Two teens on trial for rape


Observer:   Two young men are currently on trial in the High Court for raping a 15-year-old girl when they were just a year older than the alleged victim. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

It is believed that in 2019 the complainant was at home with her three younger sisters when one of the defendants – a friend of hers who frequented her home – called and indicated that he was coming by.

The girl reportedly heard the voice of the second accused through the phone and immediately told her friend not to bring him to her house.

It is said that both boys still went to the house and she asked the unwelcomed boy to leave on several occasions.

He reportedly got upset and forced her into a bedroom where he pushed her onto the bed and raped her.

While in the act, it is alleged that her friend came in and also had non-consensual sex with her.

When her friend left, the first teen reportedly raped her again.

Soon after both of the young men left, the alleged victim’s friend reportedly messaged her and apologised.

He also blamed the other accused for his actions.

The complainant reportedly told him that she did not wish to speak to him and then deleted the chat and blocked and deleted his number.

The young girl’s mother found out about the alleged incident when she came home to find her daughter in tears and breathing heavily.

The complainant reportedly collapsed into her mother’s arms, and the matter was reported to the police.

The jury trial which began earlier this week is expected to conclude on Monday.

Justice Ann-Marie Smith is presiding over the matter.

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    • That’s a good question .
      The image of a wife “robbing the cradle” who could easily be your daughter hmmm talk about lead by example..
      Well they should really get a bit of time they don’t have a happy ministry wink wink .

  1. Where were the young men between 2019 and now? Were they free to roam the streets or were they in police custody?

  2. Some of these cases are false these girls know what they were doing and when they done they gonna always cry rape it’s the trend these days

    • Spoken like the parent of a rapist. I doubt the girl could have faked the after effects her mom witnessed. Enough reports of rape aren’t made. In every jurisdiction there’s under reporting due in part to dogs like you.

    • Good! So, teach your lad to keep his tail from “these girls”, “ these days”. Lef people rarse clat gyal picknee lone, please and tonks. AND no “cry rape will tek place”. Cha!

    • Good! So, teach your lad to keep his tail from “these girls”, “ these days”. Lef people rarse clat gyal picknee lone, please and tonks. AND no “cry rape” will tek place. Cha!
      What concerned parent are you??

  3. Whatever is focused on will show itself. You will hear about all sorts of rapes going fwd. It’s good though that they are coming to light.

    • Social media lakka de rest of de fugging world chupes ah antigua one hab likkle gyal wid fire inna dem crutch dem all ova tik tok ah brag bout dem man and dem some of dem parent anral fu get lock up when ya daughter ah bring home 1 phone dat cause more dan dem pay check and nah question she way she get um from ah only when them get catch dem bawl rape and even falsely accuse wrong man ah plenty innocent man dey jail cu dem fast likkle fire crutch gyal

  4. This is happening long time, they were not sharing the info to media.
    A lot of rapist in the country, not to mention the police force too. Alleged

  5. 🚂🚞👮🏾PERDITION’
    We’re now pulling up to HADES GATES.

    Be sure to say take all of your belongings, if this is your final destination!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee Picknee!
    Hey Papa! “Are We There Yet!”

  6. Sad that kids are following the bad examples of the adults in using that type of violence against females. The boy should have just left if he wasn’t welcome. Perhaps more conflict resolution and mutual respect training is needed in schools etc. Good that there is an effort towards justice for these young ladies.

  7. If they are found guilty I do hope ANR will be quick to post their names and pictures like they did with Addison Browne.

    • Urg as in regURGitate.
      Seems you’re one of those say and do anything for Gaston .
      Like old people , he ah give you suck ?.
      And when and if they do that then there’ll be another complain .
      Good ANR didn’t respond to nonsense in other words go suck a lemon

    • Addison Browne is a big old man! His name needed to be posted…while what these two teens are accused of doing is wrong, even if they are found guilty they’re still juveniles. Addison Browne a wan big man!

      • Wow look ah hypocrisy. So it was good to post Addison Brown name and picture because of who he brother be but these two if found guilty identity should be concealed. We really pick and chose when we talked about rape and sexual abuae.

  8. Only Antigua? There are a lot of young persons roaming the streets, after school and after-hours without proper supervision, there is also a good set of broken homes where there is only a mother and an older sibling is left to look out after the younger ones while the single parent work. I see some young girls behave and dress like adults. And park up in the darkest places with young guys. The bottom line is the police need to be more vigilant and send some of these young girls off the streets. Because it’s not like before when an adult could speak to a child and that child obey. The fastest thing young people do now is cursed you. But it’s so sad that we have older men taking advantage of our young children to the point that some are being impregnated as well.

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