UK provides training to Immigration Officers and Police


Over 20 Immigration and other law enforcement officials have begun a four-day training
course run by the UK Government, which is expected to cover the main immigration risks
and threats within the Eastern Caribbean and offer tools and guidance so participants can
address those risks.

A total of 25 officers comprised of the Antigua and Barbuda Department for Immigration,
Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police Force, and their colleagues from Montserrat are taking
advantage of the International Immigration Border Security Training, which began today.

In her remarks during the opening ceremony for the course, Resident British Commissioner
to Antigua and Barbuda, Ms Lindsy Thompson, congratulated the Chief Immigration Officer
and the Department for Immigration for its enthusiasm and engagement in ensuring the
course went ahead.

To its participants she noted: “the knowledge and skills you will acquire over the next four days will send a clear message to organised immigration crime groups using the Caribbean as a transit point that you will not tolerate this activity through your borders.”

Meanwhile, Chief Immigration Officer Ms Katrina Yearwood not only expressed her
excitement that the UK Government facilitators were able to facilitate the training sessions,
but also challenged the officers to utilize the knowledge gained in their daily tasks and
“share with the other officers in [their] unit because it is an each one teach one initiative”.

Featured speaker, Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Immigration, the
Hon. E.P. Chet Greene joined Ms Yearwood in thanking the UK government for its continued

Minister Greene also charged participants to “absorb all you can,” underscoring that the
importance of their involvement in the training course stretched beyond what they hear
during the sessions and extends, more importantly, to how the knowledge is applied.

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  1. Is this some sort of joke?

    The UK offering to train our immigration officers?

    The UK are having untold issues with their own borders, with many refugees flooding the country by lorries, cars and small dinghies; and with the result of having to pay the French government millions of pounds to help them police, protect and try to halt the influx, into the district of Kent and their surrounding borders.

    Currently, their immigration department is under immense pressure to stem the illegal flow; and according to recent British press releases, they are doing a terrible job under their current Home Secretary, Suella Braverman (who, by the way, wants to send their current intake of refugees to Rwanda 🇷🇼); and who has a well known right-wing mindset.

    I have no problem with a good education and training methods – as I’ve always advocated on ANR.

    However, asking for help from the UK on immigration matters is akin to asking our own out of sorts Immigration Department Officer Ms Yearwood to do her job properly.

    By the way, where are the missing Haitians, Indians and Nigerians Ms Yearwood – any updates?

    Can’t the ABLP government do their due diligence and make contact with a country that knows how to deal with immigration matters?

    This whole scenario looks and sounds like an overseas jolly for the UK trainers, and not one that will benefit Antigua in any shape or form.


    If they are able to find the current ones that are missing first!

    Again, is this some kind of joke …?!

    • Why you don’t just shut your f*@%!^g mouth- just every dawn thing you complain about working hard for a loosing cause(HL) and BAD-Talking Antigua and Barbuda at every turn.. Clowns like you try to give the impression that there are perfect countries when it’s convenient and at other times you bash 1st world countries conveniently to try making what’s happen seems useless….. but for politics y’all bad-talk the country. For that you get a big F

      • Boo f*%k@*g hoo, you damn fool.

        You may enjoy all the crap from ABLP mismanagement, but it’s idiots like you @ Fool, that makes the watching world see Antiguans as political lightweights who continually puts up with poor governance for decades.

        Anyway NUMB-NUTS, you are as much entitled to your opinion as I am – you easily led cretin -, it’s sheeple like you why our island is in such a economical mess – STAND UP FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE YOU ILLITERATE IDIOT!!!

        Go sit down and rest yourself when Brixtonian speaks. Tarl!

        • Oh, and by the way numb-nuts, can you please let me know what was incorrect in what I said in my original piece, instead of shooting the messenger who sees through all the ABLP and Gaston Browne Bull dust.

          I bet you can’t you brainless footstool …

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