UNHCR, IOM conclude preliminary report in Antigua’s West African saga



The Cabinet held a discussion about the West Africans who have been present in Antigua since late December 2022.

The UNHCR and the IOM have concluded a preliminary report which is to be examined by the national agencies that are playing a part in the resettling exercise.

There was a report that the small fishing boat—which unlawfully departed Antigua with 32 passengers and overturned near St. Kitts—drifted into Puerto Rico’s waters with one body on board.

A group of about 15 West Africans who are now in Guadeloupe, are likely to be dealt with by those authorities.

The West Africans and two Antiguans who were rescued by the St. Kitts and Nevis Coast Guard ten days ago, remain in that country’s custody, it was reported.

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  1. Porkston Browne, Ugly Benjamin, Useless Rodney, they coming for all a you. Every last one a you involved with this latest and biggest scam. This is the one that going to bruk all ah you. You mash up Antigua name. You give way at least 10 passports for CIP investment to the scamming Nigerians behind Antigua Airways. But as I said the people wanted all of this and deserve all of this because they voted you all back in.

    FTX operating here without proper paperwork completed and she Porkston Browne, Minister of Finance and PM say she have no clue what going on? All that fall under her responsibilities. But she only interested in pursuing her creative enrichment schemes.

    What about Nigel Christian? No justice yet for him and his family. All dem corrupt officials at the top must be brought to justice. If they are allowed to be above the law, then all a we should also be above the law.

    Mehul Choksi was human trafficked under Porkston Browne’s watch too. Hold her accountable for this too. What is she getting paid for as PM? By the way, how is it on her salary, she have so much lands and assets under her name? Oh yes that right, her creative enrichment schemes she’s been working on.

    Their blood is on the hands of Porkston Browne and all the rest that were involved with the latest scam of bringing them here so they can move to America, Europe, Canada and wherever else. What did Porkston Browne get paid for that?

    Vote them in another five years. Keep on taking all them table scraps Porkston Browne flinging on the ground to you.

  2. The 15 West Africans that’s in Guadeloupe, were they on the boat that capsized — Are they the missing ones? Because, there was a rumour of a second boat that some were transferred to. If so, could it be that when the transference was happening is when the boat overturned?
    That would mean everything that we’ve heard so far is not the whole truth.

  3. Don’t be fooled fellow citizens of Antigua & Barbuda, this is all about resettlement and has absolutely nothing to do with launching any INDEPENDENT enquiry about how the Africans arrived here in the first place.

    The ABLP government now this is what Antiguans want to know, Gaston Browne also knows we want to know, and they are trying their hardest to sweep this trafficking and homeland security issues under the carpet.

    If the government get away with this investigation, we may as well rename Antigua & Barbuda to Gaston Browne Island 🏝 and be done with it!!!

  4. Cabinet briefing today….
    Nicky from ZDK was on fire, asking all the right questions of Mr. Hurst. Hurst doing what he does best, no real direct honest answer..just spin and insults.


    Mr. Hurst, if you are going to be the spokesman for these very important issues, you should no how to answer the simplest of questions placed before you. Why is it you avoid answering? Sure feels and looks like the government is hiding something.

    Do you really think the public is that stupid?
    She sure got under your skin today.

    Good job Nicky, keep up the excellent work. You stood your ground an asked the questions we all want answers to.

  5. I hope that once the UNHCR report is finalized and finished that members of the public and civil society would get an opportunity to view it in its entirety. 15 West Africans are in Guadeloupe and this is all adding to the drama involving them. These Camerooniams were all conned into coming to Antigua, a place that most of them had never heard of. Their aim is to get to the United States and after the disappointment of landing in Antigua, their aim though temporarily thwarted, would not be stopped. They will continue to be a nuisance to all the neighbouring islands as they make future attempts to leave Antigua and get to the US. There is no stopping them

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