Unchecked Police Killings – Compounding Factors Non-completion of Coroner’s Inquisitions




While public administrators speak to ‘Economic Prosperity,’ as far as the safety and security of the citizenry are concerned, these appear to be in serious jeopardy. On the one hand, is the criminal element. On the other, is a small minority of law enforcement officers that have shown scant respect for the ‘Sanctity of Life.’ Then seemingly attributing and ‘Compounding’ this problem, has been the ‘Non-Completion of Coroner’s Inquisitions.’


These ‘Inquisitions’ are expected to act as ‘Checks and Balances’ to protect and preserve the ‘Sanctity of Life’ of the citizen.’ More particularly, when seeming untrained heavily armed law enforcers, smarting under pretext of performing duty, seeks to snuff out the life of both the ‘Sane and Insane.’ Consequent upon research, that which was reported to be ‘Rare in the United Kingdon,’ appears to have fast becoming commonplace in this comparatively peaceful nation. While some protestations were said to be currently underway in the ‘United Kingdom,’ over the use of ‘Deadly Weapon and Deadly Force,’ lessons might still be learned from the ‘London Metropolitan Police.’


Instructively, it was revealed that; (i) ‘Police Killings’ in the United Kingdom is rare; (ii) Only about ‘1 in 10 Police officers’ carry Service-issued Firearms in the performance of specially assigned duties’ [ABC News: September 24, 2023]. The said news portal reported that a shooting showed that a ‘Police Marksman’ allegedly shot through the windscreen of an ‘Audi Car.’ Instantaneously, a ‘black motorist, Chris Kaba 24’ was fatally wounded [September 2022]. Subsequently, prosecuting authorities reportedly slapped a ‘Murder’ charge against the ‘unidentified officer.’ The ‘Cold-blooded Murderer’ was said to have been granted bail [ABC: September 24, 2023]. Seemingly fearing racial repercussion, his identity has been deliberately withheld.


British prosecutorial action, shall have given Police authorities very good reasons not only to have addressed citizen’s concerns, but also to arrest the ‘Commonplace’ situation that, in recent time, has manifested itself within the ‘Police Service.’ Invariably, the victims of ‘Police Shootings and Extra-Judicial Killing,’ have been unleashed upon the impoverished citizens. In this jurisdiction, the recent demise of several male victims, ‘Sane and Insane,’ speaks to ‘Commonplace Police’ shooting spree. Likened to the citizen that have experienced ‘Sorrowful Lamentation,’ law enforcers shall also know that with the senseless killing of the unarmed and innocent, they too, shall experience ‘Grievous Lamentation.’


As it affects the fundamental rights, freedoms and liberties of the individual, there are some courses of action by some law enforcers, that speak to; ‘Blatancy; Incivility; Idiocy; Insensitivity; and Stupidity.’ This commentary not only speaks to these, but also the call for; (a) ‘Accountability; and (b) Criminal Justice.’ These are particularly so, as it affects the ‘Sanctity of Life.’ It speaks specifically to; (i) ‘The innocently gunned down citizens by a very small, but apparent ‘trigger-happy criminals,’ dressed in ‘Police Black Squad’ and ‘Camouflage Military uniforms; (ii) Provisions contained in the ‘Coroners Act; and (iii) A clearly disturbing and non-functional part of the ‘Magistracy,’ called the ‘Coroner’s Court.’


In this jurisdiction, very few ‘Police Killings’ have been given as much media coverage as that of ‘Bendals’ resident ‘Mannie James.’ Among the advocates for ‘Accountability and Justice,’ has been the very vocal attorney-at-law, ‘Leon ‘Chaku’ Symister.’ As family and loved ones continue to mourn and grieve over the tragic loss of ‘Mannie Anicia James,’ community members continue to grapple with the deafening silence, compounded by the ‘non-commencement of a ‘Coroner’s Inquisition.’ Such ‘Inquisition’ is necessary to ascertain the ‘Circumstances’ touching his apparent ‘Extra-Judicial Killing’ by members of the ‘Joint Task Force,’ reportedly established to fight crime. Likened to family, loved ones and friends; members of the ‘Bendals’ community; and by extension, general public, appear to be no closer to seeing an early closure to this ‘Painful Tragedy.’


