UK sends notice to English-speaking Caribbean countries who have CIP



The Cabinet also invited the Chief Executive Officer of the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

It was triggered by a notice sent out by the United Kingdom Government that its agency will be examining all the CIP Programmes in the English-speaking Caribbean, with a view to determine the extent to which those programs undermine the Security of the UK.

Antigua and Barbuda has an extremely strong due diligence investigative machinery in place; it ensures that only those high-caliber applicants that have no negative reports are approved for citizenship.

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  1. Really? Since when? Please stop the lies! How many questionable investors were approved only to find out they are being investigated for fraud?
    You people suffering from short term memory loss?

  2. All the people who run CIP are all mego man friends and family. What do they know or care about due diligence? Rejected application means no money in their filthy pockets.

  3. Sunak will start deporting Antiguans to Rwanda just now. The windrush generation better start heading back to Antigua.

  4. There is nothing “due diligence ” about this administration. They are now back pedaling because the noose is tightening around their greedy necks. So many passport holders are now either in jail or soon to be.
    We are in a spot of bother here folks. Canada pulled the visa free privilege and other nations will take similar actions to protect their country.

    • All come crashing down.
      The so called “Antigua Airways” flights are now seeing the negative effects.
      The damage has been done. The nation’s government has placed us on a dangerous path with no escape route.
      Antigua’s fate is sealed. Just now to be delivered into destruction.
      Lies..lies..and more lies from a corrupt government leading astray a corrupt people.

      The end is near.
      Sad to say …many will continue to follow the corrupt way.
      Few will turn to the right way.

      Antigua: your day of reckoning is at hand. Swiftly will it come and be done.

  5. Well, well, well there’s a surprise. Not!

    The $2 Billion Dollar CIP Chickens 🐔🐔🐔 coming home to roost 🐓


    • … again, I don’t want to hear a pip-squeak, we voted this clown 🥸 back in, and by the way, you ABLP acolytes don’t think that Canada and the USA are not taking note and looking into this situation as well.


  6. Look how you all sit back and let this man and his minions destroy Antigua. Then you voted him back in again. Smh.

  7. Sigh. What depressing news.

    First thing, put it back under the Board and take away final say from Cabinet.

    Not sure what else can be done at this stage. But that make help it “look” likkle better Jack.

  8. Not going to wish for my 108 square mile home and country of family, acquaintances and friends! This political polarization that has been created could and should have been brought to an end on 18/01/2023. Six votes!!! Six votes!!!

    The passport that we possess now is going to be just what it is. A book of leafs. Soon and very soon. Antiguans and Barbudans that use this passport who would like to travel outside of Caricom are going to need a Visa to enter where they would like to visit.

    The CIP program has been abused, corrupted and use as a scheme to provide individuals with diplomatic passports to carry out their nefarious activities around the globe in the name of GREED AND PERSONAL WEALTH.

    Gaston, why did you refuse to be interviewed by Al jazerra news outlet while they were doing an investigative report on the CIP program on Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, St. Lucia and Grenada? ALL ar u speak English!

    All I can say is that time tell all tales. The good and the bad. I know of a PM in one of dem of jab jab countries. You good friend. Is under heavy pressure for providing an Iranian citizen with a Diplomatic passport for an outrageous amount of US Dollars.

    That led to a SNAP ELECTION. Just a HINT.

  9. Antiguans get the Government they deserve.
    Pure corruption on that beautiful paradise island.
    Not fair to the locals
    Papa turning over in his grave.

  10. Antigua will live on. This island, once known as Wadadli to the indigenous people. Was conquered by the Spanish and British. Briefly by the French. Has overcome Slavery, indentured servitude, Colonialism and Birdism. We will overcome and prosper from Browneism and this ERA OF CIPism.

    This Government will be the shortest one elected. Looking forward to the drama on 17/02/2023. God Speed!!

  11. Just as Canada imposed Visa requirement for Antiguans & Barbudans visiting Canada, Visa requirement might soon be in the works for us in order to visit the UK. When countries express security concerns, it is not an easy issue to get around.

    • St.Kitts and Nevis needs to be kept an eye on. Their passports have been in some shady investors even drug dealers have invested in the country and bought half of the country with horde racing, and many bars. Just a couple Vibes carambola. One man in prison in the states for 11 years. Just this week another investigation on our passport, man held. It goes on. If true a good idea. Too much fraud in the CIP

  12. Can Mr Pringle correctly pronounce the word P-A-S-S-P-O-R-T?

    I would suggest that Mr Pringle take oratorical classes. As the leader of the opposition, he is expected to speak on many occasions and on many topics.
    When he asked to speak, he will be representing the people. The connotation by outsiders will be “Antiguan are uneducated”. Please help him.

  13. Maybe the CIP CEO, should be reviewing just how much ‘investigation’ his bureau actually conducts.

    In previous ‘ it wasn’t me’ articles from govt. regarding shady CIP recipients, the CEO & government said they rely on reports from the person’s home nation.

    Maybe the ‘report’ should be the starting point for a little sleuthing using Google as a first step?

    Maybe using skilled Gen Z / Gen X gamers who hate to be beaten and love using layers of the internet, should be employed at CIP to assist?

    The UK is hurting for revenue, the government there is lost and ineffective worried only for the next election to ensure they remain at the trough; so standby for continued economic marginalization of small independent countries that are far easier targets for them than multinational businesses, USA, India, China people or companies.

    ( Who knows what new levels of bureaucracy the British Overseas Territories will get landed with.)

  14. @Sad but True, stick to the damn issue in question. What the hell does Pringle have to do with CIP corruption and the problems these incompetent clowns will cause this country? The name calling and bashing thing is getting old. The writing is on the wall for these clowns. The international community was just watching to see how the election would go. Now, with Antiguans failing to send ALP packing, the time has come for measures to protect their country. Criticize that.

    • Nah bother wid he @Watching, it’s ignorant people like him are the reason that Gaston Browne and the ABLP are back in power.

      The global audience was totally correct.


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