UPP Caretaker Calls for Community Center After Demolition, MP Considers Alternatives


Gladys Potter, caretaker for the UPP’s St John’s Rural South constituency, urges MP Daryll Matthew to ensure Golden Grove residents have a community center.

The incomplete structure, planned since 2009, was demolished by the Development Control Agency due to foundational issues. Despite a structural engineer’s report affirming its solidity, the building was demolished, leaving the foundation intact.

Potter advocates for fulfilling the promise of a community center, citing its positive impact on the area and youth.

MP Matthew mentions plans for an outdoor gym and police outpost instead, citing the building’s structural concerns and proposing a retrofitted container for police operations.

Potter supports the container idea but emphasizes the need for a community center.

Matthew notes the cost of building and maintaining one, suggesting a multipurpose space for meetings and classes, similar to the new wing at Golden Grove Primary School.

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  1. Totally agree your Honourable Gladys Potter, if Daryl Matthew’s has any thoughts of USURPING Gaston Browne for leadership in the not too distant future (before the UPP runs the country in 2028), he’d better find the funds and the wherewithal for this very important community centre for Golden Grove residents.

    Hopefully, he’s not another ABLP cabinet member who just talks the talk, but can’t walk the walk!

    UPP holding the government to account. Beautiful, what a strong and confident team … keep troubling the ABLP achilles heel on broken promises.

  2. Sorry Gladys, but the MP will not touch this building. Anything started by UPP will be left to rot as a symbol of incompetence. These government MPs would rate spite your efforts and their people than to support your efforts and development. Sad state in Antigua, don’t hold your breath.

  3. Sorry Gladys but you would not win the primary for 2028. UPP believe that you are not ready for PRIME TIME.

    Brixtonian also mentioned in previous postings. Gladys take your bags and run. You are out of the race for UPP. Back to selling ICE CREAM.

    • Ease mi name nah JP, wha’ do you? You nah see that Gladys Potter and the UPP are on an upward spiral towards a fantastic revival and march in replacing ABLP in 2028 and forever.

      Try and enjoy the last ever ABLP government!

      • @ Brixtonian

        ABLP will Govern Antigua forever. No Senate seat for you Brixtonian. You can come back to ABLP. Come back to church.

    • The Primary in All Saint’s West is undoubtedly the longest and most disorganized in the country’s history. It’s the same way our affairs are being managed by the ALP. If this is played out in such cheap and dirty manner, imagine a Leadership Convention.

  4. Gladys Potter, another UPP DUNCE element . There is a new Lady for your constituency. Not a chance in hell Gladys Potter. You can join Knight and Joan on Observer Radio.

  5. So she admits the UPP started it in 2009 and could not finish it after 9 years. I recall the consultation where residents called for its removal (I have roots also in this constituency — Tindale Road.. Nut Grove ). There is a Daily Observer article from 3 Oct 2023 headlined Criminal safehouse in Nut grove set for demolition to cut down on crime”. The article has Matthew making it clear that a structural engineer has determined major issues with the building and its a hazard. He makes clear that many of the walls do not have sufficient steel in them. Those that do have steel, it has rotted due to exposure to the elements. The technicians have recommended destruction of the building. Glady’s Potter (hard to say this about family)as usual for UPP know better than the technicians and would prefer the building be completed and then later fall and perhaps even kill constituents. Clearly UPP is not only inept but also don’t care about the people of our nation

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