UPP 3 win bus case



The Judge has ruled that the defendants were NOT employed in the public service, hence the larceny charges were dropped.

On the charges of conversion, the Judge ruled that the prosecution failed to prove that the government owned the buses and were relying on inferences and not a forum of fact, hence the conversion charges failed.

The Judge ruled in favour of the defendants. In courts 1, 4, & 7 the No Case Submission is upheld.

On the express evidence for the purpose 2, 5, & 8 the No Case Submission was upheld.

On Courts 3, 6, & 9 the No Case Submission was upheld.

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  1. Jackie is right. The Party should sue Gaston Brown inside out, upside down for defamation of their character, etc.

  2. Waste of time and taxpayers hard earn dollars. But on the same note show how all these politicians red blue green orange and whatever colors you want use abuse the states assets. I mean really a bus to be used to transport children was turned into a whorehouse on wheels and they get away with it. Smh.

    • Looks like you missed the memo. The ambassador secured the vehicles for the representatives respective community. He ncethe act of insuring and licensing for the purpose was in order. Why can’t you guys just comprehend? How much more tax payers money you willing to throw away for the pm misadventures

      • Did I say I want taxpayers money do be thrown away and from since when a whorehouse on wheels is for community activities. I like how y’all hip hip horay for the politicain hope these lawyers have the same energy for poor people as well or aren’t their money long enough?

  3. the merciful and compassionate pm say he will use the resources of the state to bankrupt his opponents. knack back go harder than knack. we standing with all three of you. gaston must go.

  4. Can we now as a people sue those who wasted so much of our resources on this witch hunt?? I kept wondering how the hell could they prove criminality?
    Ok, I will give them some credit for using it as a political issue because, it is clear that there were some procedural misgivings but criminal Embezzlement? How do you prove that??
    The biggest problem I have with this was that ABLP tries to give the impression that this is what corruption looks like and we know why. But, I say its a good thing because when ABLP is removed, no one can cry victimization when we seek to learn of the:
    Many land swaps
    Many other land deals
    Flipping of Lands
    Converting of government land to family property etc.

    Now lets hear the ABLP spinners try to spin this UPP very easy victory.

    • Did I miss something? The UPP was NOT charged with anything, but these three persons were. Again, the UPP was not….so how can this be a win for the UPP????

      • Didn’t you hear someone in the Labour say if you decapitate the head of the UPP, you will destroy the party? Think of the Strategy.


  5. I see this as a WIN for the people who have been wrongly accused and lost everything and had to pay out so much hefty sums for their defense.

    Let the Court decide, too many times your name tarnishes and people write you off and all sorts of lies and they believe, but when you go to Court you come out victorious as is the case today.

    Fight for your rights don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I am not speaking only about this case specifically, but in general. Love Antigua and Barbuda!

  6. gisel isaac, serpent, damani tabor, colin derrick, george wehnner, wilmouth daniel, jacqui quinn and harold lovell. me count 8 people associated with upp that dis dawg yah administration hunt down with the police and court.

    if me miss anybody it only mek it wussa. dis is plain as daylight when he say he go use the resources of the state to bankrupt he opponents. member they have in for observer to.

  7. Careful, Gaston. You’re losing too much these days. Not good at all. Not good. Your spite and vindictiveness is putting the party in a bad position. Win your opponents at the ballot box, not on any trump up charge. The court already ruled on this case long time ago. Your spitefulness is going to bring us all down

  8. all y’all. Just shows the legal system is imperfect. It can’t be right to get a “gift” from a government while in office for personal gain.

    • The legal system may be imperfect as you say, but have you been following the case? The DPP had to amend the changes on two occasions during the trial. Why didn’t they prepare their case to ensure airtight evidence? Why didn’t they let this case go after if was dismissed by the magistrate? They did not because someone in the Labour Party was attempting to destroy Lovell’s political career. I am glad this was a judge only trial as if it were a jury trial, the labourites would claim UPP people on the jury got them off.

      • Dearest DC, Nobody in the Labour Party “was attempting to destroy Lovell’s political career”. He did that himself. That’s why the electorate kicked him to the curb over and over. And that’s a fact.

        • Sorry I replied to you in this manner after you showed me so much affection by calling me dearest. Gaston had to be in my head and driving me mad. Now that we have cleared this up, will you work to rid our country of this tyrant, even if you have to vote for UPP, so I can get Gaston out of my head. Our country needs to breath.

  9. The judge said no Case,but who and who those buses really belong to,,I think the same judge should ask that question as well,,, because those buses will still be in question until some resolution take place….

    • Your question has been answered. Baldwin Spencer told you who didn’t own them. The judge got his answer. Let it go it is not the end of the world. The buses are parked somewhere so I am sure no one will object if the government claims them.


    • @Sideline
      Go spend the money investigating all the murders in the customs division that falls under Gaston’s portfolio. With all the thieving going on in public works, the government housing projects and other areas of government what makes this case so special? What happen to the person who Gaston said forged his signature for $3mil, not 600 thousand. What happened to the over $17million cost overruns for the ADOMS building that Weston said involved fraud.
      The email from the dead man said the bus belonged to Daniel, so why can’t he claim it?
      Please, why are you so selective?

    • FROM THE SIDELINE it is over 13 years since the buses are there and have been left to fall into disrepair. The are now derelict (or de-ray-lick as Gaston would say). Were the buses roadworthy they could still be used for the purpose in which they were used i.e., for transporting senior citizens in communities and other such public purpose.

