UPP calls for all eligible voters to be accommodated in the upcoming general elections


The United Progressive Party (UPP) is calling on the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC) and, by extension, the Government to ensure that all eligible voters are accommodated in the upcoming general elections.


The Party is observing, with keen interest, the situation unfolding in Barbados, where voters are being disenfranchised because of their COVID-19 status.


The UPP believes that not even illness should deprive an eligible voter from casting his/her ballot. And, since there seems to be no end in sight to this pandemic, it calls upon the Electoral Commission to devise mechanisms by which ALL voters can SAFELY exercise their franchise.


Nothing less will be acceptable or accepted in this democracy.


The Party is committed to the holding of elections that are transparent, free, fair and free of fear – the results of which form the basis of a stable and safe democracy that upholds the rule of law.


Therefore, in an effort to ensure that residents are aware, informed and empowered, the UPP will host a panel discussion on the legal rights of the electorate and the responsibilities of the Electoral Commission, on Thursday, January 20, at 8 p.m., on Progressive 107.3 FM and live via its Facebook page.


All are invited to listen and encouraged to submit questions to the panel via Facebook.

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  1. UPP putting in the work! They not letting Gaston catch them with their pants down a second time. No way! They on the radio, TV, news and social media every damn day! Good for them. If you want something, you have to work for it. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

        • @where is the festo…The action plan was promised “in a few days” 2 and a half weeks ago!!!!! My sources are telling me that they are actually waiting for the budget speech to then present some alternative sweeteners ie empty promises.

      • Why should they make promises that they may not be able to keep not knowing the country’s finances. Be real. We certainly have enough reasons not to vote for the get rich enterprise Gaston Browne and the Labour Party.

        • Might not be able to make promises but at least show the intention “IF” elected. Voters should know the current financial situation and will/supposed to understand if certain issues cannot be fixed. UPP do the same thing every election that I can remember…….they are not proactive at all, but let the ruling party dictate what their strategy should be. I hope this year they do not disappoint me….again.

      • Oh yes they have told us why:
        Vote UPP coz Gaston rent his property
        Vote UPP coz Gaston rent his property
        Vote UPP coz Gaston rent his property
        Vote UPP coz Gaston rent his property


    • I would suggest that all the OPPOSITION PARTIES get together to UNSEAT ABLP. There is NO way UPP alone can UNSEAT ABLP .
      If the OPPOSITION Parties cannot come together We shall have ABLP forever.

      Opposition Parties…WAKE UP

    • Mr. Knight of the SNAKEPIT is frustrated. You hear it in His voice. Knight is trying His best but He does not have any help from UPP Candidates.Last night people was beaten up on Knight. Knight realize that He is fighting a losing battle.

      • Dont let Missa Knight fool you. He does not care about this country. He already let it be known that he has his U.S. passport so an Antigua and Barbuda passport is of no value to him. His heart, mind and soul have been dedicated to Trump.

  2. With the level of misstrust that exits here, can’t ee how options like proxy or mail in voting would be supported. We have in person voting but opposition persons have suggessted with no evidence that dead persons were able to vote. Now we have gone overboard with checks (must present election pictoral id, must vote with major sides having their hand picked scrutinizers present, finger must get inked, can’t be a dititized voting system hence manual counts). Lets see if we can first fix some of these issues before trying to walk on the moon

    • TENMAN your comments have nothing to do with the article. The point is voting is a fundamental human right and this is particularly so in a democratic society. The issue to be addressed is whether a person in quarantine because of covid should be given an opportunity to vote on election day. The answer to this issue would be yes and the government should put measures in place to facilitate this. Barbados and Belize have said no and that is what should have been specifically challenged in court in Barbados. The same issue arose in Croatia and the court said that the government should put measures in place to allow people in quarantine to vote since it is a constitutional right.

      • Tabor, As usual your response makes me wonder if you bought that law degree. What are the options to aid those in quantine to “exercise their franchisse? Mail in or proxy voting come to mind. It’s what the oppoition lawyer have suggested. Point is they are not workable here due to miss-trust. Have to tell you that if you really beleived that voting was a fundamental right, you would not support the idea of requiring persons to provide a voter id only in order to vote. This requirement disenfrnchises eligible voters. Would suggest we make it any government issued picture id to atleast reduce (its not perfect) the number of persons who end up being disenfranchised from this practice.

