UPP candidates are known to beat, rape and murder women says PM Browne

PM Gaston and wife Maria Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has fingered at least three United Progressive Party candidates for their poor treatment of women in Antigua and Barbuda.

Browne was at the time addressing the issue of domestic violence in light of the death of Althea Henry allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend.

In this video, the Prime Minister says one candidate boasted about kicking a woman down a flight of stairs.

He did not name the candidates.


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  1. Come on ANR is this story newsworthy or is everything that comes from the Prime Minister’s mouth must make headline? My alarm and concern though is that this was just said by the Prime Minister on Pointe FM a few minutes ago (since I was listening) and already it is headline news on ANR. I find the alacrity in which this was done absolutely amazing.

    • Tabor you people in the UPP need to wake up, the Labour Party will use all the resources of the state to stay in power. If is now you realize them on the payroll you late.

      • KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR I do not have any evidence that ANR is on the payroll of Gaston and the ALP, but I am bewildered how they use his appearance on his soapbox on a Saturday to churn out so many articles from that appearance. We must be a society that is lacking for news because all the radio stations (including Observer) will be running with some of the nonsensical news items during the upcoming week.

        • Was CNN and NBC on Trump’s payroll? Yet everything he said became big news. Whether you like it or not (you probably fall into the realm of the latter), the man is the leader of this country and the things he says on his “soapbox” are newsworthy because they inform people on the type of person leading the country. You said yourself you were tuned into the programme and here you are commenting along with the ever- bitter Knight, therefore generating hits and engagement for this site which is obviously beneficial for the owner. So at least have a cursory understanding of how news works before you two go running off your fingers.
          Also, why is it that the Knight is saying that state funds are being used to keep ABLP in power and this site is on their payroll? Do you have evidence of that? UPP supporters tend to want to sway people on supposition instead of facts.

          • REALLY NOW I know how news works. Yes, politicians make news as soon as they open their mouth and this is especially so in a small society like ours. With the Prime Minister the position is even worse. The point I was making though, is that the news media do not have to run with every nonsensical tit bit that comes from the Prime Minister or any other politician. Moreover, if they choose to run with such tit bits as news, then they should subject the tit bits to critical analysis and not just repeat what the Prime or politician says verbatim and leave it at that. That is the problem I have with many of our journalists.

          • @Really Now, I agreed with your comment. Yes, everything that comes out of the PM mouth is news. He is the leader of the country. Knight and Shining Amour and Tabor need to get with the time. People depend on social media to inform them of what is going on and what comes a leader mouth 👄. They need to check other countries around the world social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc… When a leader talks social media is there to publish it.

    • You asked the question, “Is this story newsworthy?” The answer is yes, and here’s why.

      The electorate has a right to examine the candidates placed before it. It is a known fact that Ian “Magic” Hughes was convicted of a sexual crime against a minor, and yet the UPP has him among its ranks. In addition, Sherfield Bowen killed a young woman. I’m not saying he is a murderer, as that has a certain legal definition. But the fact remains that he KILLED another human being. Algernon “Serpent” Watts has been taken to court on several occasions for child support. Again, verifiable fact.

      Should the electorate not be discussing these things?

      Senator Harold Lovell was on the Captain’s Corner the other day and ANR did the very same thing by publishing videos of comments he made. I did not see you questioning whether those comments are newsworthy. The fact is that ANR publishes comments by all political sides, but I guess the comments of the Prime Minister really hit where it hurts.

    • Whether it be the Prime Minister or someone else that says so, these women abusers need to be called out.

      • ALOENSO it will be very interesting to see the political parties calling each other out for abuse of women as the campaign heats up. In the case of the ALP, fingers will be pointed to the Captain right down to the Cook.

  2. A now he sweet, pot a call kettle black. It is well know all over Antigua that the dawg a one woman beater and no talk about the other one the flip flop pancake his wife had to run out of Antigua, now she have him in country for she property. These red koolaid people have no shame no shame at all. Set of gutter snipe. I guess Birds of a feather flock together.

  3. All these idiots who abuse women need a good kick in the ass, to start with. Although I am not necessarily advocating it, some feel they also need a damn good beating.

  4. How Gaston can say cadidates are known to beat , rape and murder women but you guys at ANR refuse to print my comments and I’m not accusing anyone of murder or rape WOW

    • Looks like this time ANR decided to print your “comment”, didn’t they. Looks like you might be a little out of order, or something. Hmmm

    • Tabor me a beg you please. I never call them people you mention name. You mention Observer please send me your list, like you on to something. I need the list to vet.

      • KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR please reread my comment that you have commented on. Yes, I mentioned Observer but I do not know what list you are talking about. My point about Observer is that even Observer is guilty, like the other media outlets in Antigua, of promulgating the nonsense as news that is stated by Gaston on his show on a Saturday. Some things might be newsworthy but many are not, but the problem is the news outlets run with and repeat everything. That is the problem I have with these outlets (ABS television as well) repeating everything Gaston says verbatim. And of course their is no critical analysis of what he says since that is a major weakness of our journalists.

  5. For Cheap political points to stay in power as long as possible a fool with a grinch heart mind and soul will try their best to demonize individuals for his or her personal gains, just like when a man bad talk a man to get a woman because his game is weak

  6. I am sooooooo tired of this IDiOT!!!! When will he SHUT his mouth once and for all? We also know what HE has done AND is STILL doing!! …..yet for some “unknown” reason it doesn’t make the “news”.