The commentary shall commence with the functions of the ‘Coroner.’ This was viewed from a purely professional perspective. Without a shadow of doubt, the non-holding/completion of ‘Coroner’s Inquisitions’ has been seen as the ‘Compounding Factor’ for continued ‘Police Shootings and Extra-Judicial Killings.’ This has been is the ‘Court of Accountability.’ It was specifically and statutorily established to, inter alia; (a) ‘To hold timely ‘Coroner’s Inquisitions; and (b) Make findings and determinations as to whether a death was; (i) ‘Misadventure; or (ii) Police killing’ was; (a) ‘Justifiable; or (b) Murder; or (c) Manslaughter.’


Nowhere across the universe has there been ‘Societal Tolerance’ for ‘Police Excesses.’ Such has been feared equally as much as it has been abhorred and denounced. Those advocating ‘Accountability,’ appear to have been left to ‘Harbor Illusions.’ This has been so, since no known actions have been taken to reign in personnel that appear to have been overly aggressive, mercilessly brutal and fatally carnage. These, undoubtedly, have given the appearance of a developed, and overlooked sub-culture, relished only by a small minority of rogue and trigger-happy ‘Police officers.’


Given this outline, it was considered prudent to commence this commentary with; (a) ‘The gunning down of Mannie James; and (b) The purpose for the ‘Coroner’s Act;’ and (c) The role and functions statutorily specified therein, and duties imposed upon ‘Coroners’ [Chapter 105]. Though no ‘Coroner’ was known to have been ‘Pussy-Footing’ around,’ or continues to ‘Pussy-Foot’ with holding and completing ‘Coroner’s Inquests,’ the time has come for ‘Coroner’s Courts’ to be fully functional.


There are certain fundamentals that some ‘Coroners’ appear not to know, thereby running the risk of being deemed ‘reckless not to know.’ Even so, no one may dictate when and how ‘Coroners’ shall hold ‘Coroner’s Inquests.’ Still, nothing shall prevent an observer from suggesting that the time has also come for ‘Coroners’ to assert their authority in call upon the Police authority to; (a) ‘Complete their investigations; and (b) With expedition, submit ‘Inquest Files.’ Clearly, this is one way of eliminating ‘Police Pussy-Footing.’


For the benefit of public knowledge, the ‘Coroners Act’ provides for imparting even to understanding of educators and student bodies of all ‘Secondary Schools’ within the nation of Antigua and Barbuda. As ‘Civic, Legal and Inquisitional Duties’ dictate, that which shall be imparted to students and known by ‘Coroners,’ unambiguously states; ‘Magistrates shall be Coroners for their respective ‘Magisterial Districts, and as such, each may act for, or assist each other in the performance of their duties’ [Coroner’s Act: Section 3: Chapter 105].


It shall be pointed out that while general populace has been subjected to obedience to the law, ‘Coroners’ under the ‘Coroner’s Act,’ have also been placed under ‘Statutory Duty’ to discharge their statutory duties as the ‘Act’ dictates. Fundamental to the holding of ‘Coroner’s Inquisition,’ is the statutory duty imposed upon every ‘Coroner.’ Speaking to such commencement, is pre-viewing the body of a deceased, either by a ‘Coroner’ alone or with a 5-member Jury. Though they need no unsolicited advice, for reasons of ‘Transparency and Accountability,’ a ‘Coroner’ shall be prudently guided to do so only with a formally summoned ‘Coroner’s Jury.’


To those that may not have properly positioned themselves to know, the ‘Act’ unambiguously states; ‘Viewing includes the making of any necessary external examination’ of the body of the deceased person that met ‘an Unnatural Death.’ With no intention of insulting the intelligence of ‘Coroners,’ that which they shall know is the difference between: (a) ‘Natural: and (b) ‘Unnatural Death.’ These have been clearly defined and stipulated in the said ‘Coroner’s Act.’ [CA: Section 2: Chapter 105: Laws of Antigua and Barbuda].


These include death which occurs in; (i) ‘A Sudden: (ii) Violent; or (iii) Unnatural manner; or (iv) Where a body is found; or (v) As to which any reasonable suspicion exists that the same has not arisen from ‘Natural Causes;’ or (vi) As to which any reasonable suspicion exists that any person is criminally responsible for such death’ [CA: Section 2]. Parliament had long anticipated that: (a) ‘Some deaths would be sudden and natural; while (b) Some killings, be it committed by the citizenry or law enforcement, will also be tragically sudden. These are the ‘Killings’ that bereaved families have been constantly calling for ‘Accountability and Justice.’


