UPP candidate appeals to undecided voters


United Progressive Party candidate for the St. Philips North Constituency Shawn Nicholas has made a firm appeal to undecided voters.

With three days to go before the 2018 general election, Nicholas told the electors who have not decided where they will vote to put the UPP back in power.

“I want to give you a message tonight we are at a crossroad. we are at that point of delivering Antigua and Barbuda and we have no space for undecideds,” she told the party’s last major campaign event before the poll.

In a CADRES poll conducted in February, 36 percent said they would vote for the ABLP; 24 percent said they would vote for the UPP while 5 percent said they would vote for the  Democratic National Alliance (DNA).

A combined 34 percent were either unwilling to say or undecided on the question of which party they would support.

In appealing to the undecided voters Nicholas said: “at this critical juncture in Antigua and Barbuda’s history, we cannot have people say that I am still undecided.”

“Antigua and Barbuda needs every single one of us to take us over the precipice and to save us from this wicked one term Antigua Barbuda Labour Party government,” she told a rally on Sunday night.

“If you want to be remain being governed by a despot you remain undecided. If you want to remain in a police state, you remain undecided. If you want to remain in a country where only a few can get rich you remain undecided.

“If you want a leader who has no respect for neither God nor man you can remain undecided,” she said.



  1. Shawn please just go and relax your soul. You know you are fighting a losing battle. Just relax take easy and plan for 2118

  2. Y does she wanna take us over a precipice….we gonna all die under upp, look where they wanna lead us

  3. UPP is gonna lose this election because of one fact….This whole its gonna be a walk in the park talk and we can cut taxes and prices just lakka dat does not seem very trust worthy….Alot of people in this country do not believe the UPPs manifesto…It sounds almost like a science fiction movie..

  4. Too late….the DNA has already done that. Shawn ought to focus on why she continues to fight a losing battle. Since last election, Robin done win.

    The problem with the UPP is simple: Lovell is its leader

  5. Sean my dear your preaching will not help,you,ll going to have to invoke the Apostle Paul and his preaching to pull off this one.Cross Road Imps not strong enough this time..

  6. Shawn Nicolas I respect you as one of the few women in poltics but please just give it a rest. Your party is not ready yet. I would like to see you take a shot as being the leader of the UPP because it is my view you would do a wayyyyyyyyy better job than the current one the party has now, and at lease you have the guts to fight ( though its a losing battle) not like some other women (D. Gisel Issac and Joan Underwood) who just stay at the side and give chat and when persented run like cowards.

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