Government’s approach on vaccinations is wrong, Lovell says


The United Progressive Party (UPP) is calling on the Gaston Browne Administration to rescind its decision on what amounts to mandatory vaccination – or paid tests – for public-sector workers, and to embark upon consultations with the people.


The UPP reminds Prime Minister Gaston Browne that it was he who recently declared himself the “sovereign owner” of his body.  We call upon him to recognize that public-sector workers – and all citizens and residents – enjoy that same right.


While the Party has said, repeatedly, that it supports vaccination against the COVID-19 pandemic, it also respects individuals’ rights and decisions.


Accordingly, it has recommended that the Government deploy the relevant medical personnel to employ persuasive means of conversion.


Yet, not a single public forum has been held at which the doctors and scientists can speak to the people; hear their fears or concerns; and address them, with a view to changing their minds or encouraging them to see things differently.






Surely, after almost 16 months of this pandemic, the Ministry of Health has enough human and scientific resources to take the message to auditoriums and churches in the community – with the appropriate safety protocols in place.


We remind the Prime Minister, too, that the Chief Medical Officer rejected Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle’s recent invitation to the COVID-19 Vaccination Unit to be part of the upcoming Entrepreneurs Expo.  A mainly young audience will be present and scores of people could have taken advantage of the service.


The CMO’s rejection, at best, sends a mixed message and forces one to question whether the Administration is truly interested in protecting health or in playing politics.


Given today’s acknowledgment, by the Ministry of Health, that the Delta and other strains have been detected here – and given the threat of social unrest that the Cabinet decision is engendering – we call on the Administration to begin an urgent exercise of consultations with the workers, themselves, and with their representative bodies.


This is a time to build consensus; not apply the heavy hammer of government power.  And this certainly is not the time to deprive workers of either job security or income by money spent on repeated tests – especially after a prolonged period of hardship during which the Government has offered little assistance.


Consultation and collaboration: These are the avenues the UPP recommends in order to arrive at consensus that is defined by respect and understanding.


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  1. At times I say it in jest but seriously speaking this man Lovell is such a waste. What public forum should the government have. Isnt it out there world over what we are dealing with and what is recommended to tackle the matter including that of vaccination. You and your LLC”s and now concubine hedges are really grasping in desperation.

    • The people will feel better and be more receptive if they are informed by their leaders in this country. We are not concerned about the “world over” we prefer being spoken to by our own leaders.

  2. The ABLP ths Ruling Arm of Our Quasi Indspendsnt State, and its leader Gaston Browne, PM has no choice but to FILL IN THE BLANKS to the #template/mandate of the ROARING 20’s(1900 – 1950) given to them by their Masters(the Oligarchs/Medium, plutocrats and media) to fulfill their ongoing agendas.

    Harold “Mr. Stoic” Lovell and his UPP is simply trying to gain political mileage. They too would have to comply, if they were the #Ruling arm of the Quasi Independent State or else many, many more would suffer and die like bagon spraying flies.

  3. UPP do not understand how to read the tea leaves and become proactive?

    UPP need to stop following Gaston’s narrative.

    And flip the script and let Gaston follow UPP’s narrative.

    At least two weeks ago Mr Lovell should have said the following…..
    1 UPP will restore fall outs of the unvaccinated that was levied by GB.
    2 UPP will not send home anyone because they refuse to take a vaccine or corona test.
    3 UPP will not discriminate against the unvaccinated.
    4 UPP will be a government for all.
    5 UPP will remove the state of emergency.
    6 UPP will bring normalcy to Antigua and Barbuda.

    in plain simple language like that.

    STOP following GB and start leading

  4. See, this is the kind of dithering for which Harold Lovell and the UPP have become famous. Similar to the CCJ Referendum, the UPP has taken an approach that can only be described as odd.

    In one breath, the UPP are affirming that they are in support of vaccination, but in the same breath are indicating that the government is somehow wrong to insist that people who refuse to get vaccinated should be tested regularly at their OWN expense. The UPP terms that “forced vaccination”. If a person chooses not to get vaccinated, why should the government foot the bill for their COVID-19 tests? To be clear, I am NOT speaking about people with underlying medical conditions that prevent them from getting vaccinated; I am speaking about those who simply refuse to get vaccinated. In everything, there is choice but people need to understand that choices have consequences! You choose not to be vaccinated, pay for your COVID-19 tests.

    The UPP takes these positions in order to gain political sympathy, but it does more harm to the country as a whole. If the UPP were in government they would have had no choice but to take a similar stance as is being taken. This is where leadership matters, and it has been demonstrated time and time again that Harold Lovell simply lacks the foresight, maturity, and courage to demonstrate that he can take a position that may not be popular but is the correct one. Populism will be the bane of Lovell’s political existence. It is what separates Prime Minister Gaston Browne from him, and history will once again prove that Harold Lovell was on the wrong side.

    • I agree with you. For ME PERSONALLY…the UPP has become outdated, obsolete and useless. They make everything political in order to gain the upper hand when they are only confusing the masses.

      COVID is not a opportunity to gain points. Opposition doesn’t always need to oppose. Fine if the government isn’t doing a good job educating the masses, then UPP can step up. Again I reiterate the fact that for UPP to succeed, he’s #1 that MUST go.

  5. I agree with the UPP and Mr. Lovell.

    Mandatory testing of employees is one thing, requiring that they pay for the test is another.

  6. Look this is REAL simple

    People claim they need options
    A. Take AZ
    B. Take the Chinese jab
    C. Fly to the USA and get moderna/pfizer
    D. Get tested every 2weeks
    E. Not test and stay home

    Gov’t broke & are on the verge of being ousted Gov’t need to compromise
    A. Put back past siphoned funds into Treasury
    B. Give the Russian jab
    C. Lower the cost for the antigen tests
    D. Freely test unvaccinated frontline workers
    E. Give frontline workers risk pay and pay for the extra work that “some” have been doing for FREE for over a year
    F. Turn the headquarters place (west of yasco and on old parham road) into an antigen testing facility

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