United States Says Prosecution Of Trafficking in Persons Offences Lacking In Antigua and Barbuda



The Government of Antigua and Barbuda does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking but is making significant efforts to do so.

The government demonstrated overall increasing efforts compared with the previous reporting period; therefore Antigua and Barbuda remained on Tier 2.

These efforts included investigating more trafficking cases, cooperating with a foreign government on one investigation, issuing a residency permit to one potential victim, finalizing and implementing a new NAP, and increasing public awareness efforts.

However, the government did not meet the minimum standards in several key areas.

The government did not initiate any prosecutions or identify any confirmed victims for the fourth consecutive year and has never convicted a trafficker.

A lack of sufficient training on the difference between human trafficking and migrant smuggling contributed to gaps in victim identification.


Vigorously investigate and prosecute trafficking crimes, convict traffickers, and seek appropriate penalties, which should involve significant prison terms.

Continue to increase efforts to identify victims through proactive screening of at-risk populations, such as newly arrived migrants, individuals in commercial sex, People’s Republic of China (PRC) national and Cuban workers on foreign government-affiliated programs, and LGBTQI+ individuals.

Continue to reduce delays in court proceedings.

Consistently implement government-wide SOPs to proactively identify victims and refer them to care, and train front-line officials in trafficking indicators and the difference between human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

Continue to provide trauma-informed training on trafficking for NGOs and government service providers to improve their ability to care for potential trafficking victims.

Train police, prosecutors, and judicial officials on evidence collection and management for use in judicial proceedings.

Provide anti-trafficking training for diplomats.

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  1. ppl.dnt really traffic ppl to Caribbean countries they mostly head forthe big countries by crossing the boarders not small island everyone should know that by now
    they wouldn’t be 25% a traffickers here at all

  2. Did this take into consideration the hundreds of individuals smuggled here on Antigua Airways along with the two additional charters from Nigeria?

  3. LMAO 🤣 😂🤣… The US is expecting the criminals to investigate themselves.
    Greed and the love of money runs the world; Antigua is no exception.

    For money, Antigua have decided to inject newborn infants with a vaccine that is absolutely UNNECESSARY; unless, the pregnant mother is a hepatitis B carrier –which a simple blood test can determine.
    Not even newborns are protected when the risk outweighs the benefits — all because of insatiable greed…..#Justsickening!


  4. Maybe this will bring more serious attention to the government. The next step is to take real action. For that I will not hold my breath.

    Tier Two- think of that please government. No room for meaningless proclamations of success. This is an irrefutable fact.

  5. Not surprising with the explosion of brothels, rum/dope bars, whorehouses on the island.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  6. This really doesnt come as a surprise to me. We have knowingly or unknowingly facilitated human trafficking in this country for years. All the local whore houses and strip clubs are testament to this. Though some of the ladies come here willing and engage in these illicit acts, many of them are woed here under false presence by persons who promise them jobs as waiters and waitresses in hotels and bars. It is only when they come here that they are made fully aware of their plight and what they are required to do. And quite often, their local sponsor hold on to their travel documents thereby leaving them in a hopeless situation. Very often, our immigration department is complicit in these goings on. I have met quite a number of young women from Caribbean countries who did not know that they were coming here to work as prostitutes until they got here and settled into their local home.
    We have to curb this situation as it continues to give Antigua and Barbuda a sour eye in the international community.

  7. My endeavor in Antigua and Barbuda would have provided support for these kind of victims, as designated to be of national and international importance by the USDOJ and OVW.

    Those with ties from the US, could qualify for crime victims funds and other immigration benefits.

    The PM of Antigua said I cannot help you, to me, and ignored by all other ministers. I did not want money or material things, just for them to encourage certain government administrative agencies that my endeavor has urgent, national and international importance so time is of the essence and decide on the merit.

    I will never say I cannot help you. I will try. That I can promise you all. And I am not interested in any political career but as a private individual.

  8. @Audley Philip…

    …#habits, become Norms!
    …#norms, become A Way Of Life!
    …#a_way_of_life, defines A People!
    …#a_people defines, A Culture!
    …#dis_culture will predicate!
    …#dis_Yah_kulcha shall dictate
    …the directions, said people take!
    …since, life’s cyclic!
    …simply, nature’s logic!
    …as, time is left in its own wake!
    …for, nothing!
    …as, in no thing!
    …’tis, the only thing!
    …that, happens by mistake!
    …all others are by default, design, destiny.

    Unfortunately, the mold has already being formed and is producing its products.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  9. It’s funny how the US wants to point fingers about failing on prosecution of Human Trafficking when they are the worse in capturing human traffickers. There are so many young girls in America whom are trafficked for prostitution and there are limited amount of people prosecuted. America need to take a look in the mirror and point fingers at themselves. Can Antigua do a better job, probably so but America is a hypocrite to point fingers.

  10. @AUDLEY PHILIP, I was in Antigua and interviewed 2 persons with the story you describe. A Jamaican lady went back to Jamaica, from Antigua, telling this lady about great jobs in Antigua, to work as a waitress. She came, they put her in a house, near police headquarters and now she is a dancer, prostitute and everything else.

    Another one ran out of money and a place to stay and her friend told her to try prostitution and she started and doing it ever since.

    She mainly get hired by tourist, she said. I literally cried when she told me her story.

    I randomly bumped into these people, and they confided in me, while I was in Antigua on my second to last trip there.

  11. Now is the time for Mehul Choksi to speak up about this. He has personal experience with this topic.

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