These have been the ones general public have always taken great interest in knowing who shall be held liable. Moreover, that such liability shall subject the guilty to ‘Severe Penal Consequences.’ Given their ‘Statutory Responsibilities,’ there shall be no reason why ‘Coroners’ could not avail themselves adequate time to address matters of grave public concern. That which ‘Coroners’ shall know, is that ‘Fatal Police Shootings’ demand that they, as well as the ‘Coroner’s Courts’ shall never be perceived by the citizenry as ‘Moribund,’ nor the institution be seen as mere symbolism.


Not only has research shown, but professional knowledge of the ‘Coroner’s Act,’ clearly showed that ‘Parliament’ had long anticipated that some persons functioning in the capacity of ‘Coroners,’ may become as crooked as a cork screw.’ In ensuring that no ‘Coroner’ run afoul of the law, Parliamentarians inserted a preventive Section that states; ‘A Coroner who is guilty of extortion or corruption; or of willful neglect of his/her duty or of misbehavior in the discharge of his/her duty shall be guilty of a ‘Misdemeanor’ and shall be guilty of a fine not exceeding EC$5, 000’ [CA: Section 4].


Such penalty speaks to the seriousness that ‘Coroners’ shall take in discharging their ‘Inquisitional Duties.’ The same ‘Parliamentarians’ also anticipated that barring incompetence, some ‘Coroners’ may not wish to subject themselves to the rigors of ‘Holding Coroner’s Inquisitions.’ The ‘Coroner’s Act’ not only imposes a duty upon them so to do, but also empowered the ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP),’ to require ‘Coroners’ to ‘Hold Inquests.’ Those that may not have sufficiently familiarize themselves with the ‘Act’ and their ‘Statutory Duties,’ shall not only know the seriousness of the role and functions of a Coroner, but also its importance to ‘Public Justice.


Every ‘Coroner’ shall know that; ‘The Director of Public Prosecutions’ may require ‘ANY’ Coroner to hold an Inquest into the cause of, and circumstances connected with the death of ‘ANY’ person, and may require ‘ANY’ Coroner, although an Inquest with respect to the same death may have been; (a) Already commenced; or (b) Held; or (c) Returned,’ and every ‘Coroner’ so required, shall have full power to, and shall hold such inquest’ [CA: Section 43]. There is even more in the ‘Coroner’s Act’ than appears to be known by some people acting in such capacity and general public.


That which follows shall indicate the ‘Mischief Aimed by Parliament.’ In their collective ‘Vision and Wisdom,’ Parliamentarians have further inserted this ‘Compulsory Section.’ It states; ‘Where a ‘Coroner;’ (a) ‘Refuses or neglects to hold an Inquest; or further investigation as required; or (b) If the Director of Public Prosecutions is satisfied that a ‘Coroner’ has held an Inquest and that by reasons of; (i) ‘Fraud; (ii) Rejection of evidence; or (iii) Irregularity of proceedings; or (iv) Insufficiency of inquiry; or otherwise, it is necessary or desirable in the ‘Interest of Justice’ that another ‘Inquest’ shall be held, he shall initiate appropriate actions against an offending ‘Coroner’ [CA: Section 45].


A ‘Procedural Authority’ that resides in the ‘DPP’ allows for the office holder to resort to the ‘Supreme Court’ for an order to be made for the errant ‘Coroner.’ Such commands an offending ‘Coroner’ to hold an Inquest touching the said death. A ‘Coroner’ feigning ignorance; or playing stupid or lazy, shall apprise him/herself of just what ‘Perilous Judicial Consequences,’ loom above the head of ‘Coroners.’ The ‘Act States; ‘If the Supreme Court’ thinks it just, order the said ‘Coroner’ to pay such costs of, and incidental to the application as it may seem just, even where an Inquest has already been held, and may quash the inquisition on that that Inquest’ [Coroner’s Act: Section 45 (1): Chapter105].


Even after that period of the ‘Corona Virus-19 Tribulations,’ Police and Joint Task Force Shootings and Extra-Judicial Killings’ continue. In many jurisdictions, as it has been in this nation, there have been daily cries, either on the streets or on social and mainstream media.  Many people, out of desperation, have called and continue to call either for; (a) ‘Social Justice; (b) Economic Justice; or (c) Criminal Justice.’ As it affects the law-abiding and unarmed citizens, they have seen; (a) ‘Little abatement; (b) No allaying of fears; (c) No disclosure of investigative findings, if at any: (d) No accountability; nor (e) Anyone being made amenable to law.’


