Union Officials visit Jolly Beach Resort


Union Officials visit Jolly Beach Resort

Deputy General Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union, Chester Hughes, and President, Kem Riley, visited the Jolly Beach Resort on Wednesday, where extensive renovation work is underway ahead of the hotel’s planned reopening in December.

Members of the hotel’s new management team were also on-site.

Chief Strategy Officer, Gerard Lee, and Managing Director of Development, Brian D’Ornellas used the opportunity to engage in talks with the Union Officials.

Earlier this month, the Government announced that it had secured a management deal with hotelier, Rob Barrett, for the reopening of the Resort.


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  1. Is Royaltan staff unionized? All these none nationals that are being brought in do they have the necessary work permits? Do they come here first and then apply for them – which is wrong or do they apply before arriving into Antigua?
    Our government offer there investors hundreds of millions of dollars worth of duty and tax exemptions, with the understanding that our people will get first preference to Jobs. This is not the case, these investors do not hire Antiguans at top level jobs. In fact they go as low as bringing in middle management or just regular office workers. This leaves our children returning from university or finishing Secondary Schools or colleges little employment opportunities.
    The law is that these Jobs should be advertised in the papers and at the labour department.
    Secondly we do not need any office workers from anywhere. No maintenance managers, accounting staff, kitchen staff, assistant managers etc. not even from OECS. I am no way suggesting that I do not support free movement of Caribbean people. However,what is being done is that these companies are sending for workers, providing accommodation and meals for them and hire them ahead of our people. In return they are not sending Antiguans to their overseas resorts.
    Antiguans when qualified must get first preference ahead of anyone. We need to send that clear message to these investors and the managers of their businesses which are usually none nationals and disrespectful to our people.
    To our politicians just like you think you are capable of running this country and it’s affairs. Similarly our people are capable of undertaking any jobs. We boast of money spent on education, on scholarship. Well boast of jobs creation likewise. We have scores of young Antiguans returning with degrees and masters etc in hotel management, business management, accounting and Human Resource management and are working as cashiers and receptionist etc.

    • @Frankly Speaking…in your opinion, and please be Frank, what type of positions will young hundreds of Antiguans, Barbudans and other graduates from the UWIFI be holding in the not too distant future?
      What industries will be hiring these new graduates?
      Don’t get me wrong, a college/university degree will open many doors, but there has to be something to absorb these graduates. Will the private sector, besides tourism step to the plate and absorb some of these graduates or will entrepreneurship be a part of the solution?

  2. I want to know what about all the ex security officers of Jolly Beach vacation days because all now our vacation days does not verify and it isn’t no fault of the offers.

  3. Hey..I visited 3 years back and I’m from England…you must employ local people who have the knowledge and understanding of the industry and the country..this is what made the hotel when I visited….

    Keep the money in the local economy.

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