U.S says Corruption Laws in Antigua and Barbuda Lack Effective Implementation


**Report Reveals Ineffective Implementation of Corruption Laws in Antigua and Barbuda**

A recent US State Department Human Rights report has shed light on the challenges surrounding the implementation of corruption laws in Antigua and Barbuda, highlighting concerns about governance and accountability within the government.

Despite having legislation in place to combat corruption by officials, the effectiveness of these laws has come under scrutiny.


The law mandates criminal penalties for corruption, yet the government’s efforts to enforce these laws have faced criticism.

There are reports of isolated incidents of government corruption, but the overall sentiment points to a lack of effective implementation and enforcement of anti-corruption measures.

One of the key issues raised is the gap between the existence of laws against corruption and their practical application.

Public discontent has grown as allegations of high-level corruption often go without proper investigation or punishment, leading to questions about the government’s commitment to addressing this pervasive issue.











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  1. How can someone who has multiple charges laid against them run for leadership? Until all is cleared then they should be cleared to run, I agree any country that need transparency must and I say must implement the full law against no matter who it is when they are found guilty especially those being held accountable in leadership positions

  2. America is the most corrupt country in the world and has no moral right to lecture anyone. The Congress is completely owned by the big business. And the Supreme Court is owned by the politicians and big business. Just tune in every day and watch the trial of the most corrupt politician in history – America’s own Trump. And he will get off with maybe a slap to the wrist.
    America has one law for rich white people another for white people and yet another for black people. At the moment the Republican Party is doing everything possible to restrict the voting rights of black people and other minorities. And yet they feel they have the right to lecture others. Take the beam out of your own eyes first.

    • How do you know he is the most corrupt politician? Trump has been in the media for decades, but now he has entered the political arena all sorts of cases against him has popped up. This is more like a political witch hunt.

    • @David Otto…yes! Yeah! No doubt! No doubt!
      The Congress on Capitaline Hill, in the USA, is crooked as #Brer_Anansi, the Blak_Widow Spider; but, as with Donald Trump, his Court cases and you or anyone can call them, A Salem Witch Hunt; again, his ongoing Court Cases prove, no one is above the ‘law’ in America.
      In the case, of Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA, the Judiciary MUST at least make the effort(s), to apply the ‘law,’ from thorough INVESTIGATIONS to prosecutions.

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

    • @David Otto, thanks for using this state department memo to promote agenda of the democratic party…….

  3. In simple terms, it’s not the ‘law;’ it the lack of implementation of the ‘law.’
    Plain and simple: PPM – Piss Poor Management, of the ‘law…’

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  4. I don’t know of any government that would willing investigates itself nor put laws in place that would hold them accountable for their corruption. IMO, the residents of Antigua are quite comfortable with the level of corruption taking place on the island — they have, and will continue to defend it vehemently.

  5. You had a corrupt man like Trump as President for a full term and now with all the garbage and wrong doings you want to put him back in again.This man goes against everything the bible states and even claimed he is “God” yet the so called holy Christian love and adore this evil. Are your corruption laws up to standard?

  6. Antiguan corruption with American investors in Antigua is acceptable; collusion with American companies with Government Statutory bodies and Officials is Ok once it is not with the Chinese or non-American business.
    Corruption in our family government is acceptable and self enrichment of politicians is also ok.

  7. Look who is talking about corruption laws, they need to look in the mirror, how about the corrupt SEC, the laws are there and Garry Gensler ignore them break them all.

    The western Colonial Superpower Governments allow Israel to break all International war laws, and they pass laws in congress to supply Israel with billions of dollars worth of more weapons to continue their genocide in Gaza, they have no standing right now to call out other countries about corruption and other ills, because they are the front runner of all, what a hypocrisy.

    They need to investigate Elizabeth Warren and her dealings with those Wall Street banks, I believe John Deaton is going to defeat next election.

    • This is how america exonerate and create the narrative of themselves as a bastion of democracy along with israhell who will be offering scholarship and aide to the Caribbean in agriculture etc. and you no they don’t like black people, but on the world stage it expunge their genocidal image, the the sad part is our black leaders who are without ideology, they are like a coconut brown outside and white inside, so they carry out white supremacists domination, they can never say no to their aide in light of the murders they are commiting, america is the worst, it’s like we are watching the potential re-enslavement of people of darker color over again as Biden direct the murder of babies in gaza, I can’t believe eyes that is the so call great land of freedom and democracy and freedom of media where no one can say the so call nazi israhell Jews are murderers, and they claim china and other places don’t have freedom of the press, but it’s the same on america, protesters at university in USA and other white European countries arrested for protesting Biden and israhell genocide. Are we next? What can stop america from deciding where to wipe out next?

  8. That America is corrupt can never be disputed. However the claims here are completely accurate, especially with an ALP government in power.
    Can anyone deny that Antigua and Barbuda has seen the biggest scandals when ALP holds office?
    UPP enacted anti corruption laws in 2004 but we are yet to see any politician or compromised civil servant been brought up on charges.
    That’s the essence of the article. Not that the US is not corrupt, but the implementation of corruption laws in Antigua and Barbuda.

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