United Progressive Party Statement on the Escalating COVID-19 Crisis


The United Progressive Party views, with concern, the alarming increase in new COVID-19 cases over the past few weeks.  The most recent dashboard numbers show we recorded 38 new cases with 33 patients currently hospitalized.  

We recorded 159 cases in nine months: March to December 2020. Now, in seven weeks, we have logged 260 cases, with domestic infections more than doubling those imported.  

These sobering statistics bring us to the point of reassessment, and we can only conclude that, despite the curfew, the present strategy is not working.

We have tested fewer persons per capita than any other island in the Eastern Caribbean.  This means there might be infected persons who show no symptoms, but who may put other people at risk.

The Medical Director of Mount St. John Medical Centre, himself, has already admitted that our medical personnel and services are uncomfortably stretched.  As a result, milder and less severe cases of the virusmay not be able to get adequate treatment, and this can lead to some persons becoming more seriously ill.

The Party has consulted with medical and public health officials and is convinced of the immediate need for decisive action to safeguard all citizens, residents and visitors.

We are very sensitive to the fact that a lockdown couldcause great harm to people’s ability to feed their families and even for businesses to survive.  However, caution dictates that we no longer postpone the inevitable.  It is the safest and most responsible option.  

Already, the business sector is gradually shutting down, with many banks and other services voluntarily curtailing their operations.   Surely, a planned lockdown will yield better results than this slow anduncontrolled spiral downwards.  

We therefore urge the Chairman and the Board of the Central Board of Health, the Minister of Health, and the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda to immediately give serious consideration to a strategically planned and managed national lockdown.

The goal of the lockdown will be to limit social interactions and reduce the infection rate and the number of hospitalizations. It will also give our medical services and other frontline workers a much-needed respite.

Accordingly, we call on the Cabinet, the Ministry of Health and the business community to collaborate on a clear strategy and plan to handle the crisis.

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  1. The hypocrisy of this party is astonishing to say they have so called christian minded people in the party. All along for instance when the government trying to push measure ain’t at containing the virus, consistent what is done in other countries mind you, UPP and it’s cohorts were up and down on the airwaves critical of the government efforts. And as expected they would have played successfully on the mind of some who are now bearing the consequences. You may recall the hue and cry on the 11-2 daily program how “someone need to clap a lawsuit on the government for the some of the Covid measures”. My people don’t be fooled by UPP they have nothing absolutely nothing..nada, zilch, cero to offer you.

    • JUST SAYING nothing you have said make any sense. However, I will only comment on the covid measures. We will in a democratic country and the Rule of Law is a principle that a government must adhere to. What this simply means is that the government like you and me must obey and follow the law. Now, the covid measures were implemented under the Public Health Act Cap. 353. Under this Act and covid measures (Infectious Diseases) must be made by the Central Board of Health and its Chairman. The first covid measures (Regulations) were made by the Minister of Health and published on the 25 March, 2020. While the Public Health Act said that any breach of the Act would have a fine of $500, the Minister’s Regulations introduced a fine of $5000 and 6 months imprisonment for any breach. I know you are not a lawyer, but understand that the Minister’s Regulations were null and void and of no effect since he had no authority under the law to make any Regulations. What that means JUST SAYING, every person that was charged and convicted under the Regulations of the Minister of Health was wrongfully charged and convicted. Also, please understand that Regulations cannot change what is in a Principal (Parent) Act and that is what the Regulations tried to do. Apparently the whole country is failing to understand this and in particular you sycophants of the ALP. I can give you a whole lecture on the Regulations and the subsequent ones that were made by the Central Board of Health and Tico Lake. These were also not implemented properly. Only the simple point of the Regulations the government did not follow the law and screwed up BIG TIME.

        • Put your radio at 911 now and tell me if the four dumzies are not misleading. Let me ask you. The dumzies like the nurses said they want moderns. I presume you listen international news. Tell me which independent developing state has access to moderna for the dumzies to say the government is offering second best vaccine.

          • Like someone said yesterday – a real leader takes the vaccine that he is offering to his people.

            You’d rather call nurses and everyone else names than admit that the reason this country is in crisis is solely due to the man currently running the country.

          • PM ask the rich family to get you couple more bottles of the moderna vaccine (for abna) from wherever it got the first set. Better yet, ask the rich family for some money to the complete Nugent Ave hospital. Hell, while you are at it, ask the rich family to lend you some $$ to provide some immediate relief for mothers who have to now sell their bodies or their children.

  2. Many of those people are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic.

    But we’ve heard over months and months that even sick people have a difficult time getting tested.

    Close the borders. Lockdown the island.

    Prophylaxis for everyone to save lives until vaccines are distributed and everyone has had their 2nd dose.

