Two women die suddenly today


A 78-year-old woman reportedly died at the Liberta Clinic today hours after a 47-year-old woman died at her home in Bolans.

Police are reportedly investigating both incidents as sudden deaths and foul play is not suspected in either case.

According to reports, the women both complained of feeling unwell before becoming unresponsive.

Postmortems will be conducted to determine what led to the deaths.

Meantime, it’s almost one month since the body of a male was discovered in bushes in the vicinity of Police Headquarters and police still do not know who his is.

“Some persons believe the person might not be from that close vicinity, but we’ve been speaking to the neighbours and up to this time we haven’t properly identify who is that person”, Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney told state media.

Police said the body was in a stage of decomposition when the man was found on Wednesday 10th June.

He was dressed in a blue t-shirt and a pair of long Brown pants and black shoes.

Investigators said the deceased is approximately 6ft in height, medium built, dark in complexion and appeared to have had dreadlocks.

There is some persons who felt that maybe it’s one of those homeless persons, but we cannot confirm that at this time”, Rodney said.

Anyone with information that can help the police make a positive identification can contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913 or 462-3914.



  1. These random deaths are most likely covid cases .. that got blood clots. Smh… there is no random testing going on .. I guarantee that outside of people coming in on flights, there are locals that have the virus but because there is no way to be tested they die.

    You can’t even go to the hospital or call and say you want to be tested. They asking you if you cough or have headache or been around anyone who has it, then they send u home and tell u take paracetamol. So how on earth will we know if locals have it .. smh

    Anyways condolences to the families

    • On what basis do you make the bold claim asserted in your first sentence? Are you omniscient? You have a built in scanner in your eyes? Please then let the country know the cure for cancer and the reson for knuckle.

  2. I took n got the results of a Covid test 24 hours b4 traveling to Antigua as a matter of fact this is my second Covid test.. how many Covid test has the public here has gotten . GOT TO START TESTING THE PUBLIC. This a enemy among us but a invisible enemy If someone for whatever reason wants to have one done it should be given. God bless Antigua

  3. I agree MT, unfortunately that’s not the case. You cannot request one for testing. Even when you are sick they tell you to stay in and monitor your self.

    And if the private doctors administration test they make the biggest bachannal out of it .. because the government wants to control the narrative.

    It’s sad the government doesn’t care about the local people.. they need things hush hush so the tourist will come

    So they are stating only 3 covid deaths… that number is much higher !

    The poor locals are dying for the US DOLLAR

    • So you ah one doctor to determin the cause of death? Are you a psychic? People werent dying before covid? People nah have bills and family to look after? If you have a rich suga daddy link me please if not then stfu cause not everybody well off like you.

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