Unvaccinated members of Lower and Upper Houses warned that they must adhere to vaccine mandate (+VIDEO)

Senator Shoul

In response to a question from Antigua Newsroom Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst confirms that vaccine mandates apply to elected MP’s and Senators.

“Yes. No exemption for either those in the Upper or Lower House. Nurses and doctors, Rastafarians and medically vulnerable are exempt.”

Speaking in parliament today, Senator Shoul reminded an opposition Senator of the October 1 deadline.

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  1. Wrong. He doesn’t have to share it with anyone as with any medical records / dealings with doctors is strictly confidential. Or you clowns forget that cos or scare tactics?

  2. Did he get that senatorial appointment for political contributions they made over the years, simular to what the one from the moneyed class got under the previous government?

  3. Lol this guy talking from both sides of his mouth . It’s Not for me to do or for me to say but , you just said it.
    Maybe that’s why when he’s in this house he doesn’t take off his ?
    Dumb ass you can still get Covered isn’t that a good reason .

  4. Shoul are you related to the man Shoul involved with the purchase of the now defunct Wadadli Power Plant. He was an Ambassador to CHINA.Whence camest thou,Shoul?

  5. This guy shoul feels he is important, he is the most miserable, moody man ever who always tries to make people believe he is somebody of relevance, probably paid to get his position 😂

  6. I agree that they should not be allowed access to parliament if they r unvaccinated. Don’t like this man though, he has a horrible, aggressive attitude.

  7. Money can buy a seat in parliament……

    His reputation is not good, he as overly egotistical and obnoxious…..

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