    This protocol (below) works. Please don’t follow the US down the road of avoiding early treatment and prophylaxis. That is why the IFR in the US is so much higher than other places.


      • If you actually want to solve the problem, you have to deal with the WHOLE problem, which is:

        1. Visitors/travelers entering the country with COVID-19

        2. Visitors/travelers/locals spreading their COVID-19 infection to others.

        In order to address #1 and #2, you need to close the borders and lockdown the country.

        After all, every single case of COVID in Antigua can be traced to source outside of the island.

      • Just saying, I thought long and I thought hard. There is without a doubt, domestic spread. Also medical practice personnel aren’t machines and the lazy private practice agencies are not offering to help (they are only trying to exploit).
        Government should have bex money to help the service industry providers for 10days (February 18-28).
        The airport and supermarkets can remain open but some businesses can let staff work from home.
        The establishment department had months to think long and hard too….

      • The benefit is simple: restrain the virus so people don’t DIE. That should be your first concern as a human being.

        Second, in order for the economy to return to any semblance of normal, you have to restrain the virus– both “domestic” spread as well as “imported” cases coming from the wealthy, white tourists who don’t care about the health of the islanders.

        But let’s be clear. There is no clear cut, perfect line that separates “domestic” cases from “imported” cases. A wealthy tourist who has COVID or who contracts COVID while here will have free reign to spread the virus by shopping, dining, partying, using the sex tourism industry, the taxi services, hotel services, etc. A tourist becomes the agent of spreading the virus.

        The leader of our country, Likkle Mustache Man with the Hitler Mustache, does nothing but blame his fellow country men and women, because the people he really considers himself as part of are the wealthy tourists.

  3. Did you even read the article or UPP is the only words you can read or understand.

  4. Please take the word of an outsider, making the battle against COVID a political issue between your 2 major parties is just foolishness and will cost lives.

    Whomever you pledge your allegiance to, the current COVID response has been inadequate and deeply flawed.

    The country must change course immediately.

    Everyone who keeps saying, we can’t close the borders or lockdown or we’ll starve doesn’t understand what’s going to happen if you don’t do those things. You’re still going to have economic collapse and starvation coupled with an island full of very sick people, people dying suddenly, people dying because they can’t get medical care, elites fleeing the island, doctors and nurses dying, other doctors and nurses fleeing the island, increase in crime. Just complete societal collapse if you allow this virus to run unopposed through the population as is currently happening.

    It’s not a choice between economic collapse and your health. You will have complete economic collapse if you don’t immediately deal with the COVID issue in an intelligent way, which has up to this point not been done.

    Don’t ride your political loyalty to an early grave.

  5. CHARLES TABOR and UPP talk from both sides of Their mouths. UPP did Not want a SHUTDOWN now UPP wants a SHUTDOWN . This UPP ,HAROLD LOVELL ,CHARLES TABOR bunch of HYPOCRITES. That is the reason UPP has ONE seat in PARLIAMENT and that seat will gone in 2023. CHARLES TABOR HYPOCRISY marked all over your faces.

  6. There are no known wrong and right in this. No political party has any experience in managing a crisis like this.

    If UPP was in office they to would be doing what they think is best while the ABLP countering.

    Me Lovell “When you are in opposition, it is easy to criticize”. And he is true to his word.

    We have a people problem. Being responsible individuals can go a long way in controlling this crisis.

    • And not letting in thousands upon thousands of potentially diseased people without testing them or quarantining the or restricting their movements in any way

  7. Urgently time for a reset!
    How about ALL politicians, including cabinet & PM, take 10 steps back & stop wasting time & energy. Let medical, public health & frontline professionals present us with a clear, data-driven plan to get us through next 3-months and then cabinet act as the country support team, and provide means for the professionals to action their national plan.
    Forget partisanship.
    Forget ego.
    Forget your title.
    Forget ‘enrichment’.
    Please work together as servants of we the people to support the medical, public health & frontline professional leaders who we need upfront right now, not politrickians.

  8. Some of the Dunce comments on here always reinforces that it was the best decision to not live in Àntigua .Make no mistake a few of you or your family members reading this comments may die or get sick so keep talking politics .🤦‍♂️ Some of the Dunce comments on here always reinforces that it was the best decision to not live in Àntigua .Make no mistake a few of you or your family members reading this comments may die or get sick so keep talking politics .🤦‍♂️

    These fools will never change . Even when something that has never been seen in their lifetime something that threatens their very lives and the lives of their love ones they’re consumed with politics . Some of you all is an embarrassment . Your very lives is in danger and you just sit on your fat asses blame blame . Totally retarded . .

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