UPDATE: Double homicide in Golden Grove, Victims identified


Police continue a high-level investigation into the murder of a husband and his wife at their Golden Grove home Wednesday morning. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR NEWS UPDATES.

The lifeless bodies of 65 year old Tyrone Baptiste and his 60 year old wife, Pia, were found around 9:00.

ANR understands that neighbours heard explosions around 4:30 this morning.

Investigators say both victims were found with gunshot wounds and the husband also had a knife wound.

It is not clear how many assailants had entered the house.

Police are seeking to ascertain the motive for the attack, but theorize it was robbery.

At least one spent shell was found on the scene.

Pia, who is originally from The Netherlands, operated Tropical Adventures. There was a pall of grief at the office Wednesday morning. One employee reportedly went to check on Baptiste when she did not show up for work.


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  1. I hope these person(s) are found and they are hung!

    If the court won’t hang them, then let the community deal with it

  2. Was this proven to be a double homicide or homicide/suicide case?

    Whichever is the case; we yet again see just how EVIL that the heart of man is. Sadly, it will get worse.

    We have lost our way. We seek answers for our problems in the wrong places. We look to man’s philosophies for solutions when from the very beginning the solutions to ALL of OUR worries were presented to us in the instruction manual given by the CREATOR.

    If only mankind would just take a serious journey into the book of life and seek to follow the instructions given for edification, rebuke, profits and correction. Yes, “IF”, that biggest little word in the English dictionary.

    The TRUTH is we are so far removed from any connection with the Creator that our common sense is now EVIL. We used to say that we lack common sense. In reality, it is not lacking. Rather, it has been corrupted by sin and has become demonically evil.

    The battle is raging for the mind of humankind. We see the great warfare for minds being played out on the world scene.

    Anyone with any sense of proper reasoning will pellucidly realize that these are not normal times in which we live. I plead with the people to WAKE UP….. ARISE FROM THE SLUMBER. THIS FIGHT IS NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD BUT SPIRITUAL IN NATURE.


    Just how easy it is to capitulate to evil impulses: Case for instances:

    …. a young man charged with attempted murder of wife and in laws.

    ….. nephew accused of murdering his uncle on the fishery wharf

    …… and we can list the many more.

    If only, we would just seek guidance from the HIGHEST SOURCE OF GOOD and resist the evil impulses. IF ONLY !

    Yes, if only. However, after the fact does not count. We must learn to resist the urges to carry out violence and evil acts. The evil actions are so simple to do.

    The better way is more difficult, but we know what the outcomes would be also.


    Bob Marley made a crucial mistake when he sang: ” Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds”.

    That was deception at the highest level. The people continue to accept that deception even up to this day. It was the same deception that satan gave to Eve in the garden of Eden.

    No, we CANNOT emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. We cannot free our own minds. The power to do these things is not within us but can only be obtained from the God of righteousness. Yet still, we have to make the choice to follow His way of goodness. He will NEVER force us.

    The choice is ours to make.


  3. All them Jamaicans and foreigners/criminals doing this… Antigua use to he peaceful n quiet.

    • Do you know who the perpetrators are? If you do, you need to inform the authorities. Such insensitive person you are.

  4. Jesus Christ. You leave your country for a better life because your crime free country was not productive jobwise. Now you want to come either for a visit or to retire and you read this sheet.

  5. Regardless of the nationality of the murderers (all of whom need to hang) surely the time has come for the PM to recognize the fact that Antigua cannot cope with the now extreme excess of people. The economy, the infrastructure, the social services and the environment in general cannot deal with all these people. I am not seeing any great contributions and neither am I seeing much in the “higher education” level. Allowing this small island to become over populated and inundated with crime will serve absolutely no purpose other than getting Antigua listed on the high risk level overseas…what tourist and/or legitimate investor is going to choose a destination where there is a high likelihood of being either robbed or murdered. Included in the over-population list is the ever increasing number of Chinese who contribute absolutely nothing other than some tacky buildings with loan traps attached and acquiring lands that are supposed to be reserved for the Antigua people. Govt. needs to get a grip and clean up Antigua and the seemingly ceaseless get rich corruption that is turning Antigua into an undesirable cesspit of thieves and murderers with guns.

    • I dont think the chinese are the ones robbing and murdering people. So Antigua is over populated now eh. What can government do about that. Send all the foriengers back to their countries? They need some very SERIOUS punishment for the criminals or God should just put an end to all this hatred envy and violence once and for all. I remember being afraid of dogs and even the cows in the pasture. Now i fear human beings. I’ll take the dogs and the cows any day.

