Union’s Attorneys receive Funds on behalf of former Jolly Beach Workers


The Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union wishes to advise all former employees of Jolly Beach Corporation that the Union’s Attorneys have advised us moments ago that they have just received funds from the Attorneys for the Company –

Lake, Kentish & Bennett Inc. – allocated for the payment of all former Jolly Beach Corporation workers, today, Friday 02 December 2022.

Hughes further explained that the Union and its Attorneys will in the coming week work expeditiously to process these funds for payment to individuals in short order.

A schedule and date for payment will be published in the coming week.

Hughes underscores that having received the cheque today, Friday, 2 December 2022, is further confirmation that Prime Minister Gaston Browne lied when he claimed the Union was in possession of the funds weeks ago.

We wish to express our gratitude to our members for their patience and understanding as we seek to have the matter resolved posthaste.


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  1. look how long the monies were in escrow account Lake and Kentish. Kenny Kentish is a UPP EXECUTIVE member??

  2. cheap, desperate, POLITICAL tactics by a washed up has-been of a candidate and a “union” that vaugh waler form after he turn ungrateful and badplay Papa Bird

    Chester Hughes UPP memeber/fmr Candidate
    ABWU – UPP aligned

    Playing politics with people money to TRY (and FAIL) to make the government look bad. Thank you Hon. Gaston Browne and Team Labour for your CARE & COMPASSION to the Jolly Beach workers.

    Jolly Beach is NOW OPEN!! #NextLevel

    • @ Hmmmmmmm and Sad But True

      u not fooling anyone about this hard up for money government run by Gaston Brown.

      He has been giving the Jolly Beach workers the run a round for months. THE incompetence of him and the ABLP, what a bunch of imbeciles!!!!


  3. Wait! This can’t be true! Today, they got the money?!! The pm playing games with us? How can he lie so much!

  4. Quickly that this union really have concerns about worker from all different working sectors, wonderful job.

    Finally those employees will be happy for the Christmas season…

  5. Disposable Income..
    Get sudden outa um
    I dress 👗 shoes 👞
    Pants 👖 Dan Dan..
    De Kicks de Socks de Swagg
    Money More Than Glad Rag
    OWED a Milion
    Occupation Hazard a Billion
    Spending a Trillion to get a Zillion%$$$$

  6. About good Damn time! Those hardworking employees deserved better treatment. Over work them and expect them to be happy with no pay? Hell no

  7. Gaston is such a liar. Plays too many games. Happy that the workers getting their money. So when is the hotel going to reopen? People need jobs!

  8. Does anyone understand ” Escrow”?
    When a house is sold, the buyer’s money goes into Escrow and the seller doesn’t see a penny until the Escrow holder release the funds to the seller. That basically what happened to the Jolly Beach funds. It was paid long before December 2nd, but is now being released from Escrow into the hands of the receivers.

  9. On this one I don’t point fingers to the government. This was a privately run business and the responsibility should be on the owners to pay off their staff. However, the government getting involved and take over is to further fatten Robin pockets and paying off the workers is election massaging.

    • Don’t know if there was a charge on the property for the severance but when the government took over the property they would have been responsible to clear the liabilities, including severance. No body pointing fingers at the government, but they wanted the hotel so they had to pay off the debits. The government only doing what they are legally required to do.

  10. I’ve said from mornin’, that’s there’s no better time for Antiguans to get any monies owed or outstanding to them.

    Gaston’s magic money tree is now in full bloom and is bearing plenty plenty Dollars 💵 at present.

    Line yourself up workers (whether you are in a union or not) and stand united together and get what is due to you; you’ll never have a better opportunity than this.

    After the elections the money done!

    Good luck one and all, because we all have bills to pay and food to put on our tables …

  11. Why did that LIAR GASTON Browne give the public false information. He did say on his Hog Pen Radio Station that the Union had the money. He is such a damn liar. The truth is non existent in his life. Then again,he was the same person. Who had his wife go on a radio station.To answer questions about her fidelity. I am now wondering if that goat in the farm did drive him crazy.

  12. APUA was owed 96 million dollars by Jolly Beach. Waaaay more than Barrett put in. And they’re getting sweetheart deals with guaranteed money. Where’s APUA’s equity in all this? Then they wonder why APUA can’t fix anything or even have materials for basic jobs. All this is to enrich themselves and cronies.
    Wicked set a people!!!

  13. @H.E.Retic: Do you know who is the Minister under which APUA falls. Do you know the relationship that Minister has with Barrett. Did you really expect things to go over any other way. Yes,they are a wicked set a people!!

    • So, the previous owners from Jolly Beach who first crashed two banks together with the UPP and they are getting no blame from you UPP supporters. But now that the Government together with Mrt. Barrett steps in to save the day and allow people to get their severance. the same way this government stepped in and saved the depositors monies from a bank that was plundered by the UPP and their cronies. And no one lays the blame on those people who continue to live high and dry. No of them lost anything or went to jail.

  14. You gwan like you innocent, so me better ask me fren. Who ah lie, an who ah tell de truth? What? Only time will tell? What de hell! Well well. Every day bucket ah guh, one day he bottom ah guh left ah de well. Last time I heard somebody ask, ‘whey de money gorn?’ Like it went round de bend, cause it come back aghen. The Jolly Beach workers and dem best tek um and hush, I know some ah dem a goh blush, now dem get something to join in de Christmas rush. And guess what? A bird in the stush worth ten in de bush. I know some people bex, but what’s next? LIAT workers probably ah sweat, long time dem holding dem breath. Dem tiad fret, somebody say dem soon ah go get, then dem lips ah go wet, drinking beers from marnin till sun set. Seh wha? Pensioners upset? Did somebody forget, to put ah likkle something inah fuh dem pocket? Oh, tell dem have faith. E ah come, but lil late. At this rate, some arwe ah guh nyam from empty plate. No, not me, and maybe not you, but who foot fit, dem ah guh wear de shoe.

  15. Let us see how long it will take the Union to disburse these funds. And workers if Jolly Beach, please don’t be conned by the union. You paid your dues monthly while you were employed, therefore they should not take one red cent out of your pay. Please stand up for your rights.

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