Tyrone ‘Pacer’ Williams: Bolans Village Coach Deserves Recognition and Class Reunion Celebration

Tyrone 'Pacer' Williams

I want to thank Mr. Williams (Pacer) of Bolans Village, Antigua and Barbuda, for being a great coach to me and many others. The best times I had in Primary and Secondary School was with him. He was/is the greatest Physical Education teacher to me.

I truly appreciate how he was to us. I have never seen that man upset or rough or crude to any student when I was in Primary or Secondary School. We all enjoyed Mr. Williams and his classes.

He coached football (soccer) and cricket. He was funny, but serious and skilled at the same time.

I remember always thinking, why is this man not playing for the West Indies? Is he related to Vivian Richard because they look alike and skilled alike in cricket?

Anyway, he was the nicest teacher we had. I want to encourage folks to appreciate people like him more and feel compelled to write this article.

I had the weirdest but one of the nicest dreams I had in a longtime about school days (in Primary School). That was the best school days for me socially. He was a substantial part of that. So, I woke up, and wrote this, to be published.

I would truly love to have a class reunion and would like to acknowledge special and impactful people like Mr. Williams (Pacer). I would pay for everything, if it is the only way we can do this.

Think about this, who did you have the best time with in Primary and Secondary school while learning? Mr. Williams (Pacer).

I think we overlook Mr. Williams (Pacer). To me, and I believe to others, He should be a national hero. He has done more for the country as a whole and communities without the kind of rewards that the ones you people worship is taking and getting for themself.

Thank you Mr. Williams (Pacer) for all you have done and will continue to do. I wish there are leaders like you.

I want a Bolans Primary School Class reunion. From 1990 to 1995. 1 of these years is mine. Suggest how we should celebrate it and remember folks like Mr. Tyrone Williams (Pacer). Go in the comment section, I will read them all.

People can come together to celebrate people we all love and appreciate.


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  1. Sometimes we wait for government to arrange and organize everything. That is why I firmly support community councils and local government. Many more things can be done and implemented at a community level with local government.
    Pacer Williams was one of those names that was popular not just at a community level but at a national level. There are many Antiguan and Barbudan who didn’t reach as far as the West Indies cricket team but their contribution to local cricket and sports overall was significant. Pacer Williams was one such person. I agree with the writer that these men and women who has made yeoman contribution to their communities, should be recognized.

  2. I absolutely agree with this.
    He was my PE teacher at T.N Kirnon School while I was a student there donkey years ago.
    I am 50 years old now and he hasn’t forgotten me.
    Warm-hearted, professional and full of patience.
    As long as I am in Antigua I will gladly be there.

    Thank you

  3. I agreed with the sentiments given to Mr. Tyrone (Pacer) Williams. He should be one of the National Heroes of this country. An outstanding mentor for our community there in Bolans Village. Thank you for your service.


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