On the night when tragedy struck, the only killed by ‘Spleen and abdomen-piercing Police bullets, only those on the street in the immediate vicinity will have seen where the apparent lifeless body of ‘Mannie Anicia James 43,’ immovably fell. They knew or reasonably suspected that whatever else the sound meant, the life of a citizen had been snuffed out. Given the legal interpretations of; (a) Natural; and (b) Unnatural Death,’ none may say that his body was; (a) ‘Found: or that (b) He died of ‘Natural Causes?’ When ‘Gunshots’ reportedly rang out in the ‘Grays/Green’ community, not only they had pierced the stillness of the night, but also his ’Spleen and Abdomen’ [July 31, 2023].


Seemingly handicapping the out of physical-running shape of two male persons in ‘Hot Pursuit,’ the deceased ran for dear life. The pursuit was all over, when he, in full view of members of the ‘Grays/Green’ community, was mercilessly gunned down. Then likened to a ‘Barbudan Fallow Deer,’ his apparent lifeless body was to be seen being dragged along the street to a reported ‘Joint Task Force (JTF)’ vehicle. Those so cruelly and insensitively involved were identified as; (i) ‘A member of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPAB); and (ii) A member of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force (ABDF).’


Clearly ‘Deprived of Life,’ his lifeless body was to be seen being dragged along the street by two members of the ‘Joint Task Force (JTF) of ‘Police and Military’ personnel, and said to have been in hot pursuit [STRATCOM: July 31, 2023]. This spectacle suggested the inevitable.’ There were several possibilities; (a) ‘Tragic and sorrowful end of his life; (b) Families left to mourn and grieve; and (c) Engulfing sadness of an unexpected preparation of a funeral by either the ‘Funeral Home’ of; (i) ‘Barnes; or (ii) Straffie’s; (d) Then to one of the ‘Lord’s Holy Sanctuaries;’ and (e) Thence, to one of the nation’s over-populated cemeteries.’


Then as the populace anxiously awaits the findings and outcome of; (a) ‘The Pathologist’s Anatomical Examination Report’ appears to have provoked mistrust in the citizenry; while (b) The formal investigation into the incident as ‘STRATCOM’ has indicated, has yet to be completed [ABS Tv/Radion: August 3, 2023]. The acronym represents the Police medium ‘Strategic Communications,’ the medium infrequently used to communicate information necessary to dispel public doubts or disquiet. Given public dissatisfaction, ‘STRATCOM,’ has been likened to a well-shaken bottle of ‘Wadadli Beer,’ that has always been seen as reflective of more ‘Froth than ‘Beer.’


When he recreated and shaped the new ‘British Police,’ then ‘Prime Minister, Sir Robert Peel, will have left a legacy of ‘Nine Policing Principles’ [February 5, 1788 – July 2, 1850]. These have not been widely recognized, but also practiced in numerous jurisdictions within the ‘Commonwealth. The ‘Principles’ speak, inter alia to the use of ‘Physical Force.’ Such may be used as a last resort. Even so, he advised that ‘To use only minimum degree of physical force which is necessary on any particular occasion for achieving a Police objective’ [Principle 6].


Insisted that the Police shall function within the realm of law, ‘Sir Robert’ urged the ‘Police; ‘To refrain from even seeming to; (a) ‘Usurp the powers of the Judiciary; (b) Avenging individuals or the State; (c) Authoritatively judging guilt; and (d) Punishing the guilty’ [Wikipedia: Principle 8: 1829]. That which shall also be recognized and treated with as much respect, has been a ‘Police Week Message’ by ‘Former Prime Minister and National Hero, Sir Vere Cornwall Bird NH, KCN.’ He saw the ‘Police’ from his ‘Ideals;’ (a) ‘…Every Policeman should continue the noble tradition of dedication to faithful service; and (b) They shall show every determination to maintain law and order impartially.’


Speaking to Police efficiency, ‘Sir Vere’ posited; ‘This is the keynote in the ‘Concept of a Policeman;’ (a) ‘His helpfulness and his determination portray him as a tower of strength in time of distress and anxiety; (b) Someone you can rely on to restore order, when there is disorder; (c) Someone to be emulated; and (d) Such are the hall marks of a Police officer’ [August 29, 1993 – September 4, 1993]. Given today’s law enforcement apparent hostile and combative attitude and criminally-brutal and deadly behavior, such ‘Message,’ may now be seen as being ‘Full of Idealism.’


