Underwood makes good in Barbados, winning election to head Human Resource Management Association, there


Antiguan-born Joan Underwood has received another accolade in her career having been elected to head the Human Resource Management Association of Barbados Inc.

Underwood, a former non-resident ambassador to a number of Latin American countries, says that it has been humbling and gratifying to have received the nod of approval from her peers in the HR profession to serve as president of the Association.

She says her elevation is testimony β€œto the importance, the value and the rewards associated with just doing the hard work, being professional (and) ensuring that you are on the top of your game…”

Underwood says she is looking forward to the challenges that come with holding the position as she strives to further develop the organization.

The HR professional says that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic the profession has been placed in the headlines with regards to the role that HR professionals have to play in supporting people within organizations.

Underwood says that HR consultants have been able to help organizations- both within the public and private sectors- to navigate these unpredictable, complex, ambiguous and uncertain times associated with the pandemic and other external shocks.

She is hoping that the organization will be able to build networks as it seeks to advance the cause of people within varying organizations.

Underwood is a senior management consultant and policy advisor with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. – REAL NEWS

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  1. Where is the REPORT for the so-called “Human Resource AUDIT” that the Barbuda Council paid her to do??

  2. Joanne ran away from “representing” the people at the 11th hour. She confidently vowed to beat Max Fernandez and then BAILED on the people because she claimed she got a job opportunity.

    What a 🀑 🀑 🀑 bunch a jokers!!!!!

    Did she list her track record at the UPP COLLAPSED ABIB on her resume?????

    Joan is no patriot!!! She’s a 🀑

    BARBUDA COUNCIL AUDIT REPORT stolen or disappeared?

  3. Very well done,Joan Underwood. Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the sky.Good luck in your new position.Do not listen to those who would want to keep you down,like pea brain SMH.

  4. She doesn’t impress me. She wanted the All Saints West seat, so she and her Powa sisters tried hard to run Lamming out of town. See why Lamming hate them so. Then she promise Harry she would deliver Rural North for him. Then she just take she foot in she hand and leave him for a Bajan man and a job. I know if UUP wins the election, she will be one of the first ones to get a big job. Even get one for the Bajan husband too. Some people just fortunate bad.

  5. Did she bang water to get that Job in Barbados?
    I thought is only in Antigua people bang water
    Congratulations keep it up

  6. Congratulations madam. Mr. GastΓ³n Browne this is a great Antiguan woman that we need here in a leadership role. Our people should not have to jump political ships to serve our country regardless which political party is in power. We need an assessment/ audit of the civil service work force. As we look to increase minimum wage we need it to be done properly. We have the jolly beach workers suffering. We have Hoteliers treating our people poorly. She can help us to guide that take over of our tourism industry – I mean with a local machinery in place to propel our people in managerial positions. Just like a little boy from Sea View farm can be the director of tourism, just like a little boy from point can lead this country. Same thing should be right now at the customs , at Sandals, Royaltan, Jumby Bay etc. just like the Antiguan lady that head the CIP , our people can manage our hotels. Time to stop expats talking down to our people because they are the maids, dish washers , maintenance workers, gardeners, taxi drivers( All important) but we need to be the GM , maintenance managers , financial controllers , food and beverage directors and Comptroller of customs.

  7. Oh yes congrats..Antiguan Born…yeah shower the praises… but let one foreigner get a position in Antigua all hell break loose by Antigua..oh hear whatthey would say dem cudden find somebody local fuh do um. Yeap badminded mentality abounds in Antigua.

  8. Decided to do some research on this organization. Their Facebook page has not been updated in a year. Their website is dated, Their former prez (if this ANR article is correct re the elections) made clear:

    “Among the issues that Braithwaite has been personally involved in bringing to her country’s attention is discrimination…We are talking about things like lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) rights, sexual orientation, or race. This is a topic in the Caribbean that we have not been proactive about, there aren’t many discriminatory laws in Caribbean countries,” she said.

    According to Braithwaite, HRMAB has been dedicated to engaging decision-makers to facilitate policies being created that address discrimination.

    There is no recent mention of this group in any of the Barbados papers. Hopefully Miss Underwood (aka Patriot) will have more stickability and success, unlike she managed with the UPP, in making this Barbadian org relevant.

  9. In the future, could this lady be our Prime Minister of Antigua?

    She seems like a very hard working professional.

    A Mia Mottley in the making? I hope so …

    • A “professional” that can’t tell us where is the DELIVERABLE ie the ACTUAL REPORT from her “audit”??? πŸ€”

      Your standards are low like the unemployment rate 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

      Barbuda Council where is the final REPORT???

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