Understanding the Gambling Laws And Licensing In Antigua and Barbuda


Antigua and Barbuda is a twin-island nation located in the West Indies, between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. A former British colony, it has since gained independence in 1981 and built an economy based primarily on tourism and online gambling or eGambling. In 1994, it was one of the first countries to offer online casino licenses. Since then, Antigua and Barbuda have become one of the leading nations for online gambling. This blog post will dive into the intricacies behind gambling laws and licensing in Antigua and Barbuda – allowing readers to gain a deeper understanding of how these regulations impact digital gaming activities.

Most Important Gambling Laws in Effect

In 1981, Antigua and Barbuda gained its independence from British rule and quickly became a hotspot for online banking through the International Business Corporations Act (IBCA). This prompted the nation to issue online casino licenses starting in 1994 and several laws were established over the course of the years in order to regulate online gaming properly. These pieces of legislation include :

The Money Laundering Prevention Act (MLPA)

The MLPA of 1996 was adopted by Antigua and Barbuda as a measure to increase oversight of online interactive gaming and wagering licensees. As a result, online casinos must create plans for preventing money laundering that address key questions such as how player identities will be verified, withdrawn and deposited money monitored, and what procedures will be employed regarding the ‘Know Your Customer’ requirements. Licensees must put systems in place to proactively combat any attempts at money laundering or face heavy fines or major license repercussions.

Prevention of Terrorism Act, 2005

The online casino industry in Antigua and Barbuda is subject to the Prevention of Terrorism Act, passed in 2005. This has resulted in licensees being required to ensure that their employees have the appropriate training to prevent funding of any potential terrorist activity. The FSRC (Financial Services Regulatory Commission) conducts regular audits on online casinos operating in Antigua and Barbuda, verifying the implementation of these anti-terrorism measures as part of their procedures.

Interactive Gaming and Interactive Wagering Regulations (IGIWR)

The IGIWR regulates online casinos and other Interactive Gaming and Interactive Wagering licensees within Antigua and Barbuda. These regulations are implemented by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) to ensure that online gambling is conducted in an ethical environment with responsible gaming practices, protecting players and licensees alike. In addition, online casinos must also abide by international best practices mandated by the IGIWR, making sure that Antigua and Barbuda remains a highly sought-after online casino licensing destination.

Agreement With Kahnawake Gaming Commission

This historic agreement between the FSRC of Antigua and Barbuda and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in 2010 has provided more benefits than initially anticipated. For online casinos, licensees can opt to receive their license from either jurisdiction, allowing them to operate online in both areas. The combination of both legal frameworks makes the online gambling industry stronger, more flexible, and safer for both parties involved. Additionally, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission can also capitalize on Antigua and Barbuda’s UK whitelist status, thus making online casino gaming for its citizens even easier and more accessible.

The Gambling Act, 2016

The Gambling Act, 2016 established the Gambling Authority of Antigua and Barbuda as the governing body for all online gaming in Antiguan and Barbudan market. To ensure compliance with the International Gaming and Interstate Wire Act, illegal online gambling was outlawed by this new regulatory framework. The regulation also created a more secure online gambling environment, including online casinos, with both operators and players required to register their credentials. Furthermore, the Gambling Authority ensures online operators follow established policies for online transactions, such as proper risk management protocols, specific taxes on online betting profits, detailed rules about online advertising practices, and compliance with other internationally mandated standards for online gaming.



Advantages of Operating an Online Casino With An Antigua And Barbuda License

Antigua and Barbuda’s Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FRSC) has taken many steps to ensure players feel at ease when using sites that display the FRSC seal of approval. These steps includes:


  • All licensees must have enough reserves in order to pay out their customers’ winnings and return any deposits they have made. FSRC also requires licensees to keep records of all deposits made and financial transactions on the sites for at least five years.


  • All Interactive Gaming and Interactive Wagering licensees must undergo regular audits conducted by 3rd-party auditors. This includes providing auditors access to their gaming software and complete records of player deposits and winnings.


  • Players using online gambling sites licensed by Antigua and Barbuda have another advantage: the FSCR is committed to safeguarding online casinos. With the aim of maintaining Antigua and Barbuda’s status as a global online gambling leader, the FSCR continues matching its regulations with current online gaming trends. When online casinos were first introduced, there was a greater chance of fraudulence; however, through increased regulatory schemes, the FSCR has grown the Antigua and Barbuda seal into a trusted indicator of online casino reliability.