While ‘Papa’ had urged ‘Emulating the Police,’ gun-toting law enforcers, practice terror and tyranny; While ‘Papa’ expected harmony in ‘police/citizen relations, law enforcers have set themselves apart from the citizenry. They have engaged themselves in a practice that speaks to oppression and subjugation. Clearly, with frequent ‘Shootings and Extra-Judicial Killings, a very small minority of ‘Today’s Policeman,’ has proved ‘Papa Dead Wrong.’ Today’s ‘Police’ actions have been made demonstrably clear that no ‘Policeman’s Finger’ shall be unhappy.


Translated into sorrow and grief, their actions have shown that there will be ‘Police-Occasioned Funerals.’ Today, the often heavily armed law enforcement personnel, under a security umbrella called the; ‘Joint Task Force (JTF),’ and operating under pretext of crime fighting, have gunned down both the ‘Sane and Insane.’ Not infrequently, ‘Police ‘STRATCOM’ Press Release’ often reports only the version of events given by the ‘Police Shooters and Killers’ of the invariably -unarmed victims, permanently silenced by the bullets of their blazing guns.’


Such actions not only define modern life, but also modern Police Trends. That which ‘Papa’ may not have known, was that while he envisaged and encouraged ‘Helpfulness,’ law enforcers practice brutal wickedness; While ‘Papa’ saw in the ‘Policeman,’ a ‘Tower of Strength in time of distress,’ law enforcers continue to demonstrate ‘blood-thirstiness, but also trigger-happiness. While ‘Star Black’ was said to have been the ‘Ranger in Town’ [Sir MacLean Emmanuel: King Short Shirt: YouTube], neither in his subsequent law enforcement career, has he had gunned down any person, caused harm or funerals.


Those calling for the latter, have been unrelenting. Such calls appeared to have ended in ‘Silence and Futility.’ Research has revealed that persons known to have previously held prominent positions on the ‘United Nations’ ‘Interamerican Human Rights,’ was never heard. Instructively, with a reported visible presence and voice, they were said to have been more interested in the ‘Tenure; Prestige; Perks and Novelty’ associated with their positions. Though unmuzzled, with apparent ‘Extra-Judicial Killings’ within the nation of ‘Antigua and Barbuda, knowing the work of the organization against ‘Human Rights;’ (a) ‘Abuses; (b) Killings; and (c) Disappearances,’ rightly or wrongly, their silence has earned them the description of being as quiet as ‘Mouses’ living in the ‘Churches’ across the nation.


Ensuring that relevant information was sourced on people of prominence and with a ‘Passion for Justice,’ a ‘Google Search’ provides the most ‘Startling Revelations.’ Fortunately, or unfortunately, it makes for little wonder that ‘Police Shootings and Extra-Judicial Killings’ continue without the voices of those with such ‘Passion.’ The apparent self-serving revelations have been stumbled upon; ‘Our Sir Clare served for 8 years as a ‘Commissioner’ on the ‘Interamerican Commission on Human Rights.’ Instructively, while the national ‘Police’ shot and killed unarmed citizens, additional information speaks to his availability for; (a) ‘Consultancy; and (b) Speaker at conferences; seminars and workshops’ [Website: Roberts and Co].


Endeavoring to source pertinent information on her ‘Volunteerism and Passion,’ it was revealed that ‘Safiya Roberts’ was an attorney with a civil practice before the ‘Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC).’ Ascertaining her ‘Passion’ for the promotion of ‘Human Rights’ within her country of domicile, a source chuckled and provided a most humorous, but ironical response, saying; ‘Any ‘Passion’ has to be for the fruit of the same name’ [Sunday: September 24, 2023]. Such appeared more facetious, than mischievous. Those with a ‘Passion’ for promoting ‘Human Rights’ across the region, appeared to have completely removed the nation of ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ from such consideration.


There have been many people who, persistently and ‘Unrelentingly Advocacy’ for ‘Police Accountability’ for actions, starved for ‘Justification and Legitimacy.’ Such calls reflect the grievous and deadly sides of ‘Police Excesses.’ There may have been some ‘Consciences’ not moved, and some ‘Voices’ not heard. Seemingly moving to a level beyond occasional, there have been grievous, heart-throbbing and mindboggling incidents that have not only provoked anger in the general population, but also families left in a state of anxiety and uncertainty. Then, shocked into dismay and trepidation, has been the ‘Souls’ of the people and disquieted the conscience of the nation.