        • What is the mistrust? The vote does not have to be by either proxy or mail in. The point is the Electoral Commission should start to think about a system than could be put in place to accommodate voters who are quarantined. Such a system could consist of a mobile team consisting of personel from the electoral commission and representative from all parties. This is a novel situation and requires innovative thinking. Please get out of your one track mind and unidimensional thinking.

          • Tabor why do you enjoy making yourself a clown? So your bright idea is ABEC should sanction having persons put their lives at risk, just so that known covid patients can vote? One wonders if even you would volunteer to be your party scrtinizer for such. Such a thing seems fraught with danger. Just so sad that you see this as a serios option

  3. If UPP do not win at the next election, then the only other REALISTIC option is for some sort of coalition, where ALL political parties have to work together for the GOOD of Antigua & Barbuda; because like many of us, we are sick and tired of ANY party (whether it be ABLP, UPP or ABCDEFG) coming into power and making promises, then reneging on their manifestoes.


    • Just amazing when persons have no knowedge of history. UPP is a collition party and this fact is why the party is so divided. Brethen you can’t have at the core of your being, wanting to destroy another. Meetings involve always speaking about the ALP vs unifying things you hold in common. Ever wonder why ALP is seen almost like a cult? Their existence has nothing to do with the UPP, members (many) see each other as family. Elders display party leaders on their wall, as part of their family

      • A family whose patriarch threatens and ravages the family members members and eats them alive like a cannibal if they fall out of line. Asot is a prime example. I do not want to be a member of any such “family”.

        • That’s exactly the UPP “cannibalistic”, elitist and dunce-ist. Exactly why Joanne Massiah left after Lovell badplay she. She started a revolution that led to a MASS EXODUS from the UPP. Not even Errol Cort or Namba wants to even appear to be associated with the likes of Lovell and his master puppeteer, Gisele Isaac-Arrindell.

          Lovell called Joanne Massiah a TRAITOR after he badplay she in the party leadership election. His own people released the video of “questionable practices” at that party convention.

          The UPP is suffering and reaping what they sowed. They can’t attract quality candidates and they have a loser/failure in the figurehead of King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe lowering the bruised, battered and shipwrecked vessel further to the ocean floor. No wonder our coral reefs got damaged.

          • Yep and what’s telling is he used AM as an example. The same AM take the party to court so that he could stay part of and said family. My mind goes back to when Tim Hector (could also say Hallstead or the host of others) was thown out the UPP. There were no alegations of corruption again Hector, but his willingness to work with the then government on a sports related matter, Spencer labels its traitorous and threw him out. Seems to me that its UPP that has constantly shown itself as undemocratic.

          • Strange how when they take a stone to throw at Labour Party and you take the same stone and throw it back at them, they go very quietly. Shows you their arguments are so weak and flawed.

      • CORNEL “TENMAN” HUGHES part of the definition of a cult is the veneration of a particular individual, objective or goal. That exists preeminently in the ALP that is why you also refer to your party as a cult. Being in a cult is not a good thing and I am sure you are aware of historical examples where cults have descended into chaos and total destruction. Perhaps the ALP’s time is coming.

        • Synonyms for cult:
          Some cults to mention, The Grand Lodge or Free Mason, The Rosicrucian.

  4. The ballot later this month will elect 230 lawmakers to the Republican Assembly, Portugal’s parliament.

    The Interior Ministry announced on Wednesday that voters under quarantine “will be able to leave their place of confinement on this day, strictly, to exercise their right to vote.”

    Authorities are calling on COVID-19 positive voters to attend their polling station during its last opening hour so as to minimise contact with other voters.

    CORNEL “TENMAN” HUGHES this is what will be happening in Portugal at the end of this month in their elections. You really are the biggest CLOWN who just run your mouth without applying logic and reason to your utterances. What are the major health risks in having a controlled system where people in quarantine are given the opportunity to exercise their franchise. It certainly would be far less risky than having people flocking in the markets and supermarkets everyday. Again, this is something for the Electoral Commission to address its attention to now to determine the best way to facilitate the vote of people in quarantine. Please make sure that in your response you come with something sensible and not empty air and name calling like your master Gaston.

    • We should do like who UPP termed the Caribbean’s best leader MiA, I guess the convenient argument y’all usually have about her Leadership style gone sleep….. Gaston Browne is the Caribbean’s best leader and you nor the UPP can change that

      • The run all over the globe to support their argument. The PM has not even called the election yet, but they are already running scared.

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