United Progressive Party expresses solidary with pensioners


The United Progressive Party (UPP) is expressing full solidarity with the pensioners who picketed the Prime Minister’s Office on Thursday morning.

The Party is conscious of the suffering caused by the pensioners by the ever-increasingly late payment by the Social Security Scheme.

The Party is aware that the Social Security Scheme faces enormous challenges due to the past poor management by the previous Antigua Labour Party (ALP) administration.  The Party notes further that under the UPP, strong efforts were made to stabilize the Social Security Scheme, including the payment of $122 million into the organization.

The UPP calls on the present Labour Party administration to take all necessary steps to ensure the stability of the Scheme so that it could fulfil its obligations to all beneficiaries.

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  1. Sweet sweet politics….The pensioners would be wearing a different color shirt if UPP was in Power….Yawns ZZZ….Is it fair to the pensioners?? No not at all…Surprised or shocked??? NOPE

  2. Says the party that not only pay pensioners but also government workers late. UPP needs to have several seats cause them nah better. While ALP hiding behind the “covid” excuse the UPP was the “gobal financial crisis”. This is a perfect example of kettle calling the pot black.

  3. I hear you loud and clear Lovell. Unfortunately for you, it still will mean a LOSS at the polls come next general elections.

    You still don’t bring jack fart to the table. You’re a hopeless case. You have LOST MORE ELECTIONS than you have won.

  4. Didnt Lovell borrow money from the SS when he was in power at least that’s what I have been told. correct me if am wrong please

  5. Didnt Lovell borrow money from the SS when he was in power at least that’s what I have been told. correct me if am wrong please

  6. If UPP had acted as a responsible govt and did what they were suppose to do when they were in administration from 2004 to 2014, then the funds for Social Security would be enough to pay the pensioners during this pandemic …… Sadly, UPP is a disgrace to our political landscape !!

    • Because it looks like ALBP has been in power from 2014 to 2020 and a total of 29 of the 34 years of independence from what I can tell.

      Maybe both parties are trash. I don’t know. But it’s obvious that the current one in power is robbing the country blind and mismanaging the pandemic.

  7. But of couse you would! Your filthy fingerprints were pasted all over this rabid, foul-mouthed, shameful display a few days ago. Is this what the party base looks like? No wonder they consider their party leadership as gods! Ironically it was Lovell and his stooges who during their misrule 2004 -2014 exascerbated the problems at Social Security – not paying into the Scheme what was due and, to make matters worse, borrowed heavily from the Scheme. On the other hand, the Gaston Browne-led administration has paid EVERY cent due to the Scheme on a monthly basis AND it has NEVER resorted to borrowing from the comatose Scheme.
    But sensible people are not easily fooled. You can continue to grow your low-quality band of followers who seem incapable of even spotting the traitors among them! How sad!

  8. We are so bloody color blind. Poor people need to feed their children no matter who is in power! Stop been loyal to color and not to your neighbor basic needs. People got family to feed. We here debating about who do what and who didn’t. How about we stand together and tell the party in power to pay the citizens of this nation who is busting their a$$ off?

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