UPP accused of politicizing country’s water situation

Port Works dam ran out of water several times in the last few years

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  1. How is the UPP politicizing the water issue. Didn’t Gaston say that the water situation would be greatly improved in 14 days after he was elected PM in 2014. Notice I said improved and not solved. Now it is 8 years since his pronouncement and instead of getting better the situation got worse.

  2. You Labour Party people have more balls than ever. Must commend you for that. Next to you UPP looks like a girl’s choir. They could never match the dark web where you descend to make sure you stay in power. So UPP has not scratched the surface of what you would have said and done if it was the other way around. Is good to see them trying to get aggressive, but they have to do much more.
    Imagine if they had told Antigua people that they would get improved water 14 days after they win the election and not deliver. Imagine if you left all those water systems and they did not use them but let them to go unused so their friends could make money from trucking water. Imagine if they buy black tanks and only give them to their blue people. You would have marched up and down this country, used every second of your radio station cussing them, attacking everything they say, and maybe a fire or two might have set. You would not rest. Youre in power and you’re still not resting.
    Like I say, you all are the best. Hope UPP catch up enough and fast before they get outsmart again in this election.

  3. I guess those problems didn’t exist in 2014 or prior to 2004 when Robin Yearwood said the problem would be solved within 14 days of taking office as no government should be re-elected if they can’t provide the basic need of water to residents.

    Hypocrisy of the highest order. Was Robin just spouting nonsense then.

  4. I think it was Mr. Lovell who was on Point FM some weeks ago, telling the nation that he commanded the APUA General Manager to fix the water issues, because he wanted to call the elections in November. That is real politics.

  5. There’s enough hypocrisy in this matter to satisfy our thirst for water. When the UPP failed miserably in delivering a basic ingredient of life (potable water) the ALP were quick to grab that low hanging fruit. Now that the ALP have failed spectacularly to provide potable water after criticising the UPP for similarly failing, the ALP is accusing the UPP of politicising the issue. Meanwhile, the UPP now have the solution to the water problem.

    Politics is a messy business. Sungu na betta dan Lungu

  6. 41 years after independence and the water situation is around 280% worse than what it used to be. Politicize it!

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