U.K. flights to Antigua continue


Regular commercial flights into Antigua and Barbuda by United Kingdom-based carriers are likely to continue, at least for the immediate future.

There have been concerns raised within the local hotel sector on the likely impact that a cancellation of these flights could have on the sector, which is trying to regain ground it lost because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The U.K. has closed its borders until mid-February 2021, and is restricting movement within the country except for essential services. The Cabinet was informed that Virgin Atlantic will continue to have flights to V.C. Bird International airport, though it is not possible to determine for how long, and if they will be further reduced.

Similarly, British Airways will also continue operating flights, at least for now. The airline has however not yet published a schedule. The decision by the U.K. government to impose a lockdown is likely to result in a reduction of British visitors to the region which will adversely affect employment of hotel staff and other fall-off in commerce.

Currently, visitors out of the U.K. represent fifty per cent of all visitors to Antigua and Barbuda. Any cessation or reduction in flight will likely have a negative impact on the fragile hotel sector.

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  1. How this government has been able to strategically manage the economy amidst the pandemic is a blue print for countries to emulate ONCE we would have steered the course successfully. Kudos to PM Browne and his team!!!!!

    • I second that.
      Many will after the fact give jack his jacket. But so far Antiguans are behaving as if there is no Pandemic and no Economic stress at all. That is why they keep demanding the impossible from this government. And while we do not see the brightness of what is going on behind the seen this government makes things look so easy. They were expected to have been knocking on the door of the IMF long time ago. Even Pringle suggested that they go borrow money from the IMF.
      Thank God we are not in hands of the UPP. Or we would have been in the arms of the IMF already.

    • And I have learned that this government has also been giving out checks to students from the PM Scholarship program. One really has to wonder where all the money is coming from. Like Gaston has a money tree in there.

      • Monies are coming from the CIP FUNDS.Yes,Gaston has a Money Tree.Why you do not try and pick some off of it.The next thing you would be saying and or implying.He could walk on water.Some of you already worship him as Moses.Perhaps he would lead you into the seas and drown you.And that would be okay.Some of you are worse than Blinds.

  2. Avatar photo Quiet a number of my friends , young men and women like me are having the same feelings . I get it some will never change their views because see all things red but, when the young folks start feeling disinfranchised that's a prob .

    The nonsense that you wrote even you can’t really believe that. You sound like a MARCH TO THE HILL , RIDE N DIE , SEE SOMETHING SAY NOTHING ALP SUPPORTER . That’s fine because I voted ALP last election too but the difference between you and me COOL AID WAS NEVER MY FAVORITE DRINK .

    • I realise that it may be difficult for you like many to come to terms with the successes of the government amidst the pandemic. After all I myself thought it would have been all doom and gloom situation the country would have found itself in. On the heals of the pandemic, I even started a backyard garden thinking thing would have become so hard in Antigua. But with the steadfast leadership and strategic thinking in managing the economy, my backyard has since gone back to its natural foliage. Of all the things to give thanks to is for PM Browne and his team. 10 thumbs up!!!!!

  3. My Dear , just saying pls give thanks to The almighty God.What foolishness Gaston and his team is the last thing.in the world for anyone to give thanks too.

    • You do have a point. I give the almighty the thanks for providing the Hon. PM with the wisdom to navigate these challenging times. Thanks for the correcting me.

    • Coincidentally it was my UPP (prospective) representative who was at my gate with a ham (not turkey). Out of principle and apparent double standards I refused. What about you? What did you get?

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