Unlocking Austin’s Secrets: A Guide to Making the Most of Your Extended Stay


Planning on spending a few days, weeks, or even longer in the vibrant city of Austin, TX? An extended stay can offer you the chance to truly immerse yourself in the local culture, visit famed attractions, and enjoy the city’s unique charm. With the right accommodation, you can turn your long-term visit into a home away from home.

Explore Natural Attractions

While making the most of your extended stay at long term hotels in Austin, don’t overlook the city’s fascinating nature spots. From swimming in refreshing springs to engaging in various outdoor activities, Austin won’t disappoint.

Take a Cool Dip in Barton Springs

Barton Springs Pool, a natural spring right in the heart of Austin, serves as an oasis for locals and tourists alike. It’s an ideal spot for cooling off in summers, as it maintains a temperature of around 68-70 degrees year-round. Here, you can take a refreshing plunge into the crystal clear water, relax under the shade of tall trees or sunbathe on the grassy slopes. It’s undoubtedly a must-visit attraction for anyone on an extended stay in Austin.

Hike and Bike Around the Lady Bird Lake

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a bit of exercise, Lady Bird Lake offers timeless hiking and biking trails. Nestled in the downtown area, it provides a serene escape without leaving the city. Take a jog along the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail or rent a kayak to experience the lake from a different perspective. With various species of birds flocking around, it’s also a haven for bird-watchers and nature enthusiasts. Thus, being on an extended stay in Austin allows you ample time to discover and thoroughly enjoy these natural attractions.

Dive Into the Local Food Scene

When it comes to immersing oneself in the Austin lifestyle during an extended stay, opting for long term hotels in Austin affords a fantastic opportunity to explore the city’s dynamic and diverse food scene.

Trail the Famous Taco Spots

In Austin, it’s a celebrated tradition to venture into the many taco spots, scattered all across the city. The tacos cater to various tastes, from vegetarian-friendly options to the savory delights for meat lovers, further enriching the unique dining experience. As an Austin visitor, I’d launch my food adventure by feasting on breakfast tacos, a staple in the local cuisine. Grabbing a map, marking the renowned taco spots, and planning a daily visit to one can be an extremely tantalizing exploration.

Discover Unique Food Trucks

Austin isn’t just about brick-and-mortar restaurants; it’s brimming with an array of food trucks. As a food enthusiast, I’d take this opportunity to uncover the city’s gastronomic gems hidden in these mobile eateries. Sampling the unique offerings of these food trucks not only widens the local dining horizon but also contributes to the authentic Austin experience. They’re located all around the city, offering anything from BBQ, Asian fusion, to gourmet sandwiches, making them a must-visit during an extended stay in Austin.

Experience the Nightlife

In Austin, the nightlife is not just bustling—it’s diverse and catering to all tastes. This section will enrich your Austin experience and guide you about the best places to enjoy the city’s lively nocturnal activities.

Live Music Venues

Austin’s moniker as the “Live Music Capital of the World” isn’t for show—it’s a fact. Sprinkled throughout the city, you’ll find a wide array of music venues, from small, intimate stages to large, open-air amphitheaters. For instance, local independent record store, Waterloo Records, frequently stages free gigs that are worth attending. So, whether you fancy toe-tapping country tunes or head-banging rock concerts, there’s no shortage of live music opportunities that pivot Austin’s nightlife from ordinary to extraordinary.

Trendy Local Bars

Once the guitar strings have cooled off and the stage lights have dimmed, you can keep the fun rolling in one of Austin’s trendy local bars. Known for their signature, artfully crafted cocktails and unique atmospheres, Austin’s bars are ideal places for a late-night retreat after spending the day exploring or working. Trendy bars, featuring eclectic decors, often host live DJ sets, trivia nights or casual wine tastings, making them an integral part of the vibrant Austin nightlife scene.

Cultural Highlights and Events

Austin’s vibrant culture and numerous events can make any extended stay in the city more enjoyable and memorable. The following paragraphs explore some of the cultural highlights in this Texan city.

Visit Museums and Galleries

Austin is rich in history, art, and culture, all displayed through its numerous museums and galleries. The city houses a variety of cultural institutions that deserve a visit.

The Blanton Museum of Art, for example, offers a diverse collection of artistic expressions. From ancient Latin American art to contemporary American pieces, this institution showcases a wide array of eras and styles. The museum’s Ellsworth Kelly’s “Austin,” a vibrant structure filled with colored windows, has become one of Austin’s most iconic symbols.

Similarly, The Contemporary Austin’s Laguna Gloria gives visitors a unique blend of nature, art, and architecture. With its captivating sculptures placed throughout the landscape and its picturesque views of Lake Austin, it’s an ideal spot for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

The Bullock Texas State History Museum is another must-visit. With engaging exhibits detailing the state’s history, it’s the perfect place to gain insight into Texas’ diverse past and its ever-evolving present.

For those interested in smaller, niche museums, venues like the Mexic-Arte Museum and Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum offer inspired collections focusing on Mexican, Latin American, and modern art, respectively.

Check Out Local Markets and Festivals

Austin’s local markets and festivals provide vibrant spots for shopping, entertainment, and local food tasting. They’re the heart and soul of the city’s community, offering a multitude of opportunities to immerse in Austin’s local culture.

The Hope Farmers Market, for instance, sets up every Sunday, providing a space for local farmers, artisans, chefs, musicians, and the community to interact. Between the fresh produce, delicious food, artisan goods, and lively music, it’s a delightful way to spend a Sunday in Austin.

On the festival side, there’s never a shortage of events in Austin. The city hosts the famed SXSW (South by Southwest) festival annually—a convergence of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies that transform the city into a hub of creativity and innovation.

Other significant Austin festivals include the Austin City Limits Music Festival, a two-weekend event showcasing multiple genres of music, and the Texas Book Festival, one of the largest literary festivals in the country.

In addition to these, there are seasonal and cultural festivals taking place throughout the year, enhancing the city’s appeal and serving as a testament to the diversity and inclusivity Austin embodies.

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