Further research also revealed; ‘In addition, our ‘Safiya Roberts’ is ‘Passionate’ about promoting ‘Human Rights’ throughout the region.’ That which appeared most mindboggling were these ‘Hypocritical Sentiments;’ …Her enthusiasm having been sparked by her involvement in the ‘Amnesty Student Group’ at the ‘BPP Law School in London; …She is working as a volunteer at ‘Jamaicans for Justice’ [Website: Roberts and Co]. Given the currency of affairs regarding ‘Police Excesses-Shootings and Extra-Judicial Killings’ within the twin-island nation of ‘Antigua and Barbuda,’ there appears to have been no enthusiasm or interest in highlighting these grievous atrocities.


Said to have been witnessed by members of the ‘Grays/Green’ community, when ‘Bendals resident ‘Mannie Anicia James 43,’ was being chased on foot and allegedly ‘Cold-bloodedly Gunned Down’ by: (i) ‘An unsupervised rookie Police Constable; and (ii) An unsupervised rookie Private in the Military,’ media personnel appeared either reluctant or fearful of describing the ‘Unlawful Death’ as ‘an Extra-judicial killing.’ As graphically and shockingly witnessed, such ‘Shooting Death’ was capable of being so described. This shall be so until the contrary is proved, either by; (a) ‘Coroner’s Court; or (b) A Court of Criminal Jurisdiction.’


For the benefit of knowledge, any ‘Deprivation of Life,’ not ordered by the ‘Judiciary,’ have always been so described. Likened to other jurisdictions, within the ‘Caribbean community (CARICOM)’ and ‘Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS),’ people of every stratum of society have been calling for ‘Justice.’ When hope for closure of that which was widely viewed as the ‘Extra-Judicial Killing of Mannie James’ seemed to have turned to disillusionment, while reasonable expectations were turned into frustration and dejection. Agitated and distraught families, as well as despondent members of the wider society, have all been unrelenting in their calls for ‘Accountability and Justice.’


The bizarre, merciless and senseless killing, has not only revulsed the hearts of family members, loved-ones and friends, but also provoked ire in various communities and foreign visitors. These were the ones that have experienced both his ‘hospitality and service. These are the ones left to mourn and grieve over the tragic killing of a loved one, either by the Police operating by themselves or in ‘Joint operations.’ Truth be told, ‘Police Killings’ have started long before the ‘Corona Virus-19 Pandemic.’ The ‘Pandemic’ has visited upon the nation with deadly consequences, and so too has been the ‘Joint Task Force (JTF)’ [March 2020].


From any source, legal, law enforcement or otherwise, without contradiction, most delays in holding timely ‘Coroner’s Inquisitions,’ as dictated by the ‘Coroner’s Act,’ clearly appears to have been due to a gravely understaffed and disappointing ‘Non-Functional Coroner’s Courts.’ Even with these truths, none shall accuse the ‘Coroners’ of shirking their statutory responsibilities. These, without a shadow of doubt, have been the ‘Compounding Culprits.’


The situation appears to have been further aggravated by ‘Procedural Ignorance’ and ‘Professional Incompetence,’ by those harboring beliefs that; (i) ‘Viewing of a deceased body: (ii) Performance of an Anatomical Examination; (iii) Knowing the ‘Causes of Death; and (iv) Issuance of a ‘Warrant to Bury After View,’ concluded the ‘Coroner’s Inquest.’ It appears that few personnel had sought to familiarize themselves with the procedure contained in the ‘Coroner’s Act.’ Most embarrassingly, only a few personnel appear to know that ‘Coroner’s Inquisitions’ are held only in actual ‘Court Rooms’ setting, and not at ‘Funeral Homes’ or designated ‘Morgues.’


Even people that have not been charged with the responsibility for ‘Law enforcement,’ know when attempts were being made to ‘Pervert Public Justice.’ Such has not only been long classified as a ‘Common Law offence,’ but also deemed a serious criminal office and justifiably made punishable by law. This applies to general populations within the then ‘British Commonwealth,’ and obtains in those independent nations that continue to practice a ‘Jurisprudence,’ derived from ‘British Colonialism.’


When an apparent leaked ‘Pathologist Anatomical Report’ surfaced as a news story at a news portal website identified as ‘Real News,’ it seemed to have provoked angst in readers. To all intents and purposes, the headline states; ‘Allegations of Cover-up of Mannie James’ Shooting Death Raises Concerns.’ The contents state; ‘on September 6, Government Pathologist, Dr. Petra Nanton-Miller’ performed an autopsy on his body, having been viewed by ‘Coroner Conliffe Clarke.’ Having listed the ‘Causes of Death,’ the ‘Certificate of Death’ appeared to have omitted what possible instrument may have been used on the deceased.


