UPP Administration will pay what is owed to service providers, Tabor says

Opening of Antigua Carnival July 2022. Photo by Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Live

Senator Damani Tabor is encouraging party-goers and Carnival revelers to enjoy this weekend, taking every precaution to safeguard themselves from contracting the COVID-19 virus.

A version of band-o-rama will be held tonight at Carnival City and T-shirt Mas’ is slated for tomorrow, July 23. and it will attract hundreds of people.

Given that crime is on an apparent increase, Tabor, the United Progressive Party’s Public Relations Officer, says that residents should protect themselves – and their property, as well –

while enjoying these events.

Meanwhile, this year’s festivities have been scaled down quite a bit – not only because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but because many of the service providers have been owed since about 2015, while mas’ troupes are reportedly owed for 2017 to 2019.

This, sources say, is why only two of the country’s 14 mas’ troupes will be participating in this year’s celebration.

Tabor says those who are owed monies for services they provided to the annual festival will be paid under a UPP Administration.

Meanwhile, the PRO says that a UPP Government will link the festival to tourism in order to revolutionize the creative-arts industry.

The Cabinet says it is aware of a pent-up demand for entertainment and Carnival 2022 is expected to provide an avenue that every age group can enjoy.

However, a businessman associated with a Mas’ troupe tells REAL News the Cabinet should also acknowledge there was “also a pent-up expectation among those who are owed that they would have been paid after a four-year wait.”

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    Imagine the Cabinet spent $25, 000 on a meal at a restaurant. All Gaston and dem do is look afer dey self.

    No wonder they so big an fat.


    • As usual , UPP with Their empty promises. We remember You from 2004 and 2009. UPP will pay the WORLD debts. UPP will promise anything to gain votes. Very CROOKISH.

  2. This government is pathetic. Prize monies owed since 2019. They do not care about the people. No stimulus. No relief.

  3. Yeah UPP will pay liat workers using YOUR TAX DOLLARS too

    Gladys Potter done say are you not important.

    Mixed messages!

    • Hmmmmm / smh
      Please comment on the old trophy and the empty envelope given to prize winners.
      You mean to say not even that this incompetent ABLP GOVERNMENT can get right!

    • Gaston gave Comrade Max Fernandez $ 6 million to bail out Deluxe Cinema. I didn’t hear you complain.

    • But Gaston expect Trinidad to pay it’s tax dollars to settle CLICO……..but he not settling LIAT….six of one and half a dozen of the next………this man is all of self, whatever issue will give him a lift he will bark at it…


  4. Wow! UPP on the march. Wonderful.

    No wonder Gaston fraid fi call election now; i bet he wish he call it earlier this year …


  5. …please! Please! Please! Mr. Tabor
    …I, would like you to know
    …this, non-payment fiasco!
    …didn’t just win, the 100M dash, at YASCO!
    …this is not, only about Labour!
    …but, it’s the way the entire SHITstem is structured.
    …it’s being like this for years,
    …adding up, to decades now!
    …so, finish with your hypocrisy!
    …flush your #croc_tears down the drain
    …like, you’re giving birth to a cow!
    …🚂‘cause, UPP ain’t got no #Money_Train
    …coming to save Poor_People!
    … In UPP’s name!
    …Therefore get rid of the #Blame game,
    …otherwise, we gonna think!
    …Insanity has infected your brains!
    …like those, riding aboard the ABLP Train!

    • Hey Ras – I donated $500 to Blexit in your name yesterday after our so enlightening chat!
      No need to thank me 🙂


      • @Scott…it’s always a pleasure, to agree to disagree while reasoning.
        I still live by the motto, “each one, teach,” as I learn and change according to life’s circumstances.
        I can appreciate the gesture, of what you did.🙂Fake or not⁉️

        However, we already have a non-profit here in Baltimore City – Elijah’s Blessings doing what Blexit is doing.
        I personally convert vacant and abandoned lots into #Green Spaces. You can check out my latest project, in Johnson Square, Baltimore. It’s called The Mura Street Garden – A new day in Johnson Square. Go to my Facebook page @ Vere Edwards!

        We don’t talk the talk, and don’t walk the talk. Unlike Blexit which seems to be affiliated with Candice Owens and the Republican Party, We are not party affiliated! We are Community affiliated.

        Again, it’s always a pleasure to reason, learn and teach.


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