; a rise in crime; and a
crumbling healthcare system.

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  1. I agree. The man has no class of decorum that befits the leader of a country. I want to say, still, they voted this clown back into office. Hopefully, we have learnt our lesson by now about this lunatic, and taken a page from the SMS folks. Oh how he spent money by the millions, ranted and raved like the lunatic he is about being the best thing since 1981, and they rejected him, his money and his rantings.
    Time for the country to do the same. Rid ourselves of him, his entire cabinet and all the parasites, ass-kissers, traitors, useful idiots, call them what you will, they ALL must be resigned to the dustbin of history.
    Kudos to Mrs Isaac for condemning this failure.

  2. The Most Honourable Gisele Isaacs like many other Antiguans, has seen through Gaston Browne’s wicked and bad-minded gameplay in his politics.

    Browne has been in charge for far too long and has lost his way, by descending into a guttural state of affairs, that does not or will not benefit the hardworking citizens of this GREAT country of ours.


    He was only re-elected 10 short months ago, and I’ve already lost count of the problems he has caused and the weakness of his current ‘do nothing, say nothing’ Cabinet Members.

    Keep pushing Gaston’s ANGER buttons Ms D Gisele Isaacs … it’s his achilles heel!

  3. Giselle you are reaching , there you go again twisting the truth . The PM did not attack any public servants he simply stated the facts we all know to be true. The public service need to vastly improve the service they are meting out to the public. They are entitled and provides mediocre service. Many have zero customer service etiquette and they are basically being paid for non- performance. You people are a bunch of hypocrites. The PM have every right to expect and demand better service from public servants. The water manager should have gone home long time . Our main industry is tourism public servants should display professionalism and good work ethics . The public service is full of a lot of hoggish behaviors and people who don’t know how to separate their political persuasion from their job duties. The PM is 💯 correct to stamp out these intolerable unprofessional behaviors.

    • Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear @ Michael James, may I repeat what you have rather IMPRECISE and CLUMSILY written:

      “You people are a bunch of hypocrites. The PM have every right to expect and demand better service from public servants.”

      May I remind you Michael that the re-elected ABLP members of goverment are also “public servants”; and the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda and “demand better” (as you so succinctly put it).

      You also talk about “hoggish behaviors” in the public service.

      You speak as though the ABLP is some sort of private entity or Iimited company; and do not also engage in hoggish behaviour.


      Day by day, I understand now, how Gaston Browne has held on to power for so so long, with out of step comments like yours and many like-minded ABLP acolytes.

      The Prime Minister is now making a rod for his own back with these sacking/and removal purges, because autochthonous Antiguans and Barbudans will be expecting the same with underperforming Cabinet Ministers to be held to account as well.

      Hopefully, the citizens of this beautiful country can also look forward to a few ministerial reshuffling.

    • Avatar photo the cost of one ABLP vote in St Marys South = $5,000,000/29 = $172,413.79, when nurses, teachers are unpaid and the nation is stinking dirty

      @ Michael James

      And Gaston is not hoggish? Please send me an aspirin.

      Or risperdol

  4. Ohh I hate politics… opportunity to twist the story and say we would never do such if we were the government…yeah….right….

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