Incidentally, on the night of tragic incident, apart from the stillness of the night, that which the piercing gunshots sound, meant, as confirmed by ‘Pathologist, Dr. Petra Miller-Nanton,’ were three troubling ‘Causes of Death.’  The tragic incident appeared to have borne no sophistication, neither for; (a) ‘Criminal Investigators; (b) The District Coroner; nor (c) The officially-assigned ‘Pathologist.’ The assigned Pathologist, a most respected professional, reportedly wrote the ‘Causes of Death.


These were determined to be (i) ‘Hemoperitoneum (Blood in the Peritoneum Cavity): (ii) Piercing splenic injury (Spleen); and (iii) Piercing abdominal injury (Membrane of abdomen).’ These injuries, as reportedly contained in the ‘Certificate of Death’ speak to the possible instantaneous death of the unarmed deceased. These clearly appeared far removed from any suggestions of ‘Natural Causes.’ From a law enforcement perspective, that which shall have captured the ‘Inquisition Observation’ of the investigator and Coroner,’ may have been that which may have possibly caused; (i) ‘The blood-filled ‘Peritoneum Cavity;’ and (ii) The instrument, if any, that has caused the ‘Piercing Injuries.’


That which may have been inadvertently or unwittingly left to ‘Public Speculations’ might be the ‘Unlawful Use’ of an offensive or lethal weapon. Among the various types, include; (i) ‘Penetrating point of an ice pick; (ii) Pointed blade kitchen or utility knife; or (iii) The penetrating force of bullets discharged from a firearm.’ Though very clear in the mind of the ‘Coroner,’ that which may have aroused suspicion, and seemingly provoked serious concerns in interested parties and curious citizens, may have been the purported issuance by the ‘Coroner’ a ‘Warrant to Bury After View.’ Confusion reigns when it was revealed that such ‘Warran’ was intended to avoid a ‘Coroner’s Inquisition’ touching the ‘Unnatural Death of Mannie James.’


From professional experience, such had contrasted the normal ‘Warrant to Bury Where Inquest is Necessary.’ This has prompted various social media responses. Though not necessarily farfetched, the one that supports ‘Reasonable Suspicion’ or left to speculations, was that of commenter ‘Dave Audley ‘Beef’ Joseph.’ He purportedly wrote; ‘My Dad has often warned, Sonny Boy, when you see people who know better, do ‘Suspicious Things,’ it was usually for a reason’ [ANR: September 22, 2023]. Except starved for knowledge, people, held in high regard and deep esteem, were not to be seen or perceived to have done the unthinkable. The ‘Coroner’ may not only have applied that which was within his knowledge and as stipulated in the law [Coroners Act: Chapter 105:].


When the definition of ‘Murder’ speaks to ‘Sound Memory and Discretion,’ it not only implies a ‘Presumption of Sanity,’ but also that a sane person shall behave rationally and act discretely and responsibly. When it speaks to ‘Unlawfully Kills,’ it is saying that ‘Death’ must be proved by a voluntary and deliberate act of the accused person.’ Moreover, death must occur within ‘One year and One Day’ [PPHB:1978:  Page 73]. Performing to the delight and entertainment of professional colleagues and fans, ‘Police’ social commentator ‘Corporal Jermain Samuel- ‘Singing Sudden’ performed the ‘Town Rats’ song to the delight and amusement of professional colleagues and fans across the nation [2017].


The clearly ‘Unlawful and ‘Extra-Judicial Killing,’ may have been viewed on video-footage that went viral on social media. Before the tragic end to his life, the footage showed him desperately sprinting away from the ‘Police Shooters’ [ANR: July 31, 2023]. The demise of the deceased ‘Mannie James,’ looked at from certain species of rodents none may liken ‘Mannie James’ to the invasive rodents. In fact, ‘Mannie James’ was a ‘Reasonable Creature’ in being.’ Though ‘Mannie’s Blood’ has stained the hands of two ‘JTF’ members, he may have been in better mental health than those that may very well have been institutionalized at the nation’s lone ‘Psychiatric Clarevue Hospital.’


