UPP candidate denies selling diplomatic passport

Dr McChesney Emanuel
United Progressive Party candidate for the Rural North Constituency Dr. McChesney Emanuel has denied being involved in the sale of a diplomatic passport.
Prime Minister Gaston Browne told a campaign in Point last night that Dr Emanuel and at least two other former UPP officials sold diplomatic passports to the tune of USD$ 500 thousand.
The other officials have not responded to the allegation but in a statement today Dr Emanuel
dismissed it as “yet another false allegation against me since the first round did not work.”
Earlier this week he denied fraudulent activity which is currently subject to litigation in the United States.
Let me once again defend my good name by saying the allegation is false” the former diplomat said.
“I neither discussed, attempted to nor sold a diplomatic passport to anyone. Furthermore, I had no authority to discuss, sell or issue an Antiguan and Barbudan passport to anyone” he added.
He said the Chinese businessman involved in the litigation in the US has joined with Max Fernandez and Gaston Browne to malign him.
“Let me reassure my fellow citizens and constituents of St. John’s Rural North, the Mac
Emanuel you have come to know is morally and ethically solid,” he said in a statement.

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  1. hey if the alp can win an election after the ihi matter, the public market matter, CARIBARENA TAPES we all know what is going on in this country it is easy to see if still go out a vote for asot and the alp party then what is new, check the people who call in and say the alp.is doing good the ones that get a pay cheque. …..wonder if zimber that say he want wroke start the project that was given to him by the prime minister imagine he got 35 thousand dollars to start a job and took it to pay off his car them people ya real …you think gaston go back u up in a shit not at all …..but this is the kind of stuff we have to deal with party followers getting jobs and using the money and know they would not be held accountable. …crapo smoke he pipe if upp win he would be under investigation he better pray alp wins

    • Gutter politics is when you make false allegations and usually character assassinating remarks about your opponent. These are not trumped up claims. they are claims made in a court in the USA. and evidence provided to the court.
      When the same thing was done in the John Ash case the PM shielded the former Prime Minister and Mr. Ash by refusing to revoke his diplomatic immunity.

      • Funny thing is the same Mac had no problem throwing Ashe under the bus(yep the ones he brought in), though there had been no trail or guilty plea. Ashe as I recall pleased not guilty, yet there was Mac on Big issues claiming he had sounded the whistle but persons did not listen. You ever notice how important it is for Mac to be seen as the smart one?

      • they seem to think that its a domestic matter … LOL
        the John Ashe case is international too – and funds have been traced from china to ashe to baldwin spencer , FACT

        • And yet the former Prime Minister had the Gaul this morning on Observer to claim that it was the ALP that tarnish the country’s name internationally. he seems to have amnesia when it comes to this very important scandal with him implicated at the very top of it.

  2. What ever became of the CHINESE man for WIOC that got 150 of our passport. Maybe is things like that why Canada pulled our visa free access

    • You all not tired make things up? It is Fancy Bridge a company recommended by the billionaire which prepaid on 120 CIP passports. It has an office in Hong Kong. They would then market to individuals desirous of getting a CIP passports in Hong Kong and China. Those persons would still have to go though our due diligence process

      • Don’t waste your time on this soldier. She is just under another Pseudo. But when you look at the questions you can figure out who that is.

        • Y’all leave Barbs alone she has to sing for her supper. Her duty is to everyday come on ANR and cuss ABLP supports. I sure she will be rewards hamsomely by the UPP. Hopefully as an advisor to the PM or the lead investigator to lock up Gaston Browne. 😅

  3. Some who had no problem arguing for heads to roll with less evidence now claim we should close our eyes to this accusation. Quoting a former Observer journalist Rory Butler, Facebook comment, February 24 at 9:31am · Sandy Lane, Barbados), Rory Butler:

    don’t see how the UPP can be taken seriously if Dr Emanuel is not made to step down immediately.

    Surely they cannot hold the ALP to a standard they do not themselves practice.

    It is the accusations in document one from 7 to 11 that most concern me for someone wishing to represent the government.

    I understand the presumption of innocence but I also understand the standard which has been used to call for countless resignations from the current administration.

    The victim or co-conspirator has provided a notarized affidavit with the accusation along with evidence of payment to Mac (see https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MXgleS53AXB7-xMHjJ8a225labGh-An9/view?usp=drivesdk). There is an email from what seems to be Mac acknowledging payment. Perhaps if true, this was going to be one method he planned to utilize to pay back the 100K USD he promised to pay his long time friend in less than a year (by 2013). Strangely it seems after receiving alleged payments like this Mac did not pay a dime on his loan to his long time friend. Someone claims via a recent press outing on OMG, Mac says he is still working out a payment plan with the lender for a loan be got some 6 yeas ago, which he has not paid one dime. If he can’t honor signed promises to friends what can he really offer to voters?

    • Are there two separate $100k allegations against Mac? I’m not following. The link provided is about the $100k that he borrowed from his Chinese long time friend but has apparently not repaid.
      Where the passport allegation come in now? What allegations from 7 to 11? Is this a separate document that speaks about passport specifically, from someone different or the same former friend who is trying to get back his 100k?

      • Yes but it seems this site moderator along with Observer block any attempt to publish it. Whats interesting is not only did the accuser privide evidence of payment, he also received a document stating he had received what he paid for

      • Let me try providing the url again https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Wo6iq3MvlJx1UNZFVnvXjV-oTWOICFZI/view for the documents which speaks about the bribery. The telling things is that he provided evidence of payment. Also showed an email from Mac acknowledging payment. Has in his possession a document purportedly signed by Harold Lovell stating that he had received what he paid for. After looking at these documents, its clear that Mac has not provided sufficient answers. He suggests his accuser is a criminal yet the person has evidence that Mac accepted moneys from him

  4. Mr. Emmanuel was duped by Lovell to get into this public office thing and be scrutinized as never seen before. That is why I admire those who present themselves for public office. Because you have to be aware that your entire life will now be made public. These things are even worst in the USA. Although just like here people do not really care anymore. Trump was caught on tape bragging how he grab women by their private part and as he said they let you do that because you are famous. And he never paid the political price for it.


  6. The thing is i learned today that Lovell has Mansoor lined up to take over from Mac if he steps down. But Lovell should know that even Mansoor was found having received monies from the John Ash scandal. So he too is very dirty.

    • Guess Lovell may see it as atleast Mansoor does not stiff friends on loans with a signed promissory note. Imagine if Mac can stiff a long time friend like that, what kind of loyalty will he have for voters?

  7. Perhaps the beleaguered UPP big shot now vying for a seat in our Parliament (to help repay had debts (?) Perhaps he can tell us the REAL truth behind the untimely death/murder (?) Of the late ambassador Paul Ashe whose death made a lot of people breathe easier. Who silenced Ambassador Ashe?

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