UPP: Asot must go

Minister Michael greeting celebrity guest Star Jones.

The United Progressive Party (UPP) today called for the resignation of Tourism Minister Asot Michael in light of continued bad news for the tourism sector.

The latest statistics for the month of July show a 10% decline across all markets, indicating that the projected arrivals for the 60th anniversary of carnival did not meet expectations.

In a statement, the UPP says it is “extremely concerned” about what it called “this unprecedented decline in tourism arrivals” for successive months in 2017.

“The UPP feels strongly that Michael must be held to task for his failure to find remedial solutions and strategies to reverse this negative trend in tourism activity and his failure to address the ongoing deterioration of our most important sector,” the statement added.

According to the UPP, the Tourism Minister did not fully capitalise on the opportunities to stimulate the economy during our Carnival celebrations.

UPP leader Harold Lovell said “this was a missed opportunity to stimulate the economy, as the government had an entire year to plan and promote this milestone celebration.

A major decline of 2,435 visitors, year on year, during the month of July, in a landmark year, is clear evidence that the ABLP administration has failed the people.”

Lovell further added, “Carnival was not properly promoted in our major source markets and there was a lack of coordination between the Festivals Commission and the ABTA.

The UPP argues that the Carnival budget was approved very late and there were some desperate, last minute attempts to promote our 60th Anniversary of Carnival in Trinidad, a few short weeks before the start of the festival.


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  1. Now the predictions and projections are one thing but what makes me as well as others furious is that everyone criticizes what others are doing but when given the opportunity to correct it or make contributions toward the correction of issues they hush. This is not a progressive approach. The UPP had the chance to improve the tourism sector during the laughable 10 years we endured but they focussed their “talent” on jellybean sidewalks and incomplete poorly constructed sporting complexes just to name two. Their are countless other things. Till now no one has put a proposal to the Antiguan public on what improvement to the infrastructure we plan to put in place to entertain guests when here… Antigua’s night life is almost non existent. Tourists need things to do. Create more things to do and people will come.

  2. Antigua needs a week of ‘Gospel Fest’ similar to the one Barbados has in the month of May every year. It will be economic beneficial for Antigua. Carnival alone is not cutting it lately.

  3. Assot must be reigned in and/or kicked out. He is courting a number of shady financiers and national influencers, in order to pull the carpet from under his bumbling, inept boss. Imagine, you can’t even take a Brazilian bribe properly! “Charitable” contributions unmasked! Assot is much smarter than you Gasston, but that, couple with his lust for power and material gain will make him the most tyrannical leader the Caribbean has ever seen, if you allow him to steal the election. Fire him now, Gasston. Save face. Save time. Save our nation.

  4. UPP must go!! Oh wait. Antigua people already kicked them to the curb. DNA will completely annihilate them Lol!!

  5. Well I seem to have missed it. Tell me, unmasked in what way. Untruths and hearsay.
    Where is the”dockisment” that is usually found and brandished about. This is a lame, false accusation concocted to make something stick to the ” teflon” PM.

  6. As a tourist in Antigua I would have to say that every country has its issues, so my comments are merely constructive criticisms. Firstly let’s examine from a tourists point of view.
    Landing at the airport – the new airport is nice and clean. Their were adverts for the carnival and scenic pictures of Antigua. Going through immigration was easy, baggage claim had a long wait but that’s ok. Enter customs there is only one section open and regardless if you have anything to declare or not declare it doesn’t matter. The customs people are rude and charged me for my clothes that were used which is crazy and my iPad.

    Next issue: The Taxi’s
    After I cleared customs I was offered a Taxi with license plate TX. Then I was dropped off on the side of the road by a gas station and then some other person came to pick me up, I was in sheer horror.

    The hotel was wonderful.

    I attended the carnival events on Monday and Tuesday.
    The Monday events I thought were quite good and people were having fun. I just hope that maybe next year they can pick a route that is cleaner and better decorated. During the event I felt safe and the locals were friendly.

    The Tuesday carnival day I went to watch the parade. I felt like it was not properly scheduled and the heat was grueling. I was also worried that many people without food licenses were retailing food. My small child ended up getting sick from some bad chicken.

    For the rest of my trip I enjoyed the beaches but aside from that the downtown area had nothing to offer and I felt unsafe in the area, so I just stayed in the hotel.

    Antigua has so much potential to be better and it’s sad this this country does not make more of an effort to develop its infrastructure.

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