Two Wealthy Businessmen Receive Knighthoods For Contributions to National Development

Sir George Ryan

Businessmen George Ryan and Martin Ellis Franklin have received Knighthoods for their contributions to national development as Antigua and Barbuda celebrates 37 years of independence today.

The lesser known Martin was awarded the KGCN for economic development,heritage restoration, business and community service.

Based on his citation, Franklin “has shown a strong commitment to the nation.”

Among his long list of selfless services to the country, Martin donated two million dollars to the restoration of Government House.

After hurricane Imra last September, Martin made the single largest contribution of one million dollars to NODS for rebuilding efforts on Barbuda.

He is also responsible for the total refurbishment of the Finnes Institute at a cost of three million dollars.

Sir Martin

He also serves as an economic envoy for Antigua and Barbuda.

The better Known George Ryan was recognised for his contribution to business and community service.

A construction mogul, Ryan helped in the construction of several government buildings which are still standing today.

Currently, he still owns a number of businesses in Antigua and sit on several national boards.

His citation said he donated the first set of police motor vehicles to the state.

“Mr Ryan’s contributions to the church, state, and community have made a significant impact on the development and advancement of our nation.”

The knighthood is Antigua and Barbuda’s second highest award. It is second only to the award of National Hero.

Overall ten people received awards today.

Full list of Awardees 

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  1. Congratulations to all the awardees. And may you continue in being their for the nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

  2. This government is a disgrace and do all they can to ride on the backs of poor people. Imagine being at the food fair and their vultures are out ticketing people because they park on the side walk around the stadium!

    • Can you try to be positive about anything? Seriously, this is a story about the celebration of people making contributions to our wonderful independent nation. Be happy for one day.

    • Thst is y i keep away from national events that is when they try to get extra tax from u no to ccj ….i have some nice ponche cuba for the 7th to watch the alp loose 67% is wishful

    • Perhaps that will teach you to abide by the laws of the land. There are enough parking spaces around the stadium. You guys love the lawlessness and when an accident happen who do you blame. The roads must be left free

  3. I am thankful for the contributions Mr. Franklin has made to the country and indeed he may be a man of integrity but all his donations have been done in the last 5 years. Why would we give him such a high honor? Give him an honorable mention, another award of some sort. Let us give peple time to know thier true nature and hope for the best. I am sure they are teachers who serve our country for decades and craft so much minds for nation building that should and would carry a knighthood honorably. Please don’t get me wrong Mr. Franklin may be all of this and if he is some one can say. I am a bit cautious to give a knighthood based on financial contributions over a short period of time because of how things evolved with, now. MR. (no longer Sir.) Allen Stanford.


    You are giving too many people too many reasons to believe you are what the name suggests. You might refer to yourself as a ‘Bat,’ but you are certainly not a ‘…Dunce.’

    People get more brighter and wiser everyday, not ‘…duncier and duncier.’

    Do not lead anyone to believe that you have eaten a certain part of the parrot anatomy
    that is bad for wisdom.

    It may have been wiser to offer congratulatory sentiments to the honorees for their
    services to the nation and people out of a ‘…sense of pride and patriotism.’

    You have made more meaningful contributions back then at ‘…CARIBARENA’ than you seem to be doing now.

    You must understand that if you behave as ‘…Duncy’ as a ‘Bat,’ things that are not necessarily ‘…Duncy’ could happen to a ‘…Bat.’

    Time to ‘…Wise-up Duncy.’

  5. Congratulations to Mr Franklin who received a knighthood from Antigua. It is the first time I have heard that name in all most 50 years. How is it possible?

    A top national award goes to someone that the grass root cannot identify when walking around St John’s city.

    The awards committee should represent the population not the 2% club.

    Who in Antigua do not know Mr Ryan and his contributions?
    Even children can point him out but Mr Franklin well we’ll well.

  6. If a man makes 10 million dollars and he gives 100k to charity, is he a good man? REALLY

    When was the last time a garbage collector received national honors? Are we really serious about keeping the country clean?

    The ordinary Joe blow like Eugene Humphreys, how about a school bus driver, or the shoe maker guy Stclair, when will the awards go to the regular man?

    Hotel moguls never disclose the true or real service charge figures. The minimum wage they pay keep employees working from pay check to pay check. As soon as you blink it’s 3 days, lay off, and closures.

    And if you speak your mind respectfully it’s termination, they pocket the super profits and the dribble is big deal so they want you to believe.

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