UPP all about mischief and misinformation, says the PM


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has laid into the chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP) for what he considers to be her baseless castigation of his government.


During his weekly radio program on Saturday, PM Browne said D. Gisele Isaac – on a UPP radio station – had called on the government to use the taxes it collects from farmers to subsidize them.


The Prime Minister said it was yet another case of the UPP making pronouncements without any grounding in facts or reality.


“All the inputs for farmers come into this country free of all duties and taxes. Everything … all inputs – fertilizer, any fencing wire, any capital purchases, even the tractors and so on that they use on the farms – everything coming into the country free of all duties and taxes.


They pay no taxes, they pay no coverage on taxes, so I don’t know what taxes she’s asking us to use to subsidize farmers.”


According to PM Browne, “This is the kind of mischief you get from these individuals. When they go [on their affiliated radio stations] they speak with passion and they will give you the impression that the government is doing so badly and we can do so much more; that here is a situation which we are charging taxes on all these agricultural items when we need to be subsidizing farmers with those taxes – knowing well that they pay no taxes.


“Even vehicles and so on that they are bringing into the country in order to use on their farms, they get them free of all duties and taxes. So they need to stop this type of misinformation.” (POINTE XPRESS)

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  1. Lady is so angry these days. Have to wonder about her health. A glass of good red wine daily, may just help her and those like her let go the bitterness

    Hebrews 12:15 ESV / 6,054 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful
    See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God; that no “root of bitterness” springs up and causes trouble, and by it many become defiled;

  2. If you are so confident Prime Minister of defeating the UPP; I dare you, I double dare you to call an election as soon as possible – I was one of your biggest supporters until you messed up and then mislead us about this PLANDEMIC – yes it was planned -, especially putting tourists (who then went on to spread the Covid-19 virus in Antigua, before departing) ahead of your own electorate, who put you in office, and instead of being humble, you go on to insulting many of us who dare to questioned how you are dealing with this virus.


  3. Those who spread misinformation usually are expressing their deep root of bitterness. The Truth alone will set us free. Thanks Mr. PM for the clarification. Perhaps the gracious lady will now issue a word of apology. I hope so.

  4. … Betty’s Hope, sounds like you’ve taken the vaccine without doing any due diligence, or research, and also, not looking into why so many doctors; scientists; data analysts and virologists voices have been silenced by governments around the globe.

    If you need a list of them, or any links to what they’ve discovered (and, what the Main Stream Media are hiding from us) … let me know.


    • Pomp, Do you think she’s really as ANGRY as she comes across to be, or is all an act, albeit a political one????

  5. A liard man you can’t know where you stand with him, so much corrupt practices and self righteousness always looking to blame and never accept responsibility for his failures

  6. ok so is that why the pm and so much of he colleagues getting into farming. they want everything duty free or they just grabbing as much land as they can now although they get hefty pay and you have people who need land to farm that can’t get land for years now.

    the pm should say how much farmers he push aside when he get all them land in betty’s hope area. the tin sheriff from all saints should say how farmers he push away when he get land for farm. the chief goat herder in alp and the pm should tell us why they give a millionaire 30 acres of land to farm including on the land is gift a foreign government left for local farmers to use. and they should tell us which other minister going start fowl farm near big creek.

    all this land business they getting they hands on and poor people who need land can’t get any. something must be wrong with that picture.

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