Though it was not for the ‘Pathologist, Dr. Petra Nanton-Miller’ to so state in the ‘Anatomical Examination Report,’ from a criminal investigation perspective, such was a killing that was ‘Unnatural.’ Factually, such killing speaks to the crime of ‘Murder.’ Since those that continue to; (a) ‘Enforce criminal law; or (b) Operate Coroner’s Courts; or (c) Occupy office with assigned responsibility for ‘Public Prosecutions,’ appear not to remember, recall or possess no such knowledge, the ‘Common Law Definition’ states; (i) ‘When a person of sound memory and discretion; (ii) Unlawfully kills a reasonable creature in being; (iii) Under the ‘King’s Peace; (iv) With malice aforethought; (v) Either express or implied,’ such constitutes ‘Murder’ [Police Promotion Handbook: Page 73]. If such killing was not to be classified as the heinous crime of ‘Murder,’ then just what is? A ‘Coroner’ shall take note of the importance of holding ‘Inquisitions,’ while the ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP),’ shall not shirk his/her constitutional duty and prosecutorial responsibility to general public. That which they shall remember, is that ‘The State agencies and agents, are all subject to Law’ [CO: 1981: Principle: ‘C’].


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    …yet, in little Antigua! I’m this day and age!
    …the poor man, still don’t have #A_Voice!
    …it’s, the same from the Police!
    …take it, or leave it!
    …whether, we kill you with licks
    …loaded guns firing billets!
    …or, put you in a choke hold
    …you and everyone, better behold
    …you have, no other choice!
    …we don’t want, to hear!
    …not, even the PM. Much less, to Rawlston Pompey’s
    …with, his long winded prose
    …complaining about, what was right under his nose!
    …happening across this Country!
    …from sea to, shining sea!
    …so, all of a sudden everything thing, that we do
    …he forgot, he used to step out in the same shoe!
    …walking, talking, allegedly beating plenty Rastas too!
    …then, Pompey of what they’re saying is true!
    …there’s a #Hypocrite, living inside of, All ah you!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿#Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards


      Jumbie Picknee,
      You are accorded this ‘REPLY,’ because you are ‘.My Esteemed Friend.’

      Your comment made ‘Rawlston Pompey’ ‘…Feel Glad.’

      You shall not ‘..Feel Bad’ if he urges the ‘JUMBIE and the PICKNEE’ in him to ‘…Disabuse Himself from ‘…Disillusion: …Idiocy: …Illiteracy: and : …Stupidity.’

      These are among ‘…Man’s Gravest Enemies.’

      They have been proven extremely harmful to ‘…KNOWLEDGE AND LITERACY.’

      Best Regards, ‘…Jumbie Picknee.

      • Pompey, many moons ago, I realized through learning, that in a simple circuit, the voltage or current could care less, as to which direction they flow, #clockwise, or #counterclockwise, their value/power/force is the same, as in whether they’re positive or negative, their summation is equal to zero. Of course, once the circuit becomes more complicated, by adding other components, anything is possible with, learned manipulation. I, generally refer to this as #Indoctrination.
        I, also learned and transform this into wisdom, many moons ago, probably on one of those ‘Ole Time Moonlight Walks from Village to Village, that ‘laughter is good for the soul!’ Now this one, I took to heart, and fully comprehend why “The IDIOT SERIES,” of Best Seller books, in the #Selfhelp category.
        There’s a reason why an author becomes a Best Seller writer is, they sell books. Millions of copies to individuals who not only wants to read and learn, but to understand, what they’re reading and learning, and can aptly apply them to their lives, for whatever reason.

        I also became wise to the fact, that being stoic, can enslave one’s thought process, allowing for psychosomatic to reap havoc on the body. To me this is where ‘laughter is food for the Soul’ comes in, since, a sick body mentality/physicality can be detrimental to the soul. Therefore, at times in one’s life a #Dash_Of_Idiocy, is great for laughter, which in the simplest of forms is what, ‘food for the soul.’
        #Idiocy can be referred to, as a dash of grey sea salt, as you put some, on some fresh pork to give it a bit of flavour.
        I, definitely get your #Stoicism. However, never let any idiocy, on anyone behalf negates the fact, that according to some your drivel is not understood.
        What you have written here, and would like to see, other policies added to the system, to create better checks and balances which are more conducive to HUEman living, is nothing new, since, many moons ago many IDIOTS were recognising the signs of what was happening in the culture, and sent their #WARNINGS, suggestions etc, just like you’re doing today here on ANR.
        If you recall the Yahoo Chat Groups, there was one named “Antigua Me Come From,’ and many WARNINGS, RECOMMENDATIONS, suggestions were sent out, since, way back then.

        I would’ve thought, that by now many of the esteemed, wise, well educated would have solved all of the Nation’s simple ills and woes, yet here we are at The Next Level, and illiteracy among the learned is as dangerous to our Nation, as the COVID viruses, if goes unchecked.

        Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards

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