UPP Calls For Resignations Of Top Cop And Public Safety Minister


The main opposition UPP today called for the resignation of Public Safety Minister Stedroy “Cutie” Benjamin and Commissioner of Police Wendell Robinson.

In a release, the UPP expressed “deep concern” over what it called the escalation of crime in general, the “alarming and escalating murder rate” here.

The party said the resignation of the two is “as a commonsense first step in reversing this spiraling problem.”

The UPP wants Prime Minister Gaston Browne to remove Benjamin if he refuses to resign and has asked the Police Service Commission to investigate the conduct of the police force under Wendell Robinson “and to take appropriate actions to advance the security of our state.”

“It is apparent to the party that the government has shown that it is totally incapable of creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment for the citizens, residents and visitors in our country,” the party statement added.

According to Senator Harold Lovell Political Leader of the UPP, “There has never been a period in our history where crime has been this bad and the police response has been so ineffective. Under former UPP Administrations the Police response to crime was far more effective. The joint roving patrols throughout the night by the military and police contributed significantly to crime reduction. The UPP is firmly of the view that 19 murders in a small society like ours evidences a breakdown in law and order due to the ineptness of the Attorney General and the incompetence of the Commissioner of Police.”

Senator Lovell further comments “We have an Attorney General who publicly stated more than two years ago that there are criminal elements in the police force, but has none absolutely nothing about it. We have a Commissioner of Police who has ignored confessions of crimes committed by government officials and complaints of physical abuse, made by women, including acts of violence by men in high places.”

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    • To answer your question, any politician knows, to keep votes, you have to keep people in need. Give them what they ask for every so often and you get the votes based on just that. That however, only applies to the colour blind folks and the easily bought.

  1. Most of these cases are personal vendetta killings, for once Mr lovell stop lying to people, for once please just stop. How do you stop two young people who have a problem with each other from engaging in a fist fight much more knife or gun fight, are you psychic? How does resigning begin to solve this problem? Please explain, very eager to understand your logic. If no one is around to see and call law enforcement, how are they to respond effectively? One more thing, Law and Order is a TV show, crimes are not solved in half an hour.

  2. why dont harold lovel resign. he is done a proven failure. when upp in power and all them drug dealers was killing out each other why u never resign. the police cant do nothing for these badman vigilante killing. the people dont dont give police any info so the badman vigilante reach suspects before the police and its flat out that going on. upp would stand a better chance without you mr lovell. like u leading them into failure. would be better with all new candidates your name done stain up. people want solutions.

    • Are u defending yr country or u taking side with party i pray and hope u is not yes person cause it not about harold lovel it about yr country look how antigua look what is happening food price up crime up water issue g brown only thinking about him self his wife and son not country loot at our road look how gas price is so hight in antigua it not hight in other caribbean country these thing. U need tell gaston brown while our pay check keep getting small soon 100 dollars is going be like u spending 20 dollars when u go to supermarket cost living to High study that me say county not party

  3. Lovell needs to resign as leader of the UPP. Now he done badplay Joanne Massiah, he acting as though he is the rightful leader of the party. No wonder so many people jumped shop and left the party. What goes around comes around Lovell. Let’s not talk about your track record as Finance minister.

  4. I just hate to hear ppl that’s is suppose to b educated talk like dem born back way this is the stupid ppl r u want run in this place if u go fire them best u fire the hole force then cuz it come in like he a try say police a mek da youths them kill

  5. Mr Lovell I agree with you 100%. The public is calling for a new slate of UPP candidates including the leader. We have absolutely no confidence in that team. So Mr Lovell we are listen to you, are you listening to us? Or, you are the only one that knows what is best and all the voters are wrong…..

    • U seen to crying for party not country but look and tell me what gaston have done since he get in power to make our live better

  6. harold lovell please take a seat in the back bench..you cannot solve crime ..ablp cannot solve crime
    neither dna ..the only solution is jesus .

    read revelation we are living the last days the heart of men will get wicked ,wars and rumors of war

    so stop asking people to resign why don t u resign as the leader
    can the minsister stop these young people with drugs deals stop killing each other

    stop behaving like you were the princ eof peace when you were elected

    if my memory serves me right u were the first poltician to lose they seat
    that speaks volume

    so please just stop

    • That how labour pain feel they alway back the wrong thing the country is so hard cant u all see since gaston brown take power cant u see how antigua look thing is not getting better so if all of u labour party feel that is the upp people feeling it think again because lots of u all are crying but u all not talking. All labour party supporter doing is banding they belly why dont u all tell gaston to help the poor people in the country why thing are getting hard and u all pay check getting small cant u people see who gaston looking out for his wife and him self and him son and his close friend around him not the country and the poor people look how antigua look so run down. I say country not party

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