Unvaccinated Antiguan nationals can now return home


CABINET NOTES: The Cabinet held a discussion on relaxing Covid-19 restrictions as pertain to a number of nationals of Antigua and Barbuda who wish to return home but are not vaccinated; the discussions on relaxing the restrictions for visiting tourists will continue.

The Cabinet consulted with the Deputy Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Health Inspector, inviting both to address the Executive on the plans to ease the restrictions for returning nationals.

Following intense discussions, with safety and security serving as underlying concerns, the Cabinet agreed to allow unvaccinated nationals to return to their homeland, provided:

i. The national is to be required to take either a PCR Test or a Rapid Antiguan test, within four days of departure to Antigua;

ii. The national, upon arrival in Antigua, will agree to spend 7 to 10 days in quarantine with a tracking bracelet and will take another test prior to joining his/her family and friends.

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    • Not so fast, my friend. The devil is in the detail. What’s this crap?

      “ii. The national, upon arrival in Antigua, will agree to spend 7 to 10 days in quarantine with a tracking bracelet and will take another test prior to joining his/her family and friends.”

      Are they saying returning unjabbed nationals cannot quarantine at home, despite being tested before and after, and wearing a tracking bracelet? Do they expect retuning nationals to pay for a hotel too? Meanwhile foreign tourists have free reign to spread covid with minimal restriction.

      Don’t these officials know yet that the jabs don’t work for Omicron, which is pretty much harmless anyway? The relevant data attesting to these FACTS are freely available across the globe. Hence country after country are now dropping the mandates.

      This Apartheid / slave mentality, on the part of Antiguan officials, supplicating themselves at the feet of the Massa and his hoteliers, to the detriment of nationals, is shameful. It has to stop.

      • That is nonsense, and indicates that you don’t understand how vaccines work. They are designed to prevent severe illness, not act as a shield against any infection. It is a fact that unvaccinated people are 17 times more likely to be hospitalized than vaccinated people, including against Omicron, and 20 times more likely to die. I’ll take those odds any day. Stop spreading misinformation.


        • Use your brain Tropical Pleasure. Everything you read is not true. Why did you need a booster if the vaccine work? The same scientists said after six months the vax not effective. Therefore, all the people who received vaccines over 6 months ago are just like those who are not vaccinated. THINK, THINK, THINK. It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby.

          • Well said ‘THINK’, but if you believe you can persuade those arrogant pro-vaxxers (who’ll roll up their sleeves at the drop of a hat) to change their MISPLACED views, you got more chance of threading a camel 🐫 through the eye of a needle 🪡… TAL!

      • Moron… grow yourself a brain. You wouldn’t know “relevant data” if it bite you in your fat ass. Tell a family that lost a loved on to Omicron that it’s harmless.


        If you want to voice an opinion about quarantine and government policy that’s fine. But you know shyte about Omicron, vaccines, medicine or science. Keep reading your Facebook newsfeeds Jack, you’ll go far in life…

        • Another fact free ass. Keep mis-reading big pharma funded nonsense and taking your useless clot shots if it makes you happy. Be careful of the many serious side effects and early deaths though – I don’t believe they’ve developed anything to recover the damage to your natural immune system. Meanwhile, the welter of insurance industry data does not lie.

          • There is no insurance industry data Jack. You’ve been played Conspiracy theories are entertainment for dumb asses like you. I wonder what kind of shyte you’re going to follow when this pandemic is over. You’ll be rolling on the ground in withdrawal without your tabloid infowar fix.

    • Thanks boss, mi ah tell you, once again David defeat Goliath.

      I can now see my family and friends who I dearly miss …

  1. Shame ..all the legal fraternity were mum…now they realize they can’t lock your out of your country of birth ..

    A bunch of sheep..
    Medical consultation my ass ..a vote dem a look from foreign nationals .

  2. Sounds like a real nailbiter. Glad politics won out in the end. By the way I hear the Canadian Truckers won the Superbowl lol

    • Seatons well spotted, breaking the law for all to see without a care in the world. This says a lot and yet still a member of the public will be fined or even arrested if they break the same stupid law.

  3. Chupz. The lot of them nah knack one head. Every Wednesday its the dumb and dumber show with cameo appearances by wannabes.
    Nationals, for whatever reason, cannot be banned (legal minds may argue exceptional circumstances). Imagine an unvaccinated deportee being banned, who will be responsible?

    • Downright disgrace you need to change your name because what you said is so correct and profound. A national cannot be prevented from returning to his country vaccinated or not. By the way, a person cannot be Stateless under International Law so when you prevent a national from returning to his homeland you are basically declaring that national to be Stateless. Under the Constitution you can prevent a national to leave under certain circumstances, but under no circumstances you can prevent a national from returning.

  4. I think this was the only country that barred its citizens from their country of birth based on vaccination status. This is one for the history books.

  5. The Cuban vaccines – which actually work and don’t cause PE, stroke, myocarditis, etc. – would have been the only vaccines given in Antigua.

  6. @Mr.C, If you can think back to a monika that kept policing every comment that was against the vaxxed narrative, that’s who is writing these comments to you. By trying not to appear to be a NUT he/she obviously is, hence all these other names. However, the writing pattern remains the same, ie always some type of insult in their comments. That is one miserable, discontented individual that can only feel good by trying to make others feel bad. Don’t feed that type of energy.

    • I also recognise the same writing ✍ patterns of certain people on this thread – THEY HAVEN’T GONE AWAY, JUST CREATING A NUMBER OF PSEUDONYMS TO DECEIVE THE GULLIBLE.

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