Latest update from family of national cyclist Andre Simon


Updates On Andre shared by his family members

July 30th 2022

Thank you so much for supporting Andre on this journey.

This week is a special week.

The doctors have agreed that Andre is showing signs of consciousness. This is great news. We are grateful to God and all the persons praying and supporting Andre.

Now, this does not mean he’s up and walking around or talking. But it does mean that we do not have to worry of if he would ever regain consciousness from the vegetative state.

He is able to use his head to answer questions consistently and correctly. They plan to help him regain control of more of his body.

We still have a very long and slow journey. But thank God. Thank God has some conscious.

Other updates.

His body is free of those infections and his wound continues to heal. They are planning to put a wound vac on it to expedite healing.

Further assessment is needed in the areas of cognition, memory, and promoting relearning for parts of his body.

Thank you sooo much for your prayers and support.

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  1. Thank be to God. Can you image if this government had done the right thing and put this young man on the air ambulance from the onset. If he had gotten there with no bed sores . I am sure if it was one of your children, although you have millions a decision would have been made immediately. While your board members like the one from Old road and your comrades continue to fully their belly with people statuary contributions have catering sessions for simple meetings. People are waiting responses for medical assistance. So the hospital here says that the type of medical assistance you need is not available here and it will take 50,000.00 for example to cover your overseas treatment. They give you a document to carry to the medical benefit Scheme. You do all the necessary paper work. You are a teacher of nurses for example and the little salary you were working for nothing you were unable to save anything. You wait for a response from Medical Benefit and they just do not respond to you. Mr.PM just a simple letter saying that we cannot assist due to financial constraints. Or we are working on you request and a time frame. I have seen civil servants, their children sit around for ages , their Heath go from good ( early detection) to bad to worst and then eventually death. You politicians so wicked will take these sick people out of their sick dying bed to vote for them.
    The bed sores at the hospital is another issue . It is terrible.Do you realize how long the treatment to Andre back is taking to heal. The bed sores situation needs to be addressed investigated. Hundreds of patients are being discharged from the hospital and family members are in shock to find out about bed sores. Nursing homes are not taking people with bed sores. So a patient leave a nursing home and go to the hospital and when is time to be discharged from the hospital the nursing home refuses because of bed sores.
    Several nursing homes are also guilty of allowing patients to develop bed sores.
    What about the health insurance you got into power with as part of your campaign. Do you politicians just say these things and make there promises to get into power.

    • Can you imagine if his name was JACQUIE QUINN how much $$$ and how fast Medical Benefits would’ve dished out TAXPAYERS MONIES to fund Medical treatment??? One quick phonecall from Baldwin “ASHE LIED” Spencer and the rest is history.

      Happy to hear the chap is recovering well.

  2. Very pleased to hear that Andre is showing positive signs of being able to communicate. It will definitely be a long journey for him to reach whatever level of recovery is in store for him. He, and his closest family/friends supporting him through this extremely intense and challenging time, continue to need much love and encouragement. It takes a significant toll on everyone. The doctors and nurses are ensuring Andre’s getting the necessary care. Meanwhile family and friends need to remember to take the time to take care of themselves. It’s okay and very important to take a day for yourself on a regular basis.
    Looking forward to further updates. Every small step in the right direction is a huge milestone.
    Much love and encouragement in all that you are doing.

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