    • @Jeb…well said! Unfortunately, the authorities will not do anything, to correct many of those ills which you mentioned and are plaguing the Nation.
      The People who are fed up and disgusted will have to push the authorities to act.

    • Jeb when last you see de Chinese – look like dem gone wid our land in dem back pocket. Dem big big building for disappearing people shut up and nobody coming there; the CCEC Caribbean Hdq. Stop work and dem garn. And dey say dem work dun at the Harbour. So anno dem a kill an tief but me glad gem garn.

  6. “Neighbors heard explosions around 4:30 this morning”…and they didn’t come to the aid of these victims or call police???? Shame on you! We can’t rely on our neighbors for help anymore? See something, hear something, do something!!!

  7. Poor business owners- you dam if you do snd dam if you do not. Do people really know how stressful it is to own and operate a business. People believe you have money and everyone comes at you . You are overcharged for a fry fish by the vendor, over charged by the lawn cutter, the mechanic, the tire fixer , the plumber, Electrican and the custom officer . you cannot keep up with taxes .
    Although you do night deposit, there is always a perception that you have money on you . I don’t envy you business people especially in time like there . After working so hard to make a living and provide employment, this us the end result. It’s like it was better not to try. Just get a job in the public sector seems a better obtain.

    • @Frankly Speaking…frankly speaking, “out of chaos l, comes order.” I’m quite sure, that you understand this term.
      It’s going to get worst, before it gets better. The great thing is, many folks like yourself, even though many may be silently acting, again the #Realisation of what is happening is there. Now comes the easy part, solve the problem.

      The crime problem(a) in Antigua are easily preventable, and those which are occurring, the majority should be solvable. I know, call me #Crazee!

      I still live in a High Crime zone in the US…Baltimore City, whose size is approximately that of Antigua, but seven times the population. The murder rate here, not overall crime, is three(3) hundred plus per year for at least three years in a row. So, I know crime, and criminality. I’ve ran the Streets, the halls of libraries and universities plus walked, hiked many mountain and desert deserted trails/path. This does not make me unique, it makes me aware of my surroundings and adjust my senses accordingly.
      I’ve watched drug, gun, prostitution, police, other crimes destroy places like Washington, DC and watch the same system which allowed those things to destroy communities, turn around decades later, reclaim those destroyed neighbourhoods and converted them into safe, thriving communities. So, when I say, that the crimes in Antigua are not only preventable in many instances, those which occur can be solve, even after being Cold Cases.

      The People have to have the #will to resolve these problems, after the #Realization!


  8. … And again, complete SILENCE on the rise of these utterly heinous criminal acts from Prime Minister Gaston Browne. Why?

    The country needs to know what action he’s going to take to stem this rising tidal wave of murders, rapes and robberies?

    Isn’t this part of being a Prime Minister?

    Here’s yet another reason to get this man out of office forthwith …

    • On a POSITIVE note fellow citizens of Antigua, at least with an election imminent, we have a great opportunity for change.

      Say, if the general election was 2-3 years away and Antigua was in the same criminal mess, I for one would be more concerned and worried.


  9. I see all these comments about foreigners but last I saw the statistics prove that 96% of the crime and especially violent crimes are committed by Antiguan Nationals

  10. I’m a resident of Dutch St. Maarten .I have known Pia and her husband during my years
    working with the cruise shipping industry at many FCCA conferences today I,m hurt and sad to read of their tragic passing, condolences to their bereaved families and friends that is left behind to grieve their lost.

  11. I hope they torture and kill all those involved with murdering these people.

    If they are connected to the same people who kidnapped and killed Nigel Christian as well as kidnapped and human trafficked Mehul Choksi to Dominica, there will be no immediate justice.

  12. I’m devastated if known them over 30yrs my people iv been to Antigua many times and stayed with them every time my youngest son went school with Asabe and Jamila when I spent 3months over there Antigua was the best its 4 06am my time and my heart has been broken that I cant even get to sleep AND WHEN THEY FIND THEM I HOPE THEY F ING HANG DEM THEY DIDN’T DESERVE THIS AND IM FEELING FOR ASABE AND JAMILA MAY GOD TAKE CARE OF THEM LOVE YOU KAREN ❤💛💚🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  13. RIP Tyrone and Pia, such kind, loving people. What is happening to the beautiful island, nationals are proud to be Antiguan but do nothing to make it anything to be proud of!

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