United Progressive Party says no need to extend State of Emergency; Public Health Act offers same protections


The United Progressive Party (UPP) strongly disagrees with the extension of the State of Emergency by the Gaston Browne Administration.


A State of Emergency is defined as “a situation of national danger or disaster in which a government suspends normal constitutional procedures in order to regain control.”


This definition forces us to ask: What is the national danger that necessitates an extension?


What disaster is there when, only today, June 17, the Ministry of Health jubilantly declared that there are no new cases of COVID-19, no hospitalizations, and no current infections?  What disaster when virtually all social and economic activities have resumed?


The section of the definition that is applicable here is Government’s intention “to regain control.”  However, with respect to this 90-day extension, the UPP would amend it to read “retain control.”


It is the Party’s view that the Cabinet’s decision to extend the State of Emergency until the end of September 2021 is nothing but a demonstration of its political unease and its fear of a disaffected population.




Pensioners are dissatisfied and angry, as are the former LIAT workers and the unemployed and under-employed tourism-sector workers.  Immigrants feel exploited by the steep rise in work-permit and other fees.


Householders are disgusted with the irregular water situation and the  unreliable electricity service.  Farmers are ready to throw in the shovel and too many small businesses have already thrown in the towel.


And, through it all, meaningful assistance from this Administration is markedly absent or pitifully inadequate.


These are the reasons – the true reasons – for the extension of the State of Emergency.  The suppression of the people’s civil liberties, as a General Election nears, and the intention of using State power to intimidate lie at the root of this undemocratic decision.


The UPP has said, repeatedly, that the provisions of the Public Health Act are sufficient authority to impose Regulations, provisions and protocols for managing the COVID-19 pandemic.  Use the existing legislation!


If the Government is serious about rebuilding confidence in the economy and, in particular, the tourism industry, an extension of  the State of Emergency is not the way to go.


The UPP does not support it and, in fact, condemns the extension as political repression and cowardice.

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  1. The UPP is right on this one. There is no need for the continuation of the State of Emergency since the other provisions cover this. It is just another tool of suppression of the Labour government.

  2. Tell that to St. Kitts. They were all going along their merry way with zero to low cases and boom…..out of control. I am not saying that the government is doing a great job…I’d say a “good” job, but unless we are shutting the country down from both inbound and outbound travel OR getting vaccinated, how does Lovell suggest we proceed?

  3. @Come agin, you didn’t read the article… he stated clearly that the public health act is sufficient to impose the control … the state of emergency is something else entirely…. we have been in a state of emergency for 15 months now… this is a world record…

  4. Keep on voting in world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne and his band of scamps, we will get nowhere and will still be their financial slaves.

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