Types and Reliable Designation for Purchasing Shrooms


Shrooms, magic mushrooms, mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms are a group of fungi. Upon ingestion, this group is converted into psilocin. It includes Inocybe, philocybe, copelandia and a lot more.

Recognizing shrooms is a complex task. Shrooms containing psilocybin look similar to dried ordinary magic mushrooms. You can mix them with tobacco or any food. Likewise, you can also drink them astea. The effects of psilocybin begin within 20-40 minutes and last for 6 hours approximately. Furthermore, their effect is influenced by various factors like dosage, environment, age, emotional state and weight.

It is suggested to order your product from legit stores like Shrooms Direct. They will offer comfort and a variety of products at the lowest prices. You can also save your transportation cost by shopping for your product from an online store.

The top 5 shrooms products to try in 2021

From a wide list, here are the top 5 shroom categories for a thrilling smoking experience.

1. Golden Emperor Shrooms –

The golden teacher or golden emperor appeared in the 1980s. However, no clear data is available regarding its exact origin. It got its name because the product is a strong spiritual teacher.

Golden emperor shroom contains everything from Visual tracer at minimum doses to transformative effects at maximum amounts. Needless to say, the physiology and metabolism of every consumer are different. So, it depends on the brain chemistry that how you respond to the golden emperor shrooms.

Now you can shop for golden emperor shrooms only. However, if you are searching for something stronger then try penis envy mushrooms.

2. Transkei cubensis mushrooms –

Firstly, the product is found in South Africa. These psilocybes are perfect for first-timers, smaller doses and casual day trips. Its effects are based on your metabolism. They start in 10-40 minutes after ingestion and lasts for 3 to 6 hours.

The outcomes of the product are based on your surroundings. So, prefer a safe and comfortable location for Transkei cubensis mushrooms. Don’t mix the shrooms with alcohol or any other drug.

3. Shroom teas

Have you ever heard about shroom teas? No wonder, today you can drink shroom. They are available in different colors, flavors and prices. A consumer can select the one according to his body requirements. Some popular flavors of shroom teas are – lemon ginger, pumpkin spice and licorice leaf. All of them contain 1.2 grams of Psilocybe. Finally, wrapped in a standard tea bag with the strain name mentioned on its package.

Shroom teas take approximately 40 minutes to start their effects. So, it’s recommended to take your next dose after 4 hours. The product is good but not recommended for pregnant women. Keep it away from minors and direct sunlight. Moreover, finish it within 1 year of purchase.

4. Shrooms chocolate

Shroom chocolates are flower-shaped containing 1 gram of your preferred Psilocybe. Furthermore, they are wrapped in colored foil and kept in a cool place for fruitful outcomes. Each strain comes with its pros and cons. The effects of shroom chocolate are based on the mental state and body mass of the individual. Wisely read the instruction and finish the product before the expiry date.

5. Shroom capsules

Nothing can beat the taste of shroom capsules. They are sold in a pack of 3, 7 and 14. These strain-specific shrooms are fast-dissolving and are available in different varieties. No answer is available regarding its response time because the physiology of different consumers is different. Similar to other products, store them in a cool environment for maximum longevity.

Why purchase shrooms products online?

In this competitive era, can you go to market after a hectic schedule? No, and due to this reason, online stores are getting wide-popularity. Visit the site, look for your product, add it to your cart, make payments and receive it at your door in 24 hours.

Besides time, this will save your transportation cost. One of the major reasons to go online is convenience. Order your product through any portable device either from your office or park. In online stores, you can find products of different flavors, tastes and colors. Legit stores like shrooms direct will offer you different bonuses and promotions. So, you can order the product at the cheapest prices.

After making your orders, through smartphone or tablet, they will be securely delivered to your door. A customer can make his payments through multiple payment options. Such as – debit or credit cards, Mastercard, Visa, cash or bank transfers. He/ She can track the orders by Google Maps. You can also call your delivery boy if needed.

In case of any questions, online stores have a friendly support team. A customer can discuss his queries round a clock with them. Besides phone calls, their experienced staff is also available on live chat, WhatsApp etc.

Effects and side-effects of shrooms

Shrooms are hallucinogenic drugs that cause you to hear, feel or see unreal sensations. Their effects are influenced by environmental factors and are highly variable.

Like other drugs, shrooms also offer numerous effects and sideeffects. Its effects include – treats mood disorder, control body temperature etc. On the same token, headache, increased blood pressure, nausea, muscle weakness, loss of coordination and drowsiness are some of its health sideeffects.

Contrary to it, mental sideeffects of shrooms include – nervousness, euphoria, panic reactions, psychosis and a lot more.

A majority of hallucinogens carry the danger of triggeringemotional and mental problems. Shrooms are taken in combination with other drugs and increase the psychical and psychological risks.

Bottom Line

Chemically shroom is similar to senotonian and plays a valuable role in bodily function. Studies suggest that for reducing the danger of its sideeffects, use the product in a safe environment. However, the long-term effects of the product are still unknown.

Before taking shrooms, or changing or stopping your dosage discuss it with your physician. He will inform you regarding the pros and cons. Before ordering them online, check whether their consumption is legal in your state or not? If yes, then no one can stop you to have a thrilling smoking experience.

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