      • Charles I am sure you remember the state in which these buses were found. They were derelict since then. If those buses were in their care, I must say they didn’t even bother taking care of them. Some were abandoned in buses. Is people had to alert the police when they saw them.

  11. The strange thing is that the very Justice System that these people cried down when we had to vote for the CCJ, is the very same Justice System that they now applauding, just because justice was rendered in their favor. Had it not we won’t have heard the last how the judge is corrupt and side with the politicians. What a thing. I really hope the DPP appeals this ruling. The legal argument that it has not been proven who those buses belong to is in my opinion false. South Korea did not give buses to politicians. And the custom documents show in whose name they were cleared.

    • I don’t believe for one minute that the Government o Korea gave these busses to elitist politicians. Isn’t it true that the Government of Korea gave these busses to the people of Antigua and Barbuda. Let’s get to the bottom of this. Ask the KOREAN authorities.

    • Haha haahaa ha ha ha blah blah blah or should I say baba baba baba deflects deflecting deflector. (Waw)what a waste

    • More BS Mr. Hack. UPP and All the Politicos was in favor for CCJ. (lying is what hacks do) It was I and I who said it would never happen because although people will vote for you, trusting you with the people JUSTICE, since ONLY POOR people goes to jail and is taken advantage of in our court system. There was no way the people were going to come out in a none election year to vote for that. The people from both and all parties plus independents Rejected it. The the people who were incharge to push it didn’t even know how to communicate with the people. Tried to INDOCTRINATE instead of EDUCATE!

      • You seem to have selected memory. Cause if you say Harold Lovell was for the CCJ than yes that is correct. But Jacqui was one of the loud voices at the Multi-Purpose Centre public meeting. And so were her sister Pearl and the Chairwoman Giselle. And many other UPP supporters.

  12. Dead man tell no tales. It interesting that those blinded people don’t seem to see when politicians can do anything and get away it. No country in the world using Tax payers would donate buses to another country for personal used of any political party. These good fu nothing politicians got away fu nothing. If it’s anyone from the ghetto they would be in jail right now. These people have no credibility or decency to be talking about law suit’s. A bunch of hypocrites and having the dumb Ass followers supporting their poor behavior while in public office. Jah don’t sleep…Karma will one day deal with all of them for they thieving.

    • For the first time I agree with you but only if you include all politicians, including Labour. You can’t show your bias by being selective.

      • Comprehend the word Politicians. Plenty all you suffers from Amnesia. I can recall that the UPPITES government fired the tap brass of the police force and imported some Canadian (white officers) to locked up their opponents wasting thousands of tax payers money, the white officer’s resign and they have 10 years to send their opponents to 1735. I was one of them who believe their plans and someone would pay dearly but I was deceived with their deception. Anything the followers of the UPPITES have to say about corruptions I would never ever believe. They are famous for spreading falsehoods. All of the blind followers and political leaders of the UPPITES have no credibility and they’re are a bunch of hypocrites.

        • This is the last time I will reply to your post. No one can ever convince a fool and a hypocrite who is too foolish to comprehend.

          • The lips of the wise spread knowledge not so the hearts of fools. When you are political prostitute and a blind follower shows that you are sitting on your brains. The UPPITES are famous for deception and lies. Clearly you have shown how ignorant you and a classic Nincompoop. I guarantee if it was the ABLP politician that committed these reprehensible acts you idiot will be falling all over yourself. I don’t vote for anyone so I am not beholden to anyone. But you and you’ll blind followers are bunch of duttie Vagabonds and filthy hypocrites.

  13. Dearest DC, Nobody in the Labour Party “was attempting to destroy Lovell’s political career”. He did that himself. That’s why the electorate kicked him to the curb over and over. And that’s a fact.

  14. It is a dangerous thing when the police is controlled by one man with a dirty mustache, it is just a matter of time when the stone roll back on the one who is throwing them all the corruption is exposed


  16. Did the trio included these buses as parts of their assets when they did their filings with the Integrity Commission after they were received?

  17. Oh Hi. Did someone talk about hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of land was gotten in exchange for land valued at about $100, 000? I wonder who benefited from this curious exchange under the Gaston Browne administration? I am sure that is not a matter that requires investigation, or do you think so?

    And by the way, is there any property or properties being rented in the Ebenezer area that the Prime Minister and or a person or persons close to him have have some interest in? And if yes, was any part or parts of such property or properties contracted for rental to the State since this Gaston Browne and his ABLP were elected into office in 2014?

    If the answers to the questions above regarding the Ebenezer properties are yes, should that be investigated to determine if any improper or more so illegal acts were undertaken? Tell me what you think all who are so distraught by the Judge’s no case to answer ruling.

  18. So is there anything we should demand investigations for under Gaston Browne’s leadership? I wonder. Would anyone find merit in investigating if any land acquired by members of the Gaston Browne administration and their close relatives and friends was done in contravention of any of the laws? What do you think?

    How did a son of a prominent ABLP member, or the son’s company, know that beachfront Crown land was up for sale and he could get it ahead of everyone else in queue? Then, to boot, he sold it shortly afterwards for an astronomical sum in relation to the paltry price he paid for it. There are lots of flipping stories to be told, I hear.

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