    • “Tired of tirany”, you say “We also kow what HE has done and is STILL doing”. WHAT has he “done” AND WHAT is he “STILL doing”??? The People have a right to know. Otherwise, we cannot believe you.

  7. If it was true the PM would call names but because he know he would be hall before the court if he call names. These type of things won’t work in this election trust me

    • The PM don’t need to called name’s. The truth hurts you blind UPPITES followers. Some of the UPP candidates lacks honesty, morality and decency. Their history in abusing women is well known across Wadadli.

  8. Gaston should ask Colin O’Neal Browne the reason his ex-wife divorced him it’s for some of the same reasons you always talking about.
    Ask him how many children he had outside his marriage
    On the topic of being physical with the ex-wife àhh boy you know we all have a mother, Sister or a female relative so be careful of Karma.
    Yet you choose to employ him and have him interview you every Saturday like he’s this outstanding individual .

    • @Robert T: How did Colin O’Neal become Browne? I need to know that. What happened he just found out his Father’s name.

  9. Well Well the Top Dawg has arrived. The session poil. ANR your ratings going up Knight in shining Armour vs Top Dawg. We need Maria in the ring to walk across in her bikini with round numbers. Let the fight begin, ring the bell ANR.

  10. ERIC (THE RED) what truth are you talking about? In any case, let us suppose their is some truth in what Gaston has said, the point of the matter is most people who know him are saying that statement should not come from him since it is alleged that he beats his women as well. As KNIGHT has said in our local parlance “KETTLE A CALL POT BLACK”. Comrade Gaston must be really feeling the heat already and has descended into the filthy political gutter.

    • @Charles Tabor

      Are the comments about the UPP candidates true?

      I am not interested in who said……

      My interest is solely on what was said, please examine what was said and respond….

      It’s not about colin or any other, it’s not about who has more skeleton than who…

      Is the statement true? Simple question

      • MELCHESIDEC honestly I cannot say whether the statement made by Gaston is true or not. I heard his statement and also read his response to Anthony Smith’s press release. Both sides have put forward what appears to be compelling arguments. I really cannot say who is telling the truth. I would have to have discussions with Smith to understand certain things before coming to a conclusion. At this point I cannot answer your question.

        • MELCHESIDEC I just realized that you were asking about Gaston’s comments about the UPP candidates and not about the Anthony Smith issue. I do not know if the comments are true. With respect to Bowen the tragic accident of the death is well known. It was litigated and that matter is now history. As I said it was a tragic accident and Bowen and the deceased family have dealt with the matter. Gaston’s comments about beating women I do not know but it is said that Gaston himself might be guilty of doing the same thing as well as other members of the ALP.

  11. Anyone seen or heard the Minister of Lands, Housing & Urban Renewal?
    Maternity leave ran out begining of this year.

  12. It would be nice to get a definition of abuse, because in my opinion both parties are comprised of abusive males if we consider the emotional abuse rendered, when children are fathered outside of the sacred union of a marriage. If we also include the wife of the prime minister who is years his junior, a woman whom he held as a child; if we include the extramarital affairs and the pain and suffering endured by the wives of those who have been affected, then the prime minister might just think again…pot a call kettle black? No man

    • What “extra marital affairs”??? We all know that Lovell is faithful to his wife. He is the walking definition of MONOGAMY. That is why Lovell is held in such regard by Gisele Isaac and Shawn Niciolas.

  13. Gaston Browne : Have you ever abuse a woman? Have you ever beat up a woman? Have you ever put your hands on a woman in in an unloving way? Please answer my questions.

    • I cannot believe you are making accusations about woman beating.

      Hypocrisy runs rampant in labour party I guess. Only they are allowed to beat women and spouse, it is disdainful only when anyone else does it.

      This gutter politics crap not going cut it this time when so many fingers are pointing back. And people suffering like hell.

      Maybe you can triple down. And tell us how abhorrent woman beating is and that you would never and have never.

      Maria needs to teach young women how she personally got so much money as you were bragging.
      And maybe you both can do a couple’s promo to tell us about good conflict resolution in relationships and how to avoid use of violence.

      Looking forward to less finger pointing and more advice giving from the first couple.

  14. World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne spewing garbage from his mouth all the time. How many times has he beat his wife up? How about Michael Browne currently on trial for rape? How about Ascot Elmo Michael who continues to do as he likes with both sexes? How about his son Gaston Jr who beat up his woman in Miami and had to go “fix” things there?

    And then there’s Molewyn Joseph who takes Rolls Royces over the Port fence. Chet Greene who allowed his daughter to come to our country with COVID back in early 2020. Hugh Marshall Sr who has stolen lands from our people. The latest abduction and kidnapping of Mehul Choksi with the help of foreign entities and Ray John. We haven’t forgotten the execution style murder of Nigel Christian investigating the “forgery” of your signature either. The Peter Virde case coming to get you too Gaston. That’s just to mention a few in your party. And most of them have been knighted for their role in corruption. Antigua knighthood doesn’t mean shit any where else in the world.

    Yes world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne it’s a matter of time before you will meet your Waterloo.

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