Advantages To Providers With An Antigua And Barbuda License

The FSCR (Financial Services Regulatory Commission) of Antigua and Barbuda is striving to make the island nation a top choice for online casino providers too. As it stands, the government has led an array of online gaming initiatives to create an incredibly enticing environment.


  • Securing a license in Antigua and Barbuda is a much less laborious process than trying to get one in many other countries. This is quickly apparent when looking at the table provided of the application fees, which are relatively low: providers only need to pay $15,000 in a deposit; followed by either $75,000 or $100,000 for an Interactive Wagering License or Interactive Gaming License respectively. What’s more is that licensees must also keep reserves of at least $100,000 and – as committed to by the FSCR – this entire process can be completed within 60 days of receiving all necessary payment and forms. These attractive conditions make the Caribbean territory ideal for businesses seeking an efficient and cost-effective license renewal situation.
  • Taking advantage of an Antigua and Barbuda license comes with multiple advantages for providers, especially when it comes to infrastructure. To meet the requirements set by the Interactive Gaming and Individual Wagering Regulations (IGIWR), the licensee must be incorporated on the islands and their primary server processing transactions must stay here as well. For this reason, any provider taking advantage of a license from Antigua and Barbuda benefits from first-rate private servers, cloud storage, and telecoms equipment which all support world-class infrastructure. This hassle-free setup provides a reliable base for many operators, allowing them to depend on strong connections with high data speed in a way that simply wouldn’t be possible elsewhere.
  • Antigua and Barbuda is an attractive destination for potential license holders, thanks to its progressive tax laws. All license holders that qualify can enjoy a host of tax exemptions, including 0% corporate income tax. They will also be exempt from any Value Added Tax (VAT), sales tax, or other gaming duties on gambling operations. This makes running a business in the country a great opportunity since there are fewer financial constraints.
  • Antigua and Barbuda’s attractive tax system for online gambling licensees is an attractive quality for operators, but its political stability is an even bigger draw. With a steady government and legislation that favors online gambling, entities interested in moving to the island nation can rest assured knowing that the environment will remain open-minded and accommodating as time goes on.
  • Placement on the UK whitelist is an advantageous opportunity for providers with a license from Antigua and Barbuda, as it allows them to advertise their services on UK soil and access a more expansive consumer base; this results in more people being exposed to the offerings of these licensees. An important point to note is that citizens of Antigua and Barbuda are not allowed to participate in online gambling, so it stands to reason that the wider a licensee can advertise, the better it is for their business goals. The advantage of having placement on the UK whitelist enables licensees from Antigua and Barbuda to market further and create demand for their products.


In conclusion, anyone who wants a deeper understanding of gambling laws and licensing in Antigua and Barbuda can get this valuable information from this blog post. Providing adequate understanding of the most important gambling laws, advantages of operating an online casino with the Antiguan And Barbudan license, as well as advantages to providers, this blog post has been comprehensive in discussing the essential aspects that come into play with gambling regulations in this jurisdiction. Along with other choices available for players and providers which choose to operate internationally within the range of gaming regulations provided by countries such as Canada or Curacao, Antigua can be a profitable off-shore site for gaming operators that require a more “player focused” approach from providers operations. It may be suitable for those looking for ways to ensure their online gaming operations comply with international online gambling laws and regulations in order to benefit from unique opportunities in certain markets. To blog readers, our advice is to always research the local gambling laws when operating an online casino. To make this process easier, there are reliable review websites, click here to know more, in which you can get great insights about trustworthy online casinos depending on your region. This way, it becomes easier to decide which casino suits you best and has legal gambling licenses. Moreover, these websites also give detailed information regarding customer service, variety of games being offered, payment methods and more; they are always up-to-date regarding any new developments in the online casino world. It is very important to choose a secure online casino that follows all of the necessary laws and regulations; otherwise, there is a risk of losing money or getting scammed.Doing so will save people time and money while allowing them to make educated decisions on what type of licensed gambling activity is right for them. Online gamblers must be aware of local jurisdictions when making decisions related to legal gambling activities – whether they are playing an actual physical game or opting for an international licensee like licensed casinos in Antigua and Barbuda.

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