Under Pressure From Customers, Banks Add One More Day But Only For Essential Workers

Customers outside ECAB on April 9, 2020

As pressure mounts on local commercial banks to open more days in the week the Bankers Association announced tonight that banks will now be open on Thursdays.

But only “core essential workers” will be served on that day, the association said in a news release tonight.

This means banks will now open three days a week instead of two; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m to 12 noon.

The banks have come under pressure over their decision to open for a limited number of hours a few days a week.

Many people line up for hours outside local banks and are still unable to transact their business.

Prime minister Gaston Browne says the banks are resisting appeals to open more often in the week.

Banks restricted their opening hours in light of the COVID-19 pandemic which forced a 24 hour curfew in Antigua and Barbuda going on two weeks now.

The addition of one more day may be welcome but is expected to bring little relief to hundreds if not thousands of customers who cannot access banking services in the country.

One customer said, “Are these banks aware that they are the supposed safe keepers of our money? Do they realize that they are many people in dire straits who need to access their funds in the bank to provide for staples, and other necessities? No jobs, no salary, and damn! We are still being held ransom for our own money. This bunkum must stop!”

Another customer said, “A&B is primarily a cash-based society. With the banks opening a few hours, 2 days per week, how are people to access their funds? In the case of RBC (RBTT) there is 1 ATM at Heritage Quay and the machine is not working most of the time. I am anxiously awaiting my next monthly statement to see if they have the nerves to deduct the monthly service charge for not providing a service and denying me access to my money.”

“Start putting the money under the bed,” another added.

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  1. Question if I have $20000.00 on any of the banks in Antigua and Barbuda and I walked into the bank asked for all my monies after they take there fees
    How long do they have to give me my money?
    Trying to help. Stop letting the establishment that your monies is funding give you shit. Look at how ACB is treating the people of Barbuda, apart of me wants to feel sorry for them but the community is to small over there for them not to remove there monies and get another bank to set up.

      • What do you do with your cash when you have it?
        If your asking where I would keep it that’s not your business. You may want to steal it, and for ONDCP purposes save the withdrawal form.

  2. What the banks arent telling you is that there are people who literally go inside the bank to withdraw $50, sometimes even less. It is these people that clog up the lines and waste time. Many people still refuse to do withdrawals or deposits at the ATM. Im no defender of the banking system, but plenty people go inside the bank for nonsensical transactions.

    • If the ATM charges a fee when you use it, why not go to the teller instead?? A neargah blarsstidd money so dem can do wah dem want wid fu dem money. A bank AIN’T SHIT without de cusstammaz. Dem libba need fu remember dat.

      • Well my dear, continue to stand in the long lines next to 100’s of people who you don’t know…who may very well have covid-19. And remember to smile and not complain while you do so.

  3. How long is it gonna take to withdraw $100?…the tellers in the banks can go faster but refuse to by order of management becsuse they want ppl to go online& use ATM that hardly work.

  4. Banks should be open daily. they should have a deposit only line and a payments only line, a commercial account line and a withdrawal line.

  5. There is a particular money transfer company on island that when people go to retrieve monies sent to them they are told the company doesn’t have enough monies to give and them they give the receiver a company cheque to cash the rest and then charge them a fee for cashing the cheque. Now if they do not have enough money to disburse the funds in the first place where do they get the monies to pay their cashed cheque? Authorities need to investigate!

    • two separate company’s. Business operating on behalf of. I was wondering if persons can only receive money where they getting all that from. #hidesface strategic business move

  6. Are you aware that if you have cash in your possession and you can’t give an exact paper trail that it can be confiscated and you can be charged with money laundering?
    When you dig the hole in your backyard, put in the receipts too. Make copies as most receipts are on thermal paper as these fade in about a week.
    Your choice.

  7. The banks need to open more days a week and have specific days for senior citizens, Essential workers and pregnant women. This would help to eliminate the long lines, these banks also need to practice good customer service and their tellers need to work faster….even before the covid-19 pandemic they acted like if they love to see long lines of people in the bank.

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