UK provides thousands in grant funding to Antigua and Barbuda


As the world pauses to commemorate the United Nations (UN) International Day of Persons with Disabilities,

the British High Commission St John’s is pleased to announce a major grant award to the Ministry of Social Transformation,

Human Resource Development and the Blue Economy, aimed at improving the lives of individuals living with disabilities.

The Eastern Caribbean $27,333 grant will go towards the development of an aquaponics system for the ministry’s Disability Centre,

which will allow participants to not only learn how to set up and operate such systems, but will ultimately serve as a source of support and income for about 20 participants.

Resident British Commissioner Ms Lindsy Thompson says the news comes at a most fitting time, with ‘Transformative solutions for inclusive development:

the role of innovation in fuelling an accessible and equitable world’ serving as this year’s theme for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

“This grant represents the United Kingdom’s continued support for equity across the globe, especially amid United Nation estimates that an eighth of the world’s population are differently abled,” she said.

“We are pleased to support the Ministry of Social Transformation, Human Resource Development and the Blue Economy in this important endeavour to empower and support vulnerable communities in Antigua and Barbuda.

Media and other important stakeholders will soon be invited to the signing on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) marking this important development.

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  1. $10,000US? it seems like peanuts from Great Bitian doesn’t it?
    The high intentions sounds good though.

    • Just a Pinch
      No Retreat Not Even an INCH
      Now Her Reign is OVER.
      Night Draweth NIGH.
      The Howls & Sounds of IMPOVERISHMENT
      Looms Across the CARIB Skies.
      BIRDS 🐦 BEES 🐝
      Give US Flowers / GRANTs Pollinate NOW
      we * cant*BREATHE ..

  2. We are owed for 350 years of abuse, degregation and stolen wages, while Kate Middleton just wore a $25 million earing in Boston as gift from Elizabeth to Diana.
    She handed the chicken feed over to the Little Boy Dog and The Pussy Cats.
    Rather than crumbs Caribbean people should be demanding reparations

    • Sing along Goodwin
      We NEED ..Breach de LEACH.
      We NEED an OIL CHANGE.
      We NEED Transformation Transmission
      Inversely Proportional to PROWESS

  3. Lol, it’s funny I looked for comments before reading the article as I am noticing that only on matters, the sharks come out. There are articles posted where they attract no commentary. But let it be about the government or the country receiving finance, the anonymous naysayers usev their empty vessels. Carry on… I’ll go read the article now.

    Lester Bird was taught by the Architect how to stay in power: a political philosophy that has spread throughout the Caribbean
    1. “Keep Antiguans and Barbudans Poor, Afraid and Uneducated”
    2. Have total control over the mass media and the means of communication.
    3. Give them handouts and trinkets so as. for there support
    3. Create the myth of a strong economy and call election.
    The Little Boy Dog (Gaston) and The Architect (the journalist turn diplomat) took chicken feed from Harvard University consisting of low end courses that are normally offered in Harvard’s Continuing Education Division.
    Antigua and Barbuda could have obtained free rides for as many as
    10 students through each year undergrad and free rides to another 6 to professional schools. Princeton is offering free rides worth $300,000 to students whose family income is less than $100,000 per year.
    These Clowns took e few Continuing Education courses rather than degree programs.
    Keep them uneducated…..who would want a bunch of Harvard trained attorney shooled in constitutional law who produced a constitution for Antigua and Barbuda that changes the balance of power.

    • Mr Goodwin u * Telling*
      Gullibility .Grows
      Nose Grows
      People’s Woes…ROBINHOOD Heroes/Sheroes
      You very intricate & Knowledgeable of
      De Political Dynamics.
      We have Resorted to Medieval Measures.
      Lord’s Kings & QUEEN ,& KNIGHT
      Not By RIGHT but by * MIGHT*

  5. Part 2
    Zuckerberg of Facebook was taking machine learning in his first and second year ….what can our students do with degrees in artificial intelligence, data science, forensics?
    Who would want Antiguans and Barbudans coming out of Harvard Law school? The same school that was created with stolen wages from Antiguans slaves by the Royally family. ALBP certainly don’t when the Architect says to keep them uneducated into order to stay in power

  6. I would downright refuse 27 thousand dollars from the UK as a grant for the use of people with disabilities. Antigua government please do better and make it 1 million. Pm Gastón 30 thousand is peanuts to your son from the treasury you said. So for this election cycle donate 1 million of your campaign funds to the persons living with disabilities. Then also give them all the lumber using for billboards after the election. I see you loosing a few seats but not the election. Samantha in trouble, Michael Browne in trouble, Lenox Western in trouble, Maulwin Joseph in trouble, All Saints East remaining UPP and Grays farm seat returning to UPP.
    Calling on All local contractors and suppliers to stand up. See all the spending. Some of you so foolish, see you out there erecting billboards and for years going to the treasury like beggars after working until you broke The PM own several heavy duty equipment and getting paid while you all are knocking about. Cannot send your children to school and even Littke after class. Struggling to pay your bills. Medical benefits and social security have most of you in court for none payment. Sorry I went off track but necessary.
    Anyhow 27 dollars is an insult to the community living with disabilities. That is not even sufficient to properly assist one person with disabilities Dave Ray. I repeat a down right insult !

  7. I see the fake PHD Hairdresser is laughing like a Chishire Cat offering lol comments as a way of criticism to those of us not under the table waiting or singing for political crumbs.
    Your lack of self esteem goes hand in hand with those who lives their lives looking for political handouts and favours. So keep laughing out loud for you have nothing else to offer to any discourse be it light or substantial.
    While I may have biting criticism, I can also address policy issues that adds to nation building rather than sitting around laughing and waiting for some crumbs

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