UPP Adopts Caricom Position On Venezuela



The United Progressive Party (UPP) is supporting the position taken by CARICOM regarding the situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and is satisfied that only a peaceful solution will be a lasting solution.


The UPP is mindful of the friendly relations between the people of Venezuela and the people of Antigua and Barbuda as well as the financial, economic and technical assistance our country has received over the years.


CARICOM’s guiding principles are that of “non-interference and non-intervention in the affairs of states, respect for sovereignty, adherence to the rule of law and respect for constitutional order and democracy.”


Similarly, the UPP remains committed to the rule of law, and strongly believes that it is the right of the citizens of Venezuela to determine their destiny.  The Party calls on all nations to respect the sovereignty of Venezuela and the independence of its people.


Additionally, the UPP calls for an end to all acts aggression, covert and overt, against the peaceful and freedom- loving people of Venezuela who are determined to control their destiny.


The UPP is confident that the people of Venezuela can settle their disputes and hopes for a peaceful settlement of the current situation there.

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  1. Very late press release, but better late than never. I wonder if the timing has anything to do with the statement released by the LTHMC.

    Of course he wouldn’t dare say that the UPP adopts the gov’t position. Lol.

    • ‘UPP Takes A Position….’? LOL. How about a new headline that says “One Guy Takes A Position…”

      Can we stop calling the UPP a political party and start calling it a ‘One Man Show’? Because in reality, that is truly what it really is.

  2. Not sure if it is merely perception or reality, but Lovell’s leadership is coming across as lazy, laid-back, lethargic, and trite. Something is missing either way. He’s just not up to par. He is making he party look bad with this 11th hour statement. This should have been done in a timely manner. While I have no issue with the content, the timing of its release doesn’t paint the picture of an astute leader who is ready to govern our country. WHO IS ADVISING HAROLD LOVELL?

    • This is not a statement at the eleventh hour. It’s a statement past twleve O’clock. Too late. And to think that it was under their government they signed the ALBA agreement and became part of the PDVSA arrangements. Which saw us getting tremendous benefits.

      • Wasn’t it to Chavez that Baldwin Spencer made the infamous midnight call To Chavez to beg for $50?

  3. Good job UPP.

    Now unto framing a position on the fall of the Berlin Wall and the balkanization of the Soviet Union.

  4. On reading the release carefully the UPP appear to be wisely using diplomacy because they are not saying that Maduro must stay no matter what (the apparent opinion of some high-ups because personal monies are being made within the oil industry). They are basically saying that they are supporting a peaceful solution along with the Venezuelan people democratically choosing their future. We should all be aware that it is an armed Maduro who is using his troops to use cruel measures to suppress the huge mostly defenseless (unarmed) opposition in the country. Those that actually follow events would be very aware that there is an extreme humanitarian crisis that has been created by Maduro’s brutal dictatorship.

    • *Yawn* what is your point? No one is questioning the content of the release. But LMAO, look at WHEN it was issued. Soon the UPP will issue a press release on Obama becoming the first black president of the United States.

      Lovell looking more and more shallow with each choice he makes. Can somebody teach him to play chess? His analytical and critical thinking skills are at ground zero.

      • Maybe you should wake up. You made the sarcastic reference about UPP agreeing with ABLP and you obviously are so bored with life that you missed my points to the contrary; or on the other hand just perhaps my comments are true and don’t mesh with your source of funds.

        • Ok so obviously my comment and all other comments by other posters went right over your head. Try reading them again to see if they register.

          Do you know what the Berlin wall is?

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