Unfazed Pringle says the defacing of his campaign billboard indicates that his ALP challenger is behind in the race


Jamale Pringle, United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for All Saints East & St. Luke, says he is unfazed by the defacing of his billboard yesterday, December 22, reportedly by operatives of his Antigua Labour Party (ALP) opponent.

The billboard, which is located in Swetes Village, at the junction of the Wesleyan Holiness Church and the Buckleys Main Road, was erected only on Wednesday, and was the first of the UPP’s signboards to go up.

The vandals – alleged to have been young men in a white Toyota Rush jeep that bore the license plate R 50 – were seen stapling posters of the ALP candidate, Colin James, and of his party’s emblem.

Reportedly, they were run off by persons nearby who sounded the alarm.

Pringle tells REAL News he is undaunted by the act.

In fact, he says, he is encouraged.  “What this tells me,” he says, “is that they realize they are behind.

So they will do anything to try to stop my progress.”

But that will not happen, he says, as he is too busy doing what he needs to do to remain ahead.

Accordingly, he tells our Newsroom that his campaign manager and team will handle the investigation and reports of the vandalism.

“What I don’t want to happen is any type of retaliation,” Pringle says.  “I’m not interested in getting into a billboard war.

I am interested in reaching the people through the issues.  And the people of All Saints East & St. Luke will know what to do when the day comes,” he says.

In two earlier instances, billboards belonging to the ALP and to UPP Candidate Alister Thomas were defaced by the same paint-like substance in City East and City West, respectively.

Residents speculated that both acts were perpetrated by the same person(s), with some saying it would be “just like the ALP” to ruin its own poster simply to gain public sympathy.

Meanwhile, UPP Mobilization Officer George Wehner is appealing to “the decent elements within the ALP” to call a halt to this type of behaviour, which he says is “beneath the UPP.”

He says it is ironic that a Labour Party poster “that tells the people they are safer” would be used to perpetrate what amounts to “a criminal activity.”

Further, Wehner says, it is quite telling that, in order to achieve visibility and get attention, the ALP operatives have had to affix their candidate’s poster to Pringle’s billboard.

SOURCE: Real News

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  1. These are #UPPNEARGA operatives doing these things. They are trying to use reverse psychology. It is their own doing this.

    • @ Just Saying

      I expected you to say that though the public said they ‘saw the vandals – alleged to have been young men in a white Toyota Rush jeep that bore the license plate R 50 – were seen stapling posters of the ALP candidate, Colin James, and of his party’s emblem’.

      you red ants are something else

    • @Just Saying. That’s from pg 5 of the UPP Lovell Limpy Joe King Lyadd IMF Pimp handbook.

      He got Joanne Massiah EXPELLED from the party and then turn around and “play victim” feigning sympathy!!

        • I’m betting you have a few names you go by here.
          I’m sure you’re going to stop commenting here with all the different names from the 18th January.
          Harold done gone by 7:45pm then the rest will follow.

    • We are quite lucky to not have the threat of fire like we had at Boobie Alley previously. Its been
      said that whenever the labour party can’t have its way, it resorts to criminal activities and arson is one of such; hence, Alexander Moody-Stuart referred to Old Bird as ‘Volcan’, God of Fire. You are quite aware of that.

  2. No worry yourself Honourable Harold Lovell and the UPP, there will be continuous underhand behaviour like this right up to the General Election by the ABLP.

    We must all understand that it WILL get worse!

    Gaston Browne knows now that the writing is on the wall for a substantial DEFEAT on the 18th of January 2023; and he’ll support this negative behaviour.

    This current behaviour is mild compared to what’s going to happen when Gassy has to leave office.

    Here’s a prediction my fellow Antiguan citizens:


    Remember Prime Minister Antiguans don’t like ugly and nasty behaviour!

    GET OUT NOW!!!

      • You use the wrong name here… can’t use the same name to speak fondly of yourself…. I’ve always suspected that you were using a few different names – trying to make it look like upp has numbers in support here… multiple names, one writer, one elector.

  3. CA-CA-CAPA-SEE-TAH and MASKses finally ketch he self?? He wake up from his SLUMBER at the “diaspora meeting” and suddenly reappear like Houdini??


    Not a single person from that constituency he appointed as Senator!!!!!

    Not a single person from that constituency he appointed as his PAID Research Officer!!!!!

    Instead he gave it to the 🐖 🐷 🐽 💄

    • The badminded backstabbing rasta teacher that love to sit on the corner and bad talk his fellow villagers is working for his senator position and will also ensure his best friend the fete promoter gets a senator role too. Pringle doesn’t really care about anyone in his constituency especially those in Roman Hill and Swetes this is just a hustle for him.

  4. Whoever did this needs to be shunned/ punished. What I know about Colin is he would never go that level. Not sure with Pringle’s face on a poster, how you could more deface it. Looking forward to Jan 19, and finally seeing ABLP win that constituency. All Saints East & St. Luke, next level with Colin James

    • Mr Hughes, Singing for your supper. Sir?
      I understand your need to protect those hefty paychecks.
      Remember: My passport is not for sale.
      Teargas and rubber bullet them. I will order some water cannons forthwith.
      Jan 18th is redemption day.
      Do you love Antigua and Barbuda, or you are in love with ABLP

    • TENMAN Colin would never go that level (low) but you have gone even lower. By the way, what is the Next Level the ALP talks about? My question to you is next level from what? The ALP is the incumbent so tell them to talk about their achievements in eight years before fantasizing about the future.

  5. @ just saying and Tessa Bartley have to be the most dunce illiterate people who does not belong in the ranks of any intellectual discussions. Please turn yourselves into clareview asap…. the nonsense u guys talk about makes no sense and you are laughable at this stage. Clearly looking attention.

  6. Lovell is a better leader than I am I am

    I only want to decieve the citizens to enrich myself.

    If it wasn’t for the policies of the next prime ministers Harold Lovel . We would never be able to collect over 8 billion dollars from the CIP we march against. We are a bunch of hypocrites!

    I have many alias on this forum
    From the bottom line aka from the sideline, tenman or dunceman. Sometimes I pay people to comment to try and confuse the people.

    We condemn Lovel and said he